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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part of a
known diaphragm, FIG. 2 is its sound pressure-frequency characteristic diagram, and FIG. 3 is a
vibration mode in the valley of the sound pressure characteristic of FIG. Fig. 4A is an embodiment
of the present invention, Fig. 4A is a quarter plan view of the diaphragm shape, Fig. 4B is an o-x
cross section of Fig. 4A. Fig. 4C is a cross-sectional view taken along the line A-A 'in Fig. 4A, and
Fig. 5 is a sound pressure characteristic diagram of the diaphragm. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1
... diaphragm of synthetic resin, 2 ... corrugation 3, voice coil, 1a ... dome part, 4 ... diaphragm
holding part, 8 ... diaphragm of synthetic resin, 9 ... Radial ribs, 10 ... Auxiliary ribs 11 ...
Corrugations, 8a ... Domes, 12 ... Difference in sound pressure.
[Detailed description of the invention] Sound ** a, from the heart, voice, even if # fg ↑ P Even a
small compact loudspeaker is acclaimed 7 L '[]. If you try to realize a 4 m speaker, it will be 4
close to the movement & d flat shape, so it will be easy to produce a swim vibration mode, and
the sound pressure-even his dare note will not be flat: it won't go wrong Change. It is mainly two
(1) ψ P that sound pressure axiality and valleys occur in the load during the occasional snooze
mode D? It is 仄 and 伏 resonance. In order to prevent this--The diaphragm of nikam sakure is
considered, but in the small thin speaker! There is a disadvantage that it is unmatched in terms of
weight and thickness, and it is expensive. The present invention is intended to remove the
aforementioned defects and wrinkles, and relates to the shape of the boria 1 J rate, the vibration
41 + temporary shape such as polypropylene formed by 'tr5 + 1' iljk heat night mold, etc. It is
related. Below, the present invention will be described based on the drawings. FIG. 41 shows the
main # 11 Ii shape of a conventionally known play plate, and FIG. 2 is a diagram showing the
sound pressure-long wave characteristics when using the FIG. 1 diaphragm. Fig. 3 (A), I ・ · =, Fig.
2 shows the vibration mode in the valley of the sound pressure custom-designed,-) is the third
resonance, (B) is the third resonance, and Fig. 2 "+2 and +3 respectively. doing. Fig. 4 · A single
ride-on diaphragm shape, and a fifth problem (a sound pressure-frequency characteristic due to
44 burnouts @ suction) is a diagram showing 1 structure, 1 is a synthetic city axis, otherwise
Boria (2) Lilate, poly-Zolopyrene 40 ~ 100 μm thick ケ 戟 屓 1 1 辰 辰 辰 1 才 板 は 1 は dome
portion of the central part, 2 コ ル 23 Reference numeral 3 denotes a voice coil, a portion of the
outer peripheral portion of 4v1 which is not shown. In FIG. 2, the first shows a sound pressure
half using a bad stalking board, and shows a dwell, fl is a primary and a secondary, 12 is a
secondary resonance, and f3 (one mirror. In one example, f □ is 5 tlo Hz J2 ': 14 g 50 Hz, h1'
17480 Hz. 3 pigeons-A3 Figure 14 shows the near shaku 1st moat, the 3rd mischief (B), and a
curse C1 that shows the tertiary silver silver mode with a secluded circle 12 r = 22 ■ φ As
shown in the figure, as clearly seen from the second bad 7 ', the sound and the note are not
common in the case of 500 dz to lOK Mxl. (A1 (B), (C) shows the form of the main sword and
Kokiya, 4th, uA) dhtil / 4J)-Hnb, sa ":, Eh +-s 躬 4 Figure 屯 shows Q-f grade 4 of A, 弔 4 4: C +, -S
bow 4 0 0) OA-A '■ ■ 小 凶 す 8 8 8 斥 1 戎 · 百] Hundreds, 11iq11α, 31. 11 of the same j-nhalf circle of 116. 11c, lastly coll (3) Goh Young, 9 is the center to the inner 4 parts of the
corrugation 11a In the embodiment, it is formed by a plurality of one set of radial ribs, and in the
example, six equiangular intervals of 9G, 9b, 9c, 9d, 9g, 9 / (9c to 9f are not shown). 10 are
formed on the intermediate portions of the auxiliary ribs C, 9α, 9b toward the center, from the
inner end of the corrugation 11α to the outer end 8G of the dome.
10は141a、10b、10c。 10 d, 10 g, 10/61 combined. The radial ribs 8 mainly hold
secondary resonance and the sorting movement of the pond, while the 4 auxiliary ribs 10 mainly
play the role of suppressing 3 billion in the third order, but if necessary the chisel 41 and the
auxiliary ribs 10 are also saved @. Good. In addition, the voice coil productivity is insulted and
deceived so as to enter into a group of 2 r = 22 mφ, 2 persons A 懺 O section circle radius 04 r 1
3 嶽 09 匝 IJ, 7 r. Since the repulsive point impedance is infinite at a node circle, if you want to
eliminate two missing @ V- +, then the voice coil half i + 'l (U, 4rIc)! ! ! In other words, the
secondary resonance disappears but the third resonance can not be prevented. Second, third 14)
To prevent the second collegiate redundantly, but it is good to fix the second to third ○ voice coil
self-C in the valley junction circle, but it is the Urabe bond gathering and Oharu Hiroshi and
shelling It can not be achieved. As shown in FIG. 5, by selecting the strain C □ 1, the radius of
the radius of the Hess coil, and the radius of the open field of the third-order nodal point 1--, as
shown in FIG. , The difference between sound pressure difference 12 between 500 and 1 OK Hz,
Io I (dB) is about to reduce the order of 10 dB (b) C. In this case, the term '22A + 1111 × 37 WI
magnetic' 3A circuit Thus, a low-range thin speaker can be realized. It is obvious that the
following can be adopted in the case of the Article A of the following. (1) In order to use the same
materials as above, it is recommended to use a large composite material phase with a large
amount of friction, such as a graphite-containing polymer, for the 4w plate. (2) In order to
improve the waterproofness and moisture resistance, make it possible to make a thick layer with
the lower end material, wood, top, gold paint, steam shield etc. As is apparent from the abovementioned fj13A, the main part is a vague L of the sewing pressure characteristics between 500
and LOKHI, a small thin speaker is used for sound, for sound and clock (5) It is suitable as a cost
effective and practical effect is a customer. The explanation of the four divisions is as follows: Fig.
1 is a cutaway view of the first part of the public photograph, Fig. 2 is its sound pressurefrequency curve, and Fig. 3 is Fig. 2 It is a celebratory view showing the vibration mode in the
valley of the fourth division and Fig. 5 · Fig. 5 · Fig. 5 · Fig. 5 · The 1st contrivance of the present
invention C1 4th mischief (, 4) 4 1'B) is an o-x cross section 1III figure 4 (A), 44 section (C) is 44
d (-4) A-, r cross section bad, Figure 5 "" i 懺Sound pressure custom-order, glandular view 1 ... ...
對 仮 仮 仮, temporary 2 ... corrugation 3 ... voice coil, 1 G ... dome part, 4 ... swing 4J temporary
Ti, buttocks, 8 ... composite 10D through-bore plate, 9 ... late @ included rib, 10 ... extractable rib,
11 ... cork yon yon, 8 α ... dome portion, 12 · ·・ ・ The difference of sound pressure ・
Registration of Takkoku River Ahito Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. Mouth "Rhythm watch stock stock
agent agent 4 士 金 幀 6 (6)> 1>" i> j ""-Z ~ 4 H 3 第 second V ~-VY: 1 j 1 round 1f + f 2 fs
5608133 M Applicants citizen's censor 葎 周 リ ム ー 叶 H 叶 4 鴎 弁 · 弁 4: LL / #-8-Figure 3
brother. ... 1- + sigma of seal (A) 'name W01 B1 孕 or-+ 81 n person Citizen 吟 硅 吟 company 吟
護 護 虹 虹 虹 哩 弁 弁Shikinzan, beast, ginseng 7 Fig. 4 (A) f'a0 / x9baalla17b77cmr
Paconconcave i 躯 Peristalsis at the time of citizenship-A Hariz autopsy-one case.
Ba-Fu-Jin J Buried Toshiaki Shoyama 7. / (Fig. 4 (b) b nono 13a10 blla 11 b 12 ° (c) 0a, two, r to
t 560 s 8 f リ ー ー ー ー 軒 3 141 141 ヒ ヒ 、 す す す, 、, To 1-Benharisu 11 譬第 FIG. 5 Once
upon a time pressure WII EkiToichi 6 ° path 9 outside earth applicant Citizen Ginharikei (4I &
Khalili X'A Lady Amherst's pheasant Kozo # rather turtle 1, -f base centimeter people・ Inventor
Toshiyama Toshita 7-76, Inventors and applicants other than the above (1) Inventor Tokoro
Zawan Moto Mitakeno Address Saitama Prefecture Tokorozawa City Ogata Shimotomi Takeno
840 Tokeigi / Yusokenkyunoyonai Shitisun Clock Co., Ltd. Technology In the Institute machida
name and name town 1) Toshiyasu Kitakano Z power address 葛 2 ケ イ 庄 庄 庄 葛 2 2 葛 葛 ト
シ ョ ウ シ ョ ウ ナ イ ナ イ ナ イ ナ イ ナ イ ナ イ 庄 庄 庄 リ ズ ム ガ イ Name ス 菅 Name 2
Taito Address, Tokyo, Taito-ku, Taito 2-27-7 Taikei Kogyo Name Rhythm Watch Industry Co., Ltd.
Representative Tatsuya Tani 1. 〃・P2
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