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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 to FIG. 3 show a speaker using a conventional
magnetic circuit, and FIG. 1 a, FIG. 2 a and FIG. 3 a are plan views, FIG. 2 shows a side view, FIG.
3 shows a cross-sectional view, FIGS. 4 and 5 show a speaker using a magnetic circuit according
to the present invention, FIGS. 4 a and 5 a are plan views, and FIG. 4 and 5 are cross sectional
views. 11
ииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Magnetic Void.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present article is relatively slim, such as a
ribbon-formed or printed-Heuss-coil-shaped speaker, which requires a magnetic air gap having a
pair of straight lines. ?
? ? & & ? & ? ? ? ?. As the magnetic circuit of the conventional
rou furnace, as shown in FIG. 2 (a) and ?) in the similar 1 (2) and false) lids, p5 FIG. 1 (1 in ILI
and (bl) 1 is a pair of magnets, 2 is a ball yoke, 3 is a flat provided for each of the Macnets 1 VC,
4 is a shell linear magnetic air gap I formed in the same manner as the ho 11 day 2 and the flat 3
Dedication in 5! The voice coil 4b is helically wound around the ball yoke 2 on the insulating
substrate 41 by an 'L' diaphragm. , FIG. 2 ?) and (b) vc, 1 ? is a pair of magnets in FIG. The
yoke 4 'is a diaphragm disposed in a linear magnetic air gap 5' which is also formed between the
hole 2 'and the yoke 3', and is disposed on the insulating substrate 4a. The voice coil 4b't is
printed by spiraling around the pole 2 '. On the other hand, as a magnetic circuit that does not
have a straight 1Ill ratio, it may be round as shown in M31k (~ and ?) in the past! l, j 143 (IL)
and ?) where V is an annular dimension Danenot, 2 "is a pole yoke, 3" is a fiery plate, 4 "is a ball
yoke i and a plate 3" The printed voice coil type diaphragm is disposed in the air gap 5 ? ? of
the above. The magnetic I! Of FIG. 1 (? and (bl and FIG. 2 (2) and ?) and FIG. 3 (al and))
described above. ! As for the comparison of I-conclusion, the bender uses a pair of magnets and a
pair of plates to include many parts, and the round shape is also complicated in shape, including
cost amplifier factors While there is a disadvantage that the length of the magnetic air gap is
large, and there are many magnetic paths, and the rate of the first use of the magnetic flux is
easily deteriorated, the latter has a number of parts, processing and It is advantageous in such a
point, or the same-when the plate area is made to shake, there is a defect that the outside
diameter size becomes large and the pointing direction is bad. The present invention is the one
that has been thriving at the points mentioned above, and the purpose is that the number of
parts equivalent to that of a circuit with a round diaphragm and the tree of magnetic flux, and the
linear diaphragm It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker circuit [g circuit of
a shape that can realize the finger-to-finger characteristics similar to the magnetic 1g circuit
using Ic.
Hereinafter, the actual 1M ? of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 4
(a) and ?) as well as brown 5 + IL) and ?). The fourth to fa) and the first to fourth arrows are
examples of the first arrow 2 and 11 in the figure, and the 121'1 disk-like back plate portion
121L and the back plate When a punk plate 5121 L is joined to one end of the magnet 11 by a
ball yoke having a ball portion 12 b which is erected from the center of the portion 121 and
whose upper end is formed into an oval shape, the ball portion +2 b is annular. It is attached to
the center of the central hole 111L. 13 is a plate 1 having an outer circular shape, and an oval
hole j31L is bored in the center vinegar, and when the other kKfm of the play) k magnet 11 is
engaged, the upper ball portion 12b and the rate 13 of In cooperation with Km of the hole 131,
at least one sister forms a magnetic air gap 15 covering a pair of straight ridges. 14t to the
above-mentioned magnetic gap 15 is a diaphragm that is resistant to weight, and if the abovementioned ball 1iti 12b is centered on the screed plate 14a, the voice coil 14b can be printed out
in a spiral shape. In the magnetic circuit of the configuration described above, the conventional
magnetic lI! The whole of the voice coil 14b receives the generation of the magnetic field in the
magnetic gap 15 lv] 9jJ, not only a part of the voice coil on the diaphragm as in l. Because it can
be done, it can be used for seven valids of magnetic flux. Muds 5 (2)] and ?) show nine examples
of a sacrum, and use a U-shaped ribbon-carved diaphragm 14 'with one end or a second on the
diaphragm. The other shapes are the same as those in FIG. 4 except that the shapes of 12b and
holes 13 & of the plate 13 are eaten. That is, the upper end of the ball & j 2 b is rounded at the
upper end, and the hole 131 L is enlarged at a portion other than the L-line portion to be
substantially shaped like a hole. The speaker using the ribbon-shaped diaphragm 14 'is inferior
to the one shown in FIG. 4 in terms of the rate of use of magnetic flux, but it is more
advantageous than the speakers shown in FIG. , Combined with the small number of parts O real
phase "Soo value is great. Generally, as the width dimension or narrow lA of the diaphragm is
equal, the magnetism 1 of the home plan as described above with reference to FIGS. 1 and 5!
Even if the speaker using the l-path is the finger + = 'characteristic than the round speaker
described above at 31 mt, it is a ringing noise. As described above, this article describes the
center of the annular 0-r gnet (the hole disposed at L and the wall surface of one 7-rate hole
disposed at one end of the macnet). In order to form a magnetic gap that shoulders a straight liM
portion, the component point is compared to a single circuit in which the magnetic gap having
one fine minute per minute is conventionally t) bath number by a pair of Macnet and a pair of
plates. If you have placed a diaphragm on ld two-air air bite, you can reduce the effect of 6 fields
in the whole of the diaphragm or one ui air-space. Bundle 4 + effect efficacy Enokawa et al. '
The conventional bad luck l of the first bad side and the side 2 figure when used! ! It is possible
to use the l-path, and it is possible to force a high-pitched attack on the chemical-sheeping blade,
and also to wrap the vibrator of the circle, compared to the sway of the third ward. The
perforating characteristics of the plate with a pair of plates are 1 '), 1' 1) but 1-1) and so on.
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