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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the present invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view showing a holding state of a speaker unit
with respect to a support, and FIG. FIG. 4 is a side view. FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional view showing
another example of incorporating the speaker unit into a support. FIG. 6 is a perspective view
showing another example of the present invention, FIG. 7 is a partial perspective view showing
the attachment of the speaker unit to the seat belt in the above example, and FIG. FIG. FIG. 9 is a
perspective view showing still another embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 10 is a
partial longitudinal sectional view showing the mounting of the speaker unit. 1 ииииииии Speaker unit,
4, 5 иииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Long hole provided in support иииииииииииии 12 Screw insertion hole, 13 иии
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Natsuto. Figure 5/1-676 Ma father Figure 7 Figure 9
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an acoustic device
that can be worn and used on the body without blocking the ear that is the main body of the
sense of hearing, and in particular depends on the shape of each individual who wears and uses
this acoustic device. The relative positional relationship between the speaker unit and the auricle
that make up the above-described acoustic device is constant without having to move the body
(this is a wearable acoustic device. Heretofore, as a sound device to be worn and used by a part
of the body и и и ? ? / ? / etc., for example in the case of such as headphones, this head 1prompt theta 7 '/' phone Since the speaker unit to be configured covers the ears and is used by
being mounted on the head, even if sounds such as musical tones emitted from the speaker unit
can be heard, other external sounds can not be heard. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous to
drive a vehicle such as a bicycle, a motorcycle or a car while using headphones. Therefore, there
is a need for an acoustic device that can listen to a predetermined musical tone or the like
without hearing both ears and hearing an external sound such as a dangerous sound or a
predetermined eighteenth sound. In addition, a sounding device used by wearing on the body
without closing the both ears is also known in the prior art 5) or a sound device of this type
which is conventionally known: Depending on the shape of the person wearing the relative
positional relationship between the sound source and the ear that is the main subject of the sense
of hearing, there is a drawback that the user can not hear blindness within the desired perceptual
range because certain 0's are not constant depending on the way of the device. Therefore, in
view of the problems as described above, the present invention can be worn on the body without
chilling both ears, which are the main body of the aural sense, and constitute an acoustic device
without being influenced by the body shape of each individual to be worn. It has been proposed
that the speaker 2-unit and the auricle can be worn on the body with a constant relative
positional relationship between them (the purpose is to provide an acoustic device. Another
object of the present invention is to provide an acoustic device which can be worn on the body
and used only while hearing, and in particular, can hear musical tones etc. even using so-called
bone conduction. is there. The present invention will now be described with reference to specific
embodiments shown in the drawings. FIG. 1 shows an example in which the present invention is
applied to a 1-reivers 7-to of an automobile, and the upper part of the back 3 of the back 2 of the
above note 2 so that the sneaker unit 1 can hear the stereo reproduction. A pair of supports 4.5
rotatably mounted via a hinon mechanism or the like (not shown) are incorporated and
supported as channels and right channels respectively.
By the way, the pair of supports 4 and 5 which support the SHEKA UNINO I-1 are attached to the
driver a who is pivoted and seated on the TRION-SUNTO 2 and the shoulder portion of the driver
a It is formed by ? = 3-curved so as to be able to support soot contact. Since the pair of supports
4.5 can also function as a safety mechanism at the time of impact or the like, they are formed
with sufficient strength to reliably support the body C of the driver a. Then, as shown in FIG. 2,
the speaker unit 1 stores and holds the magnetic circuit portion 6 in the holding portion 7
provided on the support 4, and the diaphragm 9 supported by the frame 8 or the support 4 The
above-mentioned support 4 is installed so as to face the F face 4 d side of In other words, the toesneaker-uninot 1 is a long hole 11 drilled as shown in FIG. 3 across the length of the support 4
and the neck 8a which is the fixed side of the frame 8 to the magnetic circuit 6. (A part of the
magnetic circuit portion 6 is inserted from a long hole-like non-insertion hole 12 which is
inserted into the support 4 and inserted in the support 4 as shown in FIG. It is held so as to be
positioned and fixed at a fixed position of the support 4 by a nut 14 screwed to the end of the
halt 13 screwed to one end. Therefore, the speaker unit 1 loosens the nut 14 for fixing the
support 4 to the support 4 and slides the support 14 along the long hole 11 as needed, so that
the support is extended over the length of the long hole 11. Attachment to 4 can be manipulated
to change the position. In addition, the screw insertion hole 12 through which the holt 13 is
inserted does not restrict the movement range of the speaker unino l-1 to be sliced over the
length range of the long hole 11 of the cast iron. Be drilled with a sufficient length l. In the above
description, only one support 4 (the case where the speaker unit 1 is incorporated is illustrated
and described. However, even when the speaker unit 1 is incorporated in the other support 5, the
configuration is the same. Description is omitted. As described above, the sliders 1 and 2 are each
covered with the support 4 and 5 by loosening the nut 14 and moving the support 14 along the
elongated holes 11 so that the length 4 of the elongated holes 11 can be reduced. , 5 can be
properly changed in position, so that when each support 4 and 5 is attached to the driver 21 who
is seated in the TRIPS SEA 1-2, it depends on the shape of the driver d. It is possible to position
the above-mentioned sneaker uninoto 5-1 at a fixed position on the lower side of each ear shell e
of the above driver a.
In the above embodiment, the speaker unit 1 is incorporated in each of the supports So
as to project outward from the portion of the imaging plate 9 or the ground surfaces 4a and 5a
of the supports 4 and 5. Alternatively, the whole may be embedded in the housing portion 15
formed in the supports 4 and 5 as shown in FIG. In this case, the holt 13 for fixing the speaker
unit 1 to each support 4.5 together with the nano [. 14 is inserted into the insertion hole 12 by
screwing one end to a part of the frame 8. (Rubbing may support and fix a substantially central
portion of the speaker unit 1 and may be fixed or stabilized by the nut 14. The housing portion
15 is formed to have a length sufficient to move the speaker unit 1 to a predetermined range in
the same manner as the mounting position for the supports 4 and 5 described above. Further, a
portion of the above-mentioned supports 4 and 5 facing the diaphragm 9 of the speaker unit 1 is
an opening 17 with a dust-proof cloth 16 stretched, and it is made six-one not to impede the
radiation of sound. I try to get pus. FIG. 6 shows an example in which the present invention is
configured with the support of the skia uninot 1 which is widely used in automobiles and the like.
The note 21 used here is mainly mounted on the body C of the driver d so as to support the left
channel, right channel, and rear screw caustic 11.1 respectively. The main heald 21a or an
auxiliary (secondary) attached to the other shoulder which is not layered. Then, as shown in FIGS.
7 and 8, the sneaker unit 1 is housed in an outer casing 23 provided with a through hole 22 and
its mounting operation can be freely changed in position with respect to the box 21. In order to
be able to do, it is attached to L mark 1-1 \ rut 21. That is, the concave portion 24 is provided in
the radial direction on the lower surface side of the Y-shaped case 23 (the support rod 26 is
provided in both the side walls 25 of the outer casing 23). The speaker unit 1 housed in the outer
casing 23 slides along the length direction of the sheet 21 by forming the sheet 22 and inserting
the sheet 21 into the sheet 22. The attachment to the notebook 21 can be freely controlled in
position. Therefore, in accordance with the shape of the driver's a to be attached to the notebook
1 or the driver's a, it is possible to position the sneaker unit 1-1, 1 at a fixed position below each
ear e of the driver a.
Further, FIG. 9 shows an example using a vest 31 as a support of the speaker unit 1. Near both
shoulders of the vest 31 each of the left channel and the right channel / sub channel is attached.
Each attachment of the said speaker unit 1 and 1 is provided so that it may be done. As this
speaker attachment, as a part, one engagement body 32 having a predetermined length is
provided near both shoulders of the vest 31 respectively (here, the other engagement body 33 is
attached to the F ? of the Sveika unison 1-1 attached) Is provided. Then, the speaker unit 1 can
be attached 8-to the vest 31 by bonding the above-mentioned engaging bodies As
shown in FIG. 10, in the range of the engaging member 11 provided on the vest 31, the
attachment can freely change the position, so that the vest 31 is attached. The above-mentioned
attachment can select the position "1 'according to the shape of each individual. Therefore, the
relative attachment between each individual and the ear-shelled sneaker 1-1 can be made to have
a fixed position without being stoned by the body shape of each individual wearing the vest 31.
By the way, in each of the above-mentioned embodiments, the musical tone signal for operating
the sneaker unit 1 may be supplied from a chief recorder or the like which can be attached to a
part of the body. Alternatively, a reception mechanism may be provided for the sneaker uni, hl to
transmit and drive the tone signal from the chief recorder, the record flier, etc. installed outside
using a transminator with a tireless system. According to the present invention as described
above, the device is worn without being based on both ears and the device itself or the shape of
the individual to be attached, etc. The sneaker 9-unit and the earshell The relationship between
the above and the other can be maintained at a certain relative position, so that it is possible to
clearly listen to the musical sound emitted from the speaker uninoto without being disturbed by
listening to the outside. That is, since the speaker unification] can always be placed in the clear
listening area under the auricle, it becomes possible to listen to a musical tone with a good sound
effect. Furthermore, since the speaker uninoto is supported by the support body closely attached
to the body, it can be heard using the bone conduction which can feel the vibration of the
speaker unino I-. For this reason, in particular, vibrations in the low-pitch range can be favorably
felt, and the acoustic effect is also extremely good.
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