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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a vibrating plate for a speaker made of magnesium alloy based on magnesium alloy,
particularly a diaphragm of a high-pitched speaker, a light metal such as one thousand seno,
aluminum and beryllium. Although titanium is used, titanium has a large density, aluminum has a
small Young's modulus (E / f is small) in proportion to the density, and so on. Father Beryllium
has been used for diaphragms in recent years because Young's modulus is large q (t, /) is large
compared to density, but it is difficult to process into a diaphragm shape, and it is also fine
powder, It has 101j? over pollution, which adversely affects the human body. And, as a metal of
this type used for the diaphragm, magnesium or a magnesium alloy (magnesium-lithium alloy,
magnesium-aluminum alloy, magnesium-iron alloy, etc.) can be mentioned. Magnesium or its
alloy is advantageous in that it can be press-formed and that it is possible to obtain a lighter
diaphragm or a diaphragm with greater shape rigidity than an extremely low density, but it is
well known that magnesium Since it is extremely easy to oxidize, labor is left as a problem for
1iU 'due to the occurrence of rust when it is used in a diaphragm used in the air. Therefore, the
present invention is a shake v1 rice using magnesium or its alloy as a substrate and forming a
film by chemical conversion treatment on this surface, which has a fender effect and improves
the durability by the chemical film. Implementing magnesium and aluminum alloy (A-!) 31B) will
be described with respect to the chemical conversion treatment of the vibration molded ILJI
plate. EndPage: 13 (Example I) Ia) The shaker plate is immersed in a water bath of 30 t / L of
NaOH and shaken (60 seconds) to remove oil on the surface of the diaphragm. ib) Next, the plate
is boiled in water (about 20-seconds) and then dipped in a 2N nitric acid solution (1-2 seconds)
to activate the surface. Ic) Then, wash with water and immerse (15 seconds) from mixed water
solution of NHO 311 cc / 4 NaH 2 P 04 725 l H 2 Se Q a 15 fl / l from 1'fX. + D) Next-shake (2 to
5 seconds) in still water and wash with running water (60 seconds). + 81 Next, it is completed by
drying at 70 ░ C. for about 20 minutes. (Example 7) (a) and (b1) of Example 1 are carried out.
???????????? Immerse (5 minutes) in a mixed aqueous solution of 2.5 f // l + 'HNO
311 c / l, NaH 2 P 0 47 2.5 r / l. Step fd in Example I, step (e).
(Example of process {circle over (5)}) The process of (a), rb of Example 1 is performed.
????????????????????? ?????????? / L JP 57-63998 (2), CeH
80 q 80? The mixed aqueous solution of 1 / l and NaF4Y / l is maintained at a temperature of
about 70 ░ C., and the shaking uJ plate is immersed (3 minutes). The steps (d) and (e) of
Example I are carried out. EXAMPLE 1 The step (a) of Example I is carried out. (G) After water
washing, it is immersed (2 to 3 seconds) in a mixed aqueous solution of 15 parts by volume of
H2SO4 and 2.6 parts by weight of CrO3. fc) After washing with water, keep the aqueous solution
of zirconium fluoride in a weight ratio of 20 to 65 to 70 ░ C., and inject this hVC (3 minutes). (A
+ CrQa aqueous solution with a weight ratio of 0.3 is held at 65 ░ C., 0 ░ CK, and immersed in
this (3 minutes). Next, the steps (d) and (e) 'of Example I are performed. By the above treatment, a
conversion coating of selenium in Example I, chromium in Example I, nickel and phosphorus in
Example M, and fluorine in Example I is formed on the surface of the magnesium alloy
diaphragm. This conversion coating prevents the magnesium alloy from being exposed directly to
nine atmospheres, so that it is only possible to prevent the occurrence of rust due to oxidation,
and the conversion coating increases the rigidity of the diaphragm. Although the rate of increase
in stiffness varies depending on the physical properties of the test, it was possible to increase the
stiffness by about 15 by the selenium coating in the example 1C. The network characteristics
shown in FIG. The above effects can be obtained by the speaker A incorporating the version and
the speaker B incorporating the imaging analysis that does not form the test, and by the
improvement of the high-frequency reproduction capability in the periodicity property Ai / im. It
was possible to demonstrate. Father's example (4) made the acid resistance with a fluorine
coating. Improve. The adhesion of the adhesive was also able to be increased. Since the scale
plate can be colored by the chemical treatment in the history, the appearance of the scale plate
can be added, the product-like curve value can be increased, and so on. Useful fX invention. In
addition, although the preferable chemical conversion treatment of lumber 1 has been clarified in
Example 1 ииии 1 иии IVK, it is of course not limited to this, and l = 1 like utility can be obtained also
in other chemical conversion treatment. You are gone. 4. Brief description of the drawings I. The
drawings are subjected to chemical conversion 1. The frequency of the speaker is 11 ~ 11 for the
use of magnesium alloy vibration 11 и 11 sales and for the speaker using magnesium alloy full
scale i temporary not subjected to chemical conversion treatment respectively.
???????? ?
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