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Description 1, title of the invention
Electrostatic pickup cartridge
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an electrostatic
pick-up cartridge using an inductive electret structure. As is well known, electrets, which have
the property of semipermanently retaining a highly charged electric charge, are widely used as
electrostatic transducers and the like with various minute hands. FIG. 1 shows the structure of a
conventional electrostatic pickup cart 11 using such electrets. The electret material such as a
four-molecule film or the like is used as the back electrode made of a conductive gold alloy. A
pair of electret structures 11 and I2 formed into an electret by being used as an i electrode for
the left and right channels. Then, an electrostatic unit is constituted by a pair of r5f active poles
15 supported by the cantilevers 14 via the dampers 13 under the fixed poles of the electret
structure 111127 ′ ′. Thus, when the movable rod 15 of such a Schnitteite is displaced by the
lamination 1 of the cantilever 15, the electrostatic capacity tO between both electrodes comes to
be changed, but the charge Q (in this case) from Q = OV If the electret structure 11112 is
constant, the voltage V between the electrodes of the channel P will be changed. Therefore, the
variation voltage Y of the nucleus left and right channels is converted to low impedance by
EndPage: 1 impedance conversion through the field effect transistor FET etc.-Vibration with the
record sound groove electrostatically converted to an electric signal A stereotyped electrostatic
pick-up cartridge of varying type is realized. By the way, as described above, the electrostatic bidup cartridge using the electret structure as the fixed electrode, unlike the conventional one, does
not require a DC power source for polarization, so the structure is simplified and the size is as
small as possible. It has become possible, which in turn has the advantage of being less
expensive. However, the electret structure that is most important has a serious drawback that it
tends to adversely affect various characteristics as an electrostatic pick-up cartridge in that
variation in surface charge variation, that is, unevenness in charge distribution is large. Had. FIG.
3 shows an example of measurement of the surface charge distribution of such a conventional
electret structure, in which the electret material 12 is deposited on the back electrode 11 made
of an aluminum plate to vary in a very large range when electretized I know that it is amazing.
Moreover, since the conventional electret structure is exposed so that the surface part of the
electret material 12 directly touches the air, f & I! Not only there is a problem in terms of
stability with time but poor sex, it has a serious drawback of shortening the life. Furthermore, the
electrostatic pickup car using the above-described conventional electret assembly) IJ edge has
various problems in the structure of the needle replacement part. That is, it is necessary to
replace the stylus for the recording groove groove tress attached to the tip of the cantilever with
a new one due to the so-called consumption of the stylus, but in the stereotype in particular, the
structure of the conventional needle replacement part is shown in FIG. As shown in a), the
connector socket 3 is disposed between the frame 1 and the cover 2 as well as the cantilever 14
(stylus) integrally mounted as well as the expensive electret assembly 11912 together with the
stylus. As a result, the replacement needle becomes expensive and uneconomical. This is because
the positional relationship between the movable pole 15 supported by the cantilever 14 and the
electret structure 11912 as the fixed pole for left and right channels as shown in FIG. 2 0) and 6)
is an output difference between the left and right channels. This is because only the stylus can
not be replaced because it needs to be adjusted to a predetermined positional relationship in
advance so as not to occur. Therefore, the present invention has been made in view of the above
problems such as J, and in particular, it is possible to achieve good uniformity of electret surface
charge density as an induced (N) type, and greatly improve stability. By using the electret
structure, it is made efficient to provide a very good electrostatic pick-up cartridge whose
characteristics can be greatly improved. First, the basic example of the induction (hem) type
electret used in the present invention will be described. That is, as shown in FIG. 4 (a) and 2 (b),
the electret material 22 made of, for example, a molecular weight film such as PPITFEIFEP is
attached to the back electrode 21 made of a conductive metal substrate having the same
potential as the ground. On the electret element 23 formed by forming the electret, the
conductive metal plate 24 of the crucible 1 whose area and shape are equal to or less than that
of the electret element 23 is stacked in the insulating state from the earth. In addition, by
connecting the second conductive metal plate 26 to the first conductive metal plate 24 via the
conductive material 25, the surface of the IIE 2 (7) conductive metal plate 26 is electrically A unit
of EndPage: 2 that realizes the electret device 2-7 configured to load the same sign charge as the
1 / T element 23.
Then, in the electret device 21 configured as described above, when 'IN of the electret element
23 is a negative code 、, positive and negative signs are respectively provided on the back side of
the first dielectric metal plate 24 and the second conductive metal plate 26. A phenomenon (i.e.,
a dielectric (polarization) effect) is brought about such that the electric charge of (2) and the
charge of the negative sign e which is the same charge as the element 23 are induced in the
surface condition. In this case, the presence of the first and second conductive metal plates 24
and 26 not only causes the dielectric effect as described above, but also the uniformity of the
surface charge density as the electret device 21 is good as described later. It is important to
ensure that its stability is ensured. In the above, when the surface potential of the electret
element 23 alone is [Eo] and the surface potential induced on the first and second dielectric
metal plates 24 and 26 is [E8], E = α · E0 In this case, α is also referred to as an induction
coefficient, and it is confirmed that it is approximately within the range of α = 0.6 to 0.99. The
effect can be moved to any position. In this case, the direction of the conductive metal plate 26 of
the well 2 with respect to the X, Y, Z axes can be made substantially arbitrary. In addition,
although the second conductive metal plate 26 may be arranged so as to have a small number j
·), in that case, the surface potential is lowered by -hS by the increased area. Then, by changing
the area of the first and second conductive metal plates 3.4126, it becomes possible to take out
any desired potential. FIG. 5 shows a specific example in the case of obtaining the electret device
27 realized as described above. First, the first conductive metal plate 2! After the switch SW
connected to is closed to bring the first conductive metal plate 24 to the same type as the
ground, that is, to a zero charge state, the switch 3w is opened to be in an insulated state by
opening the switch 3w. And, for example, e Corps pi. If the first conductive metal plate 24 is
placed on the surface of the electret element 23 while maintaining the zero charge state using a
charge set or the like, the second conductive metal connected to this via the conductive material
25 The dielectric action occurs on the plate 26 as described above. Also, if the switch SW is
closed again from such an induced condition, the potential immediately becomes zero. FIG. 5
shows the time-dependent change (+ 1-characteristic) of the charge induced on the surface of the
second conductive metal plate 26 as described above, that is, one index of stability, and the initial
state Good stability is obtained with almost no change.
By the way, such stability is different from that in the conventional case, since the device 23
keeps the surface of the element 23 by placing the first conductive metal plate 24 on the surface
of the electret element 23. This is aided by the fact that the electret surface is not exposed to
direct air contact. In other words, by holding the surface of the electret element 23 with the first
conductive metal plate 24, the moisture resistance is enhanced and the strength is not only
advantageous in terms of temporal stability), but the length f. It is because it is possible to secure
as many numbers and stability as possible. In FIG. 7 (a) t (b), the surface of the electret stack 23
is provided with a wavelike asperity i? Since the area in direct contact with the first conductive
metal plate 24 placed thereon is reduced, it becomes possible to increase the stability S from
above. FIG. 8 shows an example of measurement of the surface charge distribution of the electret
cover 27 as described above. For example, the back electrode zikAcx rectolet material 22 made of
an aluminum plate is adhered to form an electret element 2 formed into an electret. . ? The first
conductive metal plate 24 having the same area and shape as the first one, a kneader, and the
like is placed and connected to the second conductive metal plate 26 via the conductive material
26, and the second It is a distribution state of the charge induced on the surface of the
conductive metal plate 26. That is, as can be seen from this figure, it can be known that the end
page charge density EndPage: 3 degrees is uniform and hardly dispersed in all parts unlike the
conventional case. That is, the electret device 27 formed by connecting the second conductive
metal plate 26 to the @ 1 conductive metal 11i24 stacked on the electret element 23 as
described above is simply the surface of the second conductive metal plate 26. In addition to
exhibiting the phenomenon of inducing a predetermined charge based on electret charge, it is
possible to improve the stability brought about by the holding effect of the electret element 23
by the first conductive metal foil 24 and to make the surface charge uniform. It is a matter of fact
that it has an extremely excellent advantage of as much as possible uniformization of the
resulting surface charge density. Further, in this case, since it is possible to move the drawtlet
effect to the second conductive metal plate 26 which is arbitrarily oriented by an arbitrary
margin lid, there is an advantage that usability is improved. In the above description, the first and
second conductive metal plates 24 and 26 may be replaced by a conductor such as a conductive
metal foil.
Next, an embodiment of the electrostatic pick-up cartridge according to the present invention,
which employs the induction (N) type electret apparatus LL as described above, will be described.
FIG. 9 shows the case where the invention is applied to a single type, and for the movable pole
33 supported by the cantilever 31 via the damper 32, the induction (N) type electret as
configured above is configured. The second metal plate 26 of ↓ is arranged as a fixed pole 34 in
a pair. In this case, the electret device L! The first metal plate 24 and the electret element 23 on
which the first gold plate 24 is placed are placed behind the movable electrode 33. The tenth M
shows a case where the present invention is applied to a pump / seat, and an electret device 27
'in which the electret element 23 of the electret device 27 described above is replaced with a
positively charged one is complementary to the single type described above. It is attached by.
FIG. 11 shows a mounting structure applied to a stereo type, and the needle exchange portion 40
is a base 35 on which the cantilever 31 and the movable pole 33 are detachably attached to the
lower end of the case front of the main body 41 described later. It is attached. Further, the main
body 4 has the pair of electret devices 2 '1 to 27 and the impedance conversion portion 37
configured as described above housed in the case 36 to which the base 35 of the needle
replacement portion 40 is detachably attached. There is. In this case, the metal plates 2692g · of
each building 2 of the pair of electret devices 271j 7 are supported in a state in which they are
inclined approximately 45 forward in the case 36, and the metal plates 24I24 of each building 1
are placed behind them Each electret element 2JI 12A (in this case, both are charged to the same
sign) is supported. Reference numeral 38 denotes an output connector projecting from the rear
end of the case 37. Thus, in each of the above embodiments, as in the case of the prior art, by
taking out the change voltage between the movable electrode 33 and each fixed electrode 14 in
accordance with the amount of vibration of the cantilever 31 as in the conventional case, It will
be driven as a stereo type. By the way, since the induction (-) type electret device 27 or 2 used in
any case is as much as possible in achieving the equalization of the surface charge density
change and the stabilization as much as possible. The present invention has the advantage that
the characteristics as an electrostatic pick-up cartridge can be greatly improved. Also, especially.
Since the output difference between the left and right channels is eliminated in the tee type, the
needle replacement part 40 may substantially replace only the stylus part as in the mounting
structure described above, and the expensive electret element part is discarded together. If it is
not necessary, it is easy to attach and detach the replacement needle-it has the advantage of
being both inexpensive and economical.
In addition, this invention is above ii? L, f One is not limited to only the illustrated embodiment,
and various modifications and applications can be made without departing from the scope of this
obscuring subject, and it is not official. EndPage: 4 Therefore, as described in detail above,
according to the present man, it is possible to achieve uniformization of the surface charge
density of the electret, particularly as the induced (N) form, and to greatly improve the stability).
By using the above, it is possible to provide a very good electrostatic pickup cartridge in which
the characteristics can be significantly improved.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIG. 1) FIG. 2 is a structural view and a principle view of an
electrostatic type pickup cartridge using a conventional electret structure, and FIG. 3 is a
conventional one used in FIGS. A measurement drawing showing the surface-charge density of
the structure in Electrez, FIG. 4 is an explanatory view of the configuration showing a basic
example of the electret structure used in the present invention, FIG. 5 is a drawing showing a
concrete example of FIG. The measurement figure which illustrates the time-dependent change
characteristic of the charge induced in the electret structure of FIG. 4, FIG. 7 shows the other
specific example of FIG. 4, FIG. 8 is the surface charge density of the electret structure of FIG.
FIGS. 9 to 11 are principle diagrams and mounting views showing different embodiments of the
electrostatic pickup cartridge according to the present invention using the electret structure of
FIG. 21: back electrode, 22: electret material, 23: electret element, 24926: metal [, 21: electite
device, 25: conductive material, 31: cantilever, 32 ... Damper, 33 ... movable pole, 34 ... fixed pole.
Delivery agent-Attorney Attorney Suzue I [k: Hiko EndPage: 5
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