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Description 1, title of the invention
Speaker diaphragm
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to the improvement of a
speaker diaphragm, and it is an aspect of the present invention to provide a light weight → high
rigidity diaphragm. Heretofore, as a speaker diaphragm for a speaker, a natural father is often
used more than a synthetic fiber, an acid-containing resin film, a metal foil or the like. However, if
such a conventional diaphragm does not meet V requirements to satisfy various requirements as
a diaphragm, and if it is scarce, then natural diaphragms made of synthetic fibers or synthetic
resin films have a small Young's modulus of the material itself. Therefore, the rigidity can not be
increased, and therefore, the piston movement frequency region is narrow, and disturbance of
the frequency characteristic due to the divided vibration is likely to occur. On the other hand,
while the diaphragm made of gold S foil can increase the rigidity compared to the former, the
density is larger than the former, so the acoustic radiation efficiency decreases due to the
increase in the weight of the vibration system, and the internal loss of the material itself Because
the frequency is small, sharp peaks or tips may be generated due to resonance at a specific IH
wave number, which causes deterioration of the frequency characteristics. Depending on the
means to reduce the density of the parent metal and 17, it is possible to use effervescent gold
blisters (such as powder sinter, etc.) as the diaphragm material or whether it has already been
proposed. Since the density can not be reduced sufficiently to a certain extent, the present
invention uses a sponge-like porous metal sheet with a further reduced density as a diaphragm,
which will be described in detail below. The sponge-like porous metal is, for example, a spongelike foam of 2 · sokel, nickel-chrome, and the porosity reaches 70 m or more [7, its density is 0.4
to 0 ° 6 y / cd it can. EndPage: Also, since the Young's modulus of nickel of the material is
extremely large, the cancellous polynuclear metal has a large Young's modulus. On the other
hand, since the sponge-like porous metal is open-celled, it needs 11 means to use it as a
diaphragm. Therefore, in the present invention, a synthetic resin film is formed on at least one
side of the sponge-like porous metal sheet. Achieve that 1 'effect by stratification. For example, a
10 .mu. Thick polyvinyl alcohol film is laminated by thermal fusion. Polyvinyl alcohol has a
density of 1.8 '/ and is a degree that blocks the air permeability as compared to a sponge-like
porous metal, and therefore the weight increase is extremely small, which impairs the effects of
the present invention [7] The ice 1 plate is light weight, high rigidity, the internal loss due to the
elasticity of the air in the porous part is obtained by the internal force 5 so it is an effect of
suppressing resonance. It is also possible to provide additional internal loss if using a large
amount of internal loss 14 polypropylene as the membrane.
As described above, the present invention can provide a lightweight, high-stiffness diaphragm by
laminating a synthetic resin film on at least one side of a sponge-like porous metal sheet, and a
speaker using this diaphragm Is a high efficiency, expanding piston interlocking region, and has
a remarkable effect by obtaining a peaceful frequency characteristic by resonance suppression.
Patent Assignee Onkyo Co., Ltd. Attorney Patent Attorney Saeki-Taibe EndPage: 2
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