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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a plug adapter, and
FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken along line A-A in FIG. DESCRIPTION OF REFERENCE
NUMERALS 1: Insulating base 11: Protruding wall portion 13: Divided cylindrical portion 13a,
1.3b: Cylindrical socket engagement recess 14: Intermediate base 14a 14b: Insertion plug
engagement Recesses 15: Tubular terminal locking recesses 2: Rod terminals 21: Sharp edges 22:
Connection recesses 23: Flanges 24: Rods 3: Tubular terminals 31: Locking edge , 32: locking
groove portion 4: 4: terminal insulating ring, 5: connector, 51: ring-like portion, 52: ~ strip
portion, 53: connection plate portion, 6: connection terminal, 61: connection base portion, 62 ,
64: connection portion, 63 ° 65: guide portion, 66: locking hole portion, 7: insulation ring, 8a,
8b: cylindrical socket, 8a-1, 8b-1: engagement groove portion.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a dual distribution
plug-in f (1) 930 'which is used when converting stereo into monaural and connecting it. Since all
of these conventionally known plug adapters for such kind of distribution have a structure in
which only a single plug is simply bundled in parallel, there is a drawback that the overall shape
of the adapter becomes too large. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present
invention to provide a plug adapter which converts a stereo into a monaural in which the
mechanical configuration is reduced to improve the reliability and to miniaturize and reduce the
weight and to facilitate maintenance and inspection. This invention will be described in detail
based on the illustrated embodiment. This device comprises an insulating base l formed by an
external device t-, a rod-shaped terminal 2 inserted into and fitted to a monaural jack portion,
and a terminal insulating ring 4 for insulating the cylindrical terminal 3 and the rod-shaped
terminal 2 from the cylindrical terminal 3. 5. Connectors for connecting the cylindrical terminal 3
to the cylindrical sockets 8a and 8b, and connection cables fixed to one end of the rod-like
terminal 2. Il! Insulating ring 7 which insulates the set element 5 and the connecting
conductor 6 and the cylindrical socket 8) which is fitted with the stereo cylindrical cylindrical
electron t-m! L, 81) j. (2) The insulating base l is formed of a hard synthetic resin material, and
the outer shape of the insulating base l is provided with the projecting wall 11 on one short side
of the rectangular shape, and the connecting edge of the projecting wall 11 to the long side edge
The shorting wall portion 12f shorting to the shorting portion is formed in a rectangular shape
(FIG. 1). Furthermore, the insulating base l is formed into a box shape that can be divided into
two by a plane including the middle point of the long side short edge of the side shape, and the
internal configuration of each of the divided zero parts is symmetrical with the division plane as
a symmetry plane Therefore, the divided dark portion 13 of -10,000 will be described. (FIG. 1)
Semicircular cylindrical socket engagement recesses 13a, xabt 'are provided in the wall forming
the rectangular short side II & of the divided box portion 13. This cylindrical socket locking
recess 13! L and 13b are provided in a symmetrical meshing manner with the longitudinal center
line of the plane shape as a symmetrical ridge. Further, an intermediate base 14 is provided in a
slightly wider width by dividing the space in parallel with the short side edge of the rectangular
shape of the divided dark portion 13. This intermediate base 14i5. The central part including the
longitudinal center Nt- is formed along the central line slightly longer along the central line, and
formed in a dimension planar shape into a double letter, and when assembled in a box shape, the
pair squeezing force in the central part in 翰 counties is increased Let's do it. Furthermore, a
semicircular insertion grip locking recess 14 &, 141) is provided concentrically with the
cylindrical socket locking recess 13a, 131) and a connector guide groove 140t having a width at
the center along one center line -It provides and forms with the depth of the weir which reaches
a box wall surface.
Further, between the walls forming the layer surface edge of the projecting wall portion 11, a
semicircular cylindrical terminal engagement recessed portion 15 is formed concentrically with
the longitudinal center line of the divided shaft portion 13. The rod-like terminal 2 has a leading
edge formed at the sharp end 21 and a connection recess 22. Further, fllil B 23 is continuously
sanded in the connection recess 22 and a rod-like s24 having a suitable length is applied to the
edge 23 It connects and forms. The cylindrical tide 3 may be formed in a cylindrical shape, and
one end edge portion of the outer peripheral surface thereof is formed in the locking edge
portion 31 with a somewhat large diameter, and the locking groove portion 32 is provided in the
book, and the cylindrical inner diameter is rod-shaped The diameter is formed so as to have a
loose fitting type for light with the rod portion 24 of the terminal 2. This cylindrical tide 3 is
inserted in the rod-like (4) portion 24 until the cylindrical end face abuts on the ridge 4 direction
of the terminal insulating ring 4 in which the part # of the rod-like terminal 2 is f # fitted and
abutted. Let it fit. In this case, when the loose fit type can not be sufficiently obtained, a
cylindrical flat portion of synthetic resin is fitted to the rod portion 24 or an open end portion
KjjlJK of the open edge portion 31 of the locking terminal 31 of the cylindrical terminal 3 for
insulation And the rod-like terminal 2 and the cylindrical terminal 3 are formed so as not to
short-circuit. The connector 5 includes a ring-shaped portion 51 which contacts the cylindrical
end face of the locking edge 31 of the cylindrical terminal 3 and a strip which is substantially
orthogonal to the ring surface from a part of the outer peripheral edge of the ring-shaped portion
51 A connecting plate 53 connected to the cylindrical socket ga and @b at a position facing the
ring-shaped portion 51 is formed integrally with the portion 52 and the other end edge of the
strip 52 substantially at a right angle. The strip 52 and the ring s51. i! The positional relationship
of the anchor plate portion 53 is a cylindrical socket 8a for the connection plate portion 53.
When connected to 8b, the strip 52 is connected at one edge of the middle heart including the
middle point of the cylindrical sockets sa and sb and at the same time connected to the ring 51 at
the same side edge of the same layer. To form. That is, it forms in the white character shape used
as the strip part 52t- 'side. Australian dumplings 6 potted socks) 8! L and 8m + are inserted (5)
for connection to the rod terminals on the stereo side to complete the circuit of this part, forming
a bowl-shaped thin plate piece into a 1-shaped shape and mounting base portion 61 And forming
the connection portions 62. 64 in contact with the rod-like terminals on the stereo side by
bending the both end edges of the flanged base portion 61 outward in a convex manner. The tip
end is bent inward, and a rod-like terminal on the stereo side is formed by providing a guiding
portion 63 ° 65 for guiding the connecting portion 62. 64. Further, the connection terminal 6 is
provided with a locking hole 66 at the center of the mounting base, and the locking hole 66 is
slip fitted to the end edge of the rod-like terminal 2 and the connector 5 via the insulating ring 7.
The end edge portion of the rod-like terminal 2 is press-contacted and locked while being
separated from the ring-shaped portion 51 of FIG.
The cylindrical sockets ga and 8b are provided in parallel with the cylindrical sockets 8a and 8bt
of 2 111 and are connected and locked to the connection plate portion 53 of the cylindrical side
layer edge st-connector 5, and the cylindrical outer peripheral wall portion A cylindrical socket
engagement recess @ 1aa of the semicircular groove of the split shaft portion, and a sliding
engagement groove portion 8a-1 ° 8b-1 slidingly attached to the tab are formed. In this
embodiment, two (6) cylindrical sockets 81L, 81) t & are provided, but in the case of two
distribution or multiple distribution, three or more may be arranged in parallel as well. In this
state, the cylindrical terminal 3 fitted through the rod-like terminal 2 and the terminal insulating
ring 4, the connection insulator 6 engaged to the end edge of the rod-like terminal 2, and the
cylindrical shape of the engaging edge 31 of the cylindrical terminal 3 The follower 5 locked to
the surface through the insulating ring 7 and the two cylindrical sockets sa locked to the
connection plate portion 53 at the other end of the connector 5. 8b is integrally coupled. The
parts that are M-stitched together are housed in the insulating base 1. That is, the cylindrical
socket engagement concave portions 13a of the divided cylindrical portion 13 and the slips
118a-1 and 8b-1't-slip engagement of the 13b Km-like sockets ga and g'b are engaged, and the
strip 52 of the connector 5 Is loosely fitted in the connector guide groove portion 14C of the
intermediate base 14 of the divided cylindrical portion 13, and the locking lII wedge 32 provided
on the locking edge 31 of the cylindrical terminal 3 is further inserted into the cylindrical
terminal of the divided cylindrical portion 13. I'l 1 paper is locked in the locking recess 15 and
the split box part of the pond formed symmetrically, MWL and the contact wire wall S are
adhered to the split cylinder part 13 to complete the insulating base l and one plug atorb (7)
Form a tar. Since this invention is constructed as in the range of utility model development based
on the above-described embodiment, the mechanical components of each part are reduced, and
the plug adapter can be made compact. In addition, since each part constituting the plug adapter
is mechanically strongly connected, it is possible to provide a highly reliable plug adapter
without being easily broken once assembled.
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