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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
embodiment of an electroacoustic transducer according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an
enlarged view of the main part thereof. 1 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · permanent magnet, 5 ......
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to an electroacoustic
transducer such as a loudspeaker. In general, in a loudspeaker, a voice coil wound whist coil rowpin is fixed to a neck portion of a cone swing plate 1. By transmitting an alternating current
signal to the voice coil placed in the magnetic gas squeeze, the vibration generated on the voice
coil bobbin is transmitted to the cone diaphragm, and the electric signal 1--1- (/-'□' air l! The
stone has a structure that converts it into a motional foreshock signal. This voice filhovinni,
which is usually a thin paper or metal plate formed into a cylindrical shape, is formed integrally
with the voice coil to take an axial L <<. Radial% degree ij weak. For this reason, the Heuss coil
horn may be subjected to radial force during the occurrence of suspension movement during
vibration, resulting in a female shape. Fixing the problem like this C, (1) Fix the reinforcing ring
to the forehead of the coil coil bobbin to prevent the deformation of the coil coil bobbin 1. The
speaker is swept away . However, although such a speaker, the voice coil bobbin 11 is reinforced
by the shape Fi, it does not change, but the adhesion force between the voice fill hobin and the
cone diaphragm is as follows. + + + Not be strong, if used for a long time · If it is broken, the solid
pan strength will deteriorate, and when it is large input · When the chair coil bobbin vibrates
with large & ai, the junction with the diaphragm will peel off There was a problem called PiIi.
This device is f7 in view of the point of the queen, and the purpose is to reinforce the 2-radial
structure f of the voice coil bobbin and to increase the strength against deformation in this
direction and at the same time the voice coil bobbin Top-1! It is an object of the present
invention to provide an electroacoustic transducer in which the bonding force with the moving
plate is also reinforced. In order to speed up this further, the present invention is provided with a
bowl-like cup-like ring -1 in contact with the voice coil bobbin and the diaphragm, and this bowl
I: the tiling with the voice coil bobbin / sliding plate and Glued over. Hereinafter, this invention
will be described in detail on the face of the mouth. FIG. 1 shows a speaker t (applying an electric
sound * <= converter according to the present invention. FIG. In the figure, 1 is a frame and 2 is
fixed to the base of a frame 10. A ring disk-shaped top plate 3 is a bottom plate having an
annular pole piece 3a, and 4 is a permanent magnet held between the top plate 2 and the bottom
plate 3h.
The tip of the pole piece 3a is arranged concentrically in the hole of the top plate 2 and the ringshaped magnetic gap IR is formed between the ball piece 3a and the top plate 2 and the diameter
is Direction l (magnetic flux is distributed. Further, 5 is thin and cylindrically shaped 11 (a voice
coil hobin), 6 is a rear end portion (3: lower end portion in the figure) of the voice coil bobbin 5
in the form of a single core in the ギ ャ ッ プ gap, The voice coil is placed on the outer periphery
of the side edge portion of the spike coil hovin 5 supporting the Ki-Ishcoy rebobb 5 so as to be
flowed. Therefore, the wheel (11 / x: supported by the vibration self 7j: vibration in the direction
of the bin 5 and the direction of the kidney (t, Lk downward in the figure) alone). A diaphragm 8
is formed in the shape of a cone and held by a gasket 9 in the pre-cleaning portion of the frame 1
at the outer peripheral end of the edge i 8 a. Cap 11 is the voice coil hovin 5's ^ fJM (in the figure
above r'I * 1K provided etc.? It is 4 each by L Ta 1ifi valence 'I. The reinforcing ring 11 is made of
a metal such as zinc or aluminum or a rigid material such as a synthetic resin, and the outer
surface of the reinforcing ring 11 is substantially the same as the inner diameter of the Heuss
coil bobbin 5) A portion 11a1 of the voice coil bobbin S is continuously formed with an inclined
portion 11e having a substantially calculative gradient in the vicinity of the neck portion of the
stepped portion 11b1 and the diaphragm 3 of the H-shaped. Therefore, when one circumferential
portion 11 & and the step portion 11 b are cut into the local portion of the sheared end of the
coil bobbin 5 (· '5 exhibition Fe: + 11 c contacts the neck evil of diaphragm 8 Here, the outer
circumferential surface of the Ura-Gang ring 11 and the bobbin coil 5. Between the moving plate
8 and the moving plate 8], and the "11-" 4 + ring 11! Bonding 8 across the 1 Heus coil pin 5 and
the tank Ah plate 8 7 and 3 becomes integral with the tightness I. With this iL, the voice coil
bobbin 15 is pulled by 2 by the complement 1 strong ring 11, and the joint shape is reinforced in
the radial direction. In addition, the joint between the diaphragm 8 and the vibration plate 8 is
not separated even if the vibration of the IZ screw 1 and the coil bobbin 5 is vibrated with a large
vibration. Each of the dampers 6 is fixed by the inner surface h of the damper 6; As shown in the
example of this fixed position 1'Ft-M2, the joint portion between the voice coil bobbin 5-5 and
the vibration 1i8 is close (so that this joint portion is also reinforced by the above-mentioned
complementary IJ ring and The strength and strength of mbba 6 is also strong.
More than, L example in the speaker 6 light, but dynamic 17-f electronic microphone etc. 'also
apply, this can be possible mind like this, t vicious threatening change 2t related to this proposal
↓ b and 1. The voice coil 9 pavin's speed 1 (1 枢 1 を に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り
よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ り に よ りMili 4
板 板))))))))) LI LI 1− 1− 1− 1− 大 大 大 大 大 大 一時 一時 一時 1 1 1 1 1 ') It is 0 and it is not
0. 4, figure-Ura-taku 妃 ψ IL 妃 ψ "IU-, l, t: v1 に 気 碕 碕 碕 効 効 効 効 効 効 効 (3 (3 real Ashv,
面 surface m l 1 ... , 2: The mourning part expanded dog figure. 1 .... Le - No, 2 ... - trough freight,
3 @ - - 嗜 bottom plate, 3aΦ · bone and pole piece, nose ... permanent magnet, 5 · s 働会 voice
coil bobbin, 6 @ @ @ Damper, 7 · · ·, 、-1-1 voice coil, 8 · · · vibrator, 11 · · 嗜 1 strong ring. Utility
model registration applicant Nippon Rakutan Co., Ltd. Yubetsu Hitoshi Yamakawa Masaki (other
1) 7-, No. 1 + 05448130 w 42 Figure 11c + lb 0 ++ a 1 Utility model registration for 1 cheek 1,
Japanese musical instrument 2! Afforestation ceremony party 7: Masayoshi Yamakawa 'III C 417,
1) 6) Other than the above inventor, agent (1) inventor Ryosho Shido [prefecture Shikichi
Nakazawacho No. 1 Japanese musical instrument manufacturing stock In-company name Mitsuru
Yamaguchi Yamaguchi) Agent location car ・ [· Ill: "'r', 1 ■ 1 1. '<, + ·' 111 111 "2 [1 ー 44 No. 2
1 1 ..., ..., L-5" i kidney i 111 111 i heat: ζ: Special 1. : Name in office (671,: l Force roundabout
Hirokawa Kurokawa f / -5 '
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