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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a speaker, and FIGS.
2a and 2b are cross-sectional views showing steps of forming a support member of the present
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of the support member such as the edge of the speaker when the support member of the speaker
is described with reference to FIG. It is a coil bobbin around which a coil 3 is wound, and is
disposed in the magnetic airspace of the front one-voice coil 3.1 magnetic circuit l. 4 is taken
only in the axial direction of the coil bobbin 2 1k1. I have a wave shape th curve and a damper
for suppressing storing with this and in the face angle direction, 5! d Shake the head joined to the
upper end of coil hohin 2! tlJ version, 6 is an edge portion connected between the outermost rim
of the front C & 1-At 1 J plate 5 and the opening edge of the frame 7 and has 1-1 or 3 = <7 f '72 .
ぞして、′1.3エツジ6は! In addition to supporting the center of #i, it also has the function
of terminating and correcting the imaging energy transmitted from the town morning plate 5. In
this case, r7 attempts in which the woven and knitted fabric consisting of synthetic weight 1 is
naturally impregnated with the shaping too, and the wavy 11r 几 1111 father has a semicircular
new curve in gold ++ 71加加 賦 ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ (? + 'The cedar wood is hardened by
wave 7 I' II 'II Sugifushi keeps the shape of solder powder 1 and in particular at edge 6 it then
coats the tackiness 14 with a large internal loss from the diaphragm It terminates the
propagating vibration and suppresses the occurrence of sharp peaks and tips on the frequency
characteristics. In such a groove number, a phenol 檜 finger, which is conventionally used in
methanol solution, is often used, which is due to the large scale reason. The voice coil 3
generates Joule noise due to the flow of the voice cold current, and the product W) rises at a
temperature of about 200 ° C. (The coil is transmitted to the damper 4 from the coil bobbin 2).
For example, when using 3 light metal% such as aluminum for the coil bobbin 2, the temperature
of the root of the dambar 4 and the coil bohino 2 reaches 130 ° C. to 160 ° C. Ll of
untransformed in! It is necessary to use a thermosetting resin such as a two-ring resin which has
a deformation temperature higher than that of a heat-curing resin which has a thermal
resistance. Father Etsuji 6) Iki 1fj J, IJi 6 人 は 2 は [[Ii 哨 formed in the land of the voice call is
almost no transmission A7 '1 but there is a metal In case of 1-II 振 1 111 ダ ン ダ ン 1-Dunber 4
and: like a lil-like G will have to be either pig-proof or dovetail.
A long time ago Toshisugi [about the history of the instrument (the theory 1) 1 (if it becomes a
leather body 11C after being impregnated with phenol alum of a methanol glaze 11C 100 C ~
150 "ne r If you dry it L Finally, let's make the phenol 檀 t ¥ 1 a semi-demineralized state. 11.
This is heated to 140 ° C. ° C. 1) 50 o'clock t 1 j k) 1) The desu remi is cedar, or 2 o'clock c. "I
take 1 to 3 minutes, and let's make 1 flight of" -y Eno-4 le @ l "to 1 west with Bless 11i cedar. In
this way: 'x6 form [culm (your t · iterator phenol' between the gods by now Barano cure as of l &
of 14jll, snipes has occurred .. In some cases, it may be the time during the time until the fleece
form (in order to hold a certain amount of pressed material). "1 · · -1 Therefore, \ 'I, 1-6depending on the time left to stand! 71 h-Because of the difference in coma, when press molding
under certain conditions there will be variations in the hardened jl shape and when incorporated
into a speaker, due to variations in the stiffness of the damper 4 or the edge 6, fo and [+
Variations or 'I'm not. Father thermosetting l! Table 1) = p between p · · in order to harden the
entire tile, to produce a large tg in the history of the press to produce [press 11. Jani t + j こ こ]]]
必然 必然 必然 必然 必然 必然 必然 必然 必然 必然 こ と こ と こ と こ と T T T T T) Tli) ('C li ( lJ
'+%-L6v te' lri '· · · / 、 と と と と と と 硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化
硬化 硬化 硬化 硬化 で で α α α α す る 有 し 有 し 有 し 有 し 有 し 有 し 有 しThere is a
drawback not to maintain. Furthermore, as described above, the material of the fabric is limited
due to the necessity of press biting at high temperatures, and the design freedom is increased
because the fabric is made of heat bondable fiber (it is hardly old enough). Therefore, this
invention is a support member using an aromatic polysulfone resin having a first heat + jJ plastic
tree gl-t "of heat f-type rice density and a cedar material [7]. F One of the aromatic polysal 7-on
resins which will be described in detail: polyether sulfur サ ル 1; 1 i;-i V, :: shown by the selfexpression 10 (Knee QOQ SO 2 + H ■ 樹 ■ heat f + cedar i 砧 呟It is 杓 200C. Borisaruhu 4 Jnya
1 effect that is a thousand insects of seven songs F, miserable l Iσ shown by his own side 1 て
and heat deformation warmth 杓 170 ° CHs ° C ○-8 O 2-Q 0-Q収 -0-0 + nHs 6 is collected, and
then, when describing the case of using polyethersulfone forearms, polyethersulfone @ + IN'a ·
84 + of m-methylated methylene and chloroform 7 rem.
□7う。 mM6L−cm、ヵ、y5.? + & 6% "2 palm 11 narrow 11 made d (· 1121 s <1, al),
and the bathing agent was oversprayed and □ was heated to a temperature of 170 C! 13. Within
a few seconds, the fres 1 wedge shape (Fig. 2 (b)) is obtained for several seconds. At the same
time, the polyethersulfon resin softens in a high pressure chamber in the high temperature
chamber, and the fabric is formed into a gold ++ J shape by the Fress field, and the
polyethersulfone 硬化 is hardened by cooling. , Shaping the fabric into a support member shape.
The supporting part Too of this kind is not a hardened material, but it is not a heat-hardening
material, but its stability after molding and aggregation is stable. Therefore, it is necessary to
harden the f-PY-seven P-hardenable-111 finger, and the lack of the characteristic c due to C, α, ·
ii! 71: You can eliminate all the points of Sakai. 力 1 力 サ ル サ ル 品 品 塑 塑 塑 塑 塑 plastic 塑
1 餅 樹 樹 旨 温度 吟 吟 吟 吟 た と え 温度 品 た と え ボ リ 杓 た と え た と え ’’ ’’ ’’
’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ ’200 杓 C 該 該 C C
該 杓 隼 隼 塑 塑 塑 塑 塑 塑 塑 塑 塑 餅 旨 旨 旨 た と え た と え た と え 杓 杓 杓 ' The
polysulfone resin is about 170'C, H, Y end thermoplasticity 1! Since the polycarbonate of +11
effect is trial 1130 ° C, and the polyethylene terephthalate is 90'C per month), even if it is
exposed to the voice coil, it is 1 to 10 minutes. Furthermore, “′ ′ I the forehead finger has a
change in (mostly) change in sexuality with temperature change (variational dependence)
compared to f synthetic resin. Since it has a small crow 嘩 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣
化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣
化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣
化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 劣化 +. In this
case, the damper father who has made 1 L-L-applies an inner loss to the ktia 1 version by
applying a loss with an Etsuji, and then forming it by spin-rolling after forming the coating [A, the
air quality is analyzed. The purpose of design is for design purpose & c. 4, a simple theory of
drawing ·! 11 FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view 8 showing the speaker newspaper 1 'X1, 2', 1 ', a),
and b +, L' forming the support member of this invention. Utility model registration appearedOnkyo Co., Ltd. proxy agent (attorneys 當 彌 ■ part 6 ■ 7
\。 − \ ハ ダ ハ ハ ハ ハ ハ ハ 1
弗 11 γ 2 H = 弗 z 弗 (へ) 3 reny d F = 2 3 cattle 2 j brother (G) utility model dog nailed 0 people
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