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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of cavitation vibration of a
conventional metal diaphragm, FIGS. 2 to 4 show an embodiment of the present invention, and
FIG. 2 is a cut side view of a ceramic diaphragm, FIG. 3 is a partial vertical side view showing the
attachment of the cleaning tank 11, and FIG. 4 is a partial vertical side view showing the
attachment of the vibrator protection case 21. As shown in FIG. . 1 → ceramic diaphragm, 2 →
ceramic plate, 3-vibration water-resistant coating layer, 4- ultrasonic transducer, 7-synthetic
resin bold, 8-nat, 11-cleaning tank, 21-vibrator protective case.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION l--The present invention is a lift of an ultrasonic
cleaning apparatus with a l-in type, which constitutes the bottom plate of the cleaning tank or 1:
bonded an ultrasonic pressing element bonded on one side from the protective case τ. Using a
ceramic vibrator that does not corrode the surface by cavitae + 5 plate and does not corrode by
hydrochloric acid or other solutions with a heavy metal plate, the diaphragm or conventional
metal 1 vibration Compared with the board, there is a concern that it may be cracked and cause
water leakage during use, it will be compensated by the form of glaze-proof, water-proof, waterproof, coated, and even gold will be temporary The washing tank and the vibrator case are
attached to vibration and absorbability as well, combined with a synthetic resin, a bold-faced
book made of fat, to create a sliding insulation with the case, the case or the protective case,
Related to the ultrasonic cleaning device, and the eye 11 The service life is long, there is no water
leakage, and it is also possible to extend the service life of the washing tank, 1 捏 tPl 振 of the 保
護 II child protective case by insulating it from the specific contact and extending the service life.
It is in providing the board with a parison 11 wave vibratory apparatus. Conventional ultrasonic
cleaning equipment #: 装 ultrasonic vibration ・ · As the means to transmit to the cleaning
solution to the super vibration P3 of the child has been used all stainless steel or other sterile
metal bearing plate. However, due to the elasticity of the metal diaphragm, the vibration of the
cleaning solution and also the cavitation phenomenon? The waveform vibration indicated by the
solid line and the chain line in FIG. 1 is repeatedly repeated to immerse a portion X of the part
111I], causing a crack and water leakage due to mysterious corrosion, thereby shortening its
useful life. In addition, if the cleaning solution is a raw acid solution of hydrochloric acid or the
like, the corrosion is so great that convenience 1 could not be made. This invention is a metal
swing! The ultrasonic cleaning r1'-dressing with which the fault 1 which liJ board 11 has is
eliminated-is JJ also +1. One practical example 1 of the present invention will be described in two
to four countries' C. I 卯 2i ') A! i) Show the 1) lower surface of the ceramic bowl 2 on the
mountain (the outer surface-water resistant coating 1 consisting of C silicon printing resistant 1
coating 315) thinly coated ceramic fi on the ceramic plate 2; The thickness is smy, and the
thickness i / fi of the vibration and water proof coating layer 3 is set. It is also possible to apply
both sides C ′ i 1 ′ of the front al ′ ′ I coated layer triple ceramic plate 2. The gauze is a
plurality of ultrasonic small-working elements of multiple stools adhesively bonded to the lower
surface of the ceramic ring and plate via an adhesive 5. Langeban-type vibrator 1 is shown in
FIG. 1 with a metal block 4c, a da C / T, a contact with a kk for a ceramic of bX4 Ib / b, and an
electric plate da1.
1 Apply a full current to generate ultrasonic vibration. 11, the oscillator is another example of
the electrostrictive porcelain yoll 'mover and fera 11 beat oscillatory dark to the pi example. The
weirs are the first several attachment holes provided on the 18 edge of the ceramic gtT plate 11.
■ 31 ′ ′-!, 1 is an embodiment in which the ceramic plate 1 shown in FIG. 2 is a bottom plate
of a cleaning tank // made of 11 metal plates is 15ji 11; Then, the lower surface is opened, p, 3
mounting flange / 21 / i 'is provided with the through hole / 3f that matches the mounting hole
6 described above, a pattem is intervened on the lower surface of the flange 7.2, the mounting
hole t Pass the synthetic resin bold 7 through the through hole 13 and tighten 11 Fig. 4 (shows
the input type ultrasonic vibration V setting with the lower surface i τ of the ceramic diaphragm
of Fig. 2 and the protective case 2 for covering the imaging motor da. The through hole 23 which
matches the mounting hole g described above is provided on the mounting flange 22 provided
on the earth (child protective case 27). Interposing the pad 2μ on the upper surface of the
through hole, through the synthetic resin bold 7 in the mounting hole 61-and the through hole
23, fix it with a nut 1 and a number of points. The other 25 is the washing tank 11. The
ultrasonic cleaning equipment in the 15th y plan is laminated 31P to 11P in the front 31 'and the
ceramic diaphragm / ceramic, plate 2! Because of the rigidity of the r'i, the movement of the
cleaning liquid does not cause the pitting phenomenon of the cleaning liquid, so that the
corrosion as described in the first aspect does not occur. In addition, ceramic machine, 2 is
smaller in strength compared to metal plate, there is a concern or some may cause water leakage
during use Kj cracks tZl-[, one side or both sides of the vibration resistant water resistant coating
1 sound W Because it is worn and formed, even if a crack occurs, there is no fear of water 1
leakage, and by this, ceramic photography 11! lTl "plate / all the useful life of! You can extend it.
In addition, the installation of vibration 1 □ child protective case 21 covering metal 11 cleaning
tank / l or ultrasonic transducer da: Size, extension · 5 · 1 ↑ property 1 synthetic 1 resin side
bold 7 because it is scared Can be isolated from the washing due to washing 11 tank 1 / or
washing / solution 1 lifting 1 of washing / solution protection case 21, P7 ceramic soda plate /
ultrasonic wave浄 忠 実 忠 実 に 浄 C C 、 、 、 C C C / / / / / / / / / / / / / 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯
楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 楯 / 4 It is possible to
prevent one-shot damage caused by the influence. ≠ 1 [can's brief explanation l] Mon-1st is
cathetion of the conventional metal ring 板 plate, while explaining the fascination · Figure 1 ~ q is
an example of 不 4?
Indication, + -17, 21 'X'! Dimension ty 5 mitsu K core i board) Fail side 1mjg · · Figure 113 shows
the installation 1 of washing tank / 1 Partial longitudinal side 1m figure shown II, Figure 41
shows the installation of pendulum protective case 2 1 is a longitudinal sectional view 1j [11]. 1
/-) ceramic diaphragm, 2-) ceramic plate, 311 → 11. I 枦 Water-resistant coated layer, ψ->
ultrasonic wave phosphor, 7.15 resin resin bold, gutter-> natto, // → washing f · P, f tank, 21-·
transducer protection case applicant Japan Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. Attorney-Department
Attorney Matsuura Kitao 5th place 1 h :) ζ] (: \ J) Figure 2 615264 C 4-66 e + s' L-λ 3rd
offense 1243 154 b 4 Figure 4-" 22 ° 6213 C 23 ° 4 a 21 C "-" Haruka δ-37 D, 6 other than
the above inventor, utility model registration representative or agent inventor address Takahocho, Mizuho-ku, Nagoya City / Da No. l Za Japan Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. Internal name Oka 1)
Kozo agent address Nagoya city, Naka-ku, Ikubukacho, No. 1 to 4 Honjinshu 220-222 (8404)
name Attorney Matsuura Kitao, 417: 4 procedure correction 55.1) ,? Showa year · Japan Patent
Office Secretary 1, display of the case Akira Akira 33-1u 2/922, the name of the device
ultrasonic cleaning device 3, the case of the person making correction Case related personal
address 7,. 9 pieces Japan Special Ceramics Co., Ltd. Name 4 agent I principal place Nagoya city
Nakamura Ward No. 1 No. 1 Honjin art 220-222 room (5962) Telephone (452j representative
No. 0 name Patent attorney Utsuo 5, correction order Date of Showa Date · 'Spontaneous
correction) 6, Number of inventions to be increased by sleeve positive 7, Target of correction 炒
6 6 light letter 8, content of correction 考 案 Deviation of a single detailed statement /, OtAk (Dm
'x,. = "Ultrasonic cleaning device l · · · g · 7 · · · Revision 1 · · · · · · · · · · 22 · · · · · · · · ''
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