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Description 1, title of the invention
Electrodynamic speaker
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of the
vibration system in moving coil type and ribbon type electrodynamic speakers. As well known,
the efficiency η of the moving coil type dynamic speaker is expressed by the following equation.
Here, Rm: Resistance component of radiation impedance viewed from diaphragm B: Magnetic
flux density of magnetic gap mc; Mass of voice coil md: Mass of diaphragm Ms: Radiation
impedance ratio Actance component kc; Resistivity of voice coil material p (3: In the case of Jmcconstant as can be seen from the I density (1) equation, the efficiency is improved although
ρclcc is small. Further, the efficiency η of a ribbon type electrodynamic speaker without a voice
coil and a diaphragm and a ribbon serving both of them is expressed by the following equation.
Here, S: cross-sectional area tay length of the ribbon-like conductor Therefore, it can be
understood that if the volume of the conductor in the magnetic gap (SXt) t = constant, the
efficiency は is better as Pc ′ ′ ko is smaller. The following table shows the pakaQ values of
metals conventionally used as voice coil materials and ribbon materials. EndPage: 1 As can be
seen from the above table, beryllium Be is the best voice coil material and ribbon material, but
beryllium Be is A14? It is difficult to produce a thin plate by cold rolling because Young's
modulus, strength, hardness, etc. are extremely large and elongation is small compared with the
conventional voice coil family such as Cu. Therefore, a method of manufacturing by repeating hot
rolling in multiple steps has been carried out, but it is extremely expensive, and since the thin
plate thus obtained is also very fragile, it is limited to only very special applications. And was not
used as a voice coil material, a ribbon material. However, with the recent development of a
method in which the molten metal is ejected from a nozzle and rapidly cooled through a rotating
roll (3) b, a continuous thin ribbon of IJIJuum, which completely overcomes the above-mentioned
drawbacks, can be obtained. Therefore, it is an object of the present invention to provide a
moving coil type and a ribbon type electrodynamic speaker having high efficiency by using the
above-mentioned ribbon beryllium as a voice coil material and a ribbon material. Hereinafter, the
present invention will be described based on the embodiments of the drawings. FIG. 1 and FIG. 2
are sectional views of an electrodynamic speaker according to the present invention, FIG. 71 is a
cone shape, and FIG. 2 is a dome shape. FIG. 3 is a perspective view with a part of the voice coil
cut away. In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes an external magnetic type magnetic circuit,
which comprises a magnet 2, a ball 3, a plate 4 and a yoke 5. 6 is a cone-shaped diaphragm, 7 is
a dome-shaped diaphragm, 8 is a voice coil, 9 is a bobbin, 10 is a damper, and 11 is a frame.
Thus, the material of the voice coil 8, that is, the lead wire, is wound around the bobbin 9 so that
the flat surface is in close contact, using a thin strip-shaped beryllium having a rectangular crosssectional shape, thereby the magnetic gap (4) The conductor volume in the case of δ δ, ie the
efficiency is increased Figure 4 is a perspective view of a ribbon-shaped electrodynamic speaker
according to another embodiment of the present invention cut away, in which 12 is a magnet and
13 is a magnet. A plate 14, a yoke 14, and a ribbon-shaped conductor and diaphragm 15 are
used as the conductor and diaphragm 15 in a thin ribbon Beryllium Bek. 16 is a transformer, 17
is an alternating current. FIG. 5 is a partially cutaway perspective view of the ribbon-type
electrodynamic speaker according to the present invention, in which 18 is a center ball, and the
same reference numerals as in the above embodiment indicate the same parts. It is 17. Thus, in
the present embodiment, a plurality of conductor / diaphragm plates 15 are arranged in parallel
between both magnetic gaps of the center ball 18 and the left and right plates 13). Thin strip
Beryllium Be is used. Here, the process of manufacturing the plurality of conductor and
diaphragms 15 at one time will be described with reference to FIG. 6A. First, a thin strip IJIJ Be of
a predetermined length is After forming a coil body 19i by winding one coil or more at a distance
from one or more, the linear portion 19a of the coil body 5119 is twisted flatly by means such as
a press, and an insulating material is formed in the adjacent gap Can be manufactured in a single
step by the linear portion 19a. In the case where the conductor and diaphragm 15 described
above is used, the impedance can be easily set to about 8 Ω, so that the matching transformer,
which is indispensable for the conventional ribbon-type nepeker, can be omitted, Performance
can be significantly improved. According to the present invention, in the 1 moving coil type and
ribbon type electrodynamic speaker as described above, the voice coil 8 and the ribbon-shaped
conductor / diaphragm 15 are made of thin strip beryllium Be, so that the efficiency is high. An
electrodynamic speaker can be obtained.
4. Brief description of the drawings FIGS. 1 and 2 are sectional views showing a cone-shaped and
dome-shaped electrodynamic speaker according to the present invention, respectively, and FIG. 8
is a perspective view of a partially cutaway showing its voice coil. Fig.4, Fig.4 and Fig.2.5 are
respectively perspective views of the ribbon-shaped electrodynamic speaker according to the
present invention, and Fig.26 is the same (6) EndPage: manufacturing process of conductor and
diaphragm of two speakers It is an oversight view showing an initial state. 8: voice coil, 15:
conductor and diaphragm, Be: thin strip of beryllium. Patent Assignee Pioneer Corporation
Attorney Attorney Hirotsugu Otsu (7) Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 EndPage: 3
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