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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an essential part of a
conventional electrodynamic receiver, FIG. 2 is a main cross-sectional view of an electrodynamic
receiver according to an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. Fig. 4 is an enlarged
sectional view of a caulking portion in Fig. 2 and Fig. 4 is an enlarged perspective view of a ring
6 'and a frame 1' in Fig. 2;6
The present invention relates to the structure of an electrodynamic receiver, and in particular, a
receiver which has a structure resistant to the positional strain of the magnetic circuit due to a
drop or an impact of the receiver in the receiver town and the attachment work of the diaphragm
is eliminated. It is provided. The conventional structure of this kind is shown in FIG. Inner pole 2,
magnet 3. Outer pole 4. Vibrating plate 5. Voice coil 51, 'J song, protection plate 7. And an outer
cover 8, and an inner pole 2. A magnetic circuit consisting of the perforated stone 3 and the
outer pole 4 is inserted into a frame made of synthetic resin-"t--2" and fixed by a bite. The
magnetic circuit is an important part of the handset characteristics and its weight is also
significant. The squeezing of the synthetic resin frame 1 is carried out by ultrasonic waves or
heat, but when the receiver is dropped or shocked, the biting part may be broken, missing or the
like may occur to cause a deviation in the magnetic circuit to change the characteristics. There is
a phenomenon that Also, although the diaphragm 5 having the frame 1 and the whistle coil 5-1 is
fixed to the adhesive at the outer peripheral portion of the diaphragm 5, though. There is a
disadvantage that the application and drying of the adhesive takes time and cost is high. The
present invention is intended to eliminate such a drawback, and one embodiment of the present
invention will be described below with reference to FIG. 2, FIG. 3, FIG. 4, and FIG. As shown in
FIG. 4, a 2 'magnetic circuit composed of an inner pole 2', a magnet 3 'and an outer pole 4' is
inserted into a frame 1 ', and the bottom of the magnetic circuit is a protrusion gs'- The magnetic
circuit is provided with a certain displacement by a resilient integrally formed outer cover 8
'having a tongue 8'-2 provided on the outer peripheral part thereof 1- and a tongue part 8' of the
protective plate 7 'along with the A part of the protection plate 7'. After holding down, squeeze
with protection plate 7 '. 2-The magnetic circuit thus constructed is held by the frame 1 'and the
elastic cover 8', and the flexible structure absorbs the fluctuation of the magnetic circuit due to a
drop, an impact or the like to prevent the occurrence of the displacement problem. . Further, as
shown in FIG. 2 and FIG. 4, the diaphragm 5 'pushes the ring 6' until the 6'-1 provided on the
inner peripheral surface of the ring 6 'is fitted to the frame IIO outer peripheral surface 1-1'.
Thus, the frame 1 'and the link 61 are held and fixed. As described above, according to the
present invention, by holding the magnetic circuit between the frame and the lid using elasticity,
the receiver has a strong structure against drop and shock, and the diaphragm 1 of the receiver
assembly Eliminates the need for thermal edge work such as uniform application of the
necessary amount of adhesive, and can eliminate conventional bonding work equipment and
space, and 9 can perform assembly work accurately and quickly Is possible.
Therefore, when assembling an electrodynamic handset according to the present invention, it is
possible to obtain a handset of stable cost and quality by automation of assembly, and its
practical value is extremely large.
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