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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS The attached drawing is a partially cutaway side view
of a vacuum forming mold according to the present invention. DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ...
molding die main body, 11 ... base, 12 ... heater, 13 ... lower mold, 14 ... upper mold, 13a, 14a ...
cooling channel, 13b, 14b ... water supply Pipe 15 15. Heat insulation member 16. 17. Suction
space 2. Suction type 21 21 Set screw 22 Neck part 23 Corrugation part 24 Edge part, 22a, 23a,
24a ... suction hole, 3 ... vibration plate, 3a ... rim, 4 ... presser type, 4a ... spout hole. Correct the
drawing as follows.
The present invention relates to a vacuum forming mold for a diaphragm, and more particularly,
to a vacuum forming mold in which the conduction of forming heat to the adsorption mold
forming the forming cavity is performed from the center to the periphery. About. Among the
diaphragms such as speakers, vacuum forming is adopted to form a diaphragm formed using
polymer graphite, and in this forming method, a heating source and a cooling source are
provided, and further, Kyi is drawn. In the means 1-77-1; /), a vacuum mold is used which cuts
the mold cavity. In this vacuum forming mold, while heating a material to be molded, compressed
air is added from one side, and the other is pressure-reduced and sucked to be in close contact
with the adsorption mold and molded. In order to apply a uniform forming pressure to the entire
material to be molded, that is, the vibration plate material, it is necessary to form suction holes in
the neck portion and the periphery as well. Although the processing is easy if the suction force is
applied, the mark of the suction hole remains on the diaphragm and there is a drawback that the
sound quality and the appearance are deteriorated. Therefore, in this invention, forming heat is
applied to the neck portion of the diaphragm to be removed after shaping, heat is conducted
from this portion to the peripheral portion, and no heat transfer from the heat source is
conducted to the peripheral portion of the adsorption type. Therefore, the mold body with the
heating source is in a thermally conductive state between the heating source and the center of
the mold body, and between the peripheral portion of the mold body and the heating source. It is
characterized in that a heat insulating material is interposed. Details of this invention will be
described below with reference to the attached drawings. First of all, in the figure, reference
numeral / denotes a mold body, which is constituted by a lower mold 13 accommodating a
heater 12 as a heating source on a base / l and an upper mold ls overlaid thereon. The lower
mold 3/3 and the upper mold 1 constituting the mold body l respectively have a cooling water
channel 3 a / / g a as a cooling source and receive a supply of cooling water from a water supply
pipe / J b / / b It is designed to flow from the drainage pipe / 3C, / # O in the circumferential
direction. There is a heat insulating member tS between the lower mold 13 and the upper mold /
da so that the heat from the heater / 2 is not conducted directly from the lower mold 13 to the
upper mold / l. 4. A suction space in communication with a vacuum pump between the central
portion and the upper mold / l / 7 is formed. Further, a suction I 12 forming a cavity in the
molding die body 1 is fixed by a set screw 1 at its central portion. The suction type 2 has a shape
along a diaphragm to be molded, and has a neck portion, a full-gage portion B, and an edge
portion 2a, and suction holes are formed in these portions.
3-Ba and 3a are opened, and each suction hole is in communication with the suction space. The
suction-type neck portion 密 着 is in close contact with the heater 12 of the lower mold 13, but
the peripheral portion is in close contact with the upper mold / 1 'and is not in direct contact
with the lower mold / 3. The peripheral edge of the adsorption type core is placed on the
peripheral edge 3a of the vibrating plate 3 such as polymer graphite which is the material of the
vibrating plate, and the vibrating plate 3 is also heated by the presser and the compressed air jet
holes The pressure from Ua is pressed into the mold cavity. Since the vacuum forming mold for
the diaphragm according to this invention has the above-mentioned configuration, the heat of the
heater 12 is transmitted to the suction mold at the central portion of the upper mold 13 of the
mold body l, Then, it is conducted in the direction of the edge. Therefore, the temperature near
the neck of the suction type is the highest, and the peripheral portion is gradually lowered. When
vacuum suction is performed on the vibrating plate 3 under such an mfm boundary, the suction
metal adheres along the suction mold 3 and the neck sm is at a high temperature, and the trace
of the suction hole 22a in the vibrating plate 4-3. Although this part is removed in the finished
product state, it is not relevant as a diaphragm. Also, since the adsorption type corrugation part
and the edge part are not hot at the same time, the suction hole 2 in the diaphragm is not
enough. a, There is no trace of 211 aO. Next, the molding operation using the vacuum forming
mold according to the present invention will be described in accordance with the operation. The
body 12 of the lower mold 13 is maintained at a suitable molding temperature by the heater 12
of the lower mold 13, and the pressing mold 1 is likewise maintained at a suitable temperature.
The vibrating plate 3 is supplied to the forming die body 1 and its periphery is pressed and fixed
by the pressing die, the suction space is decompressed, compressed air is supplied from the
pressing me, and the vibrating plate 3 is adsorbed to form a forming cavity. Close contact with
the mold. When the fixed time is excessive, the presser die q is left and the cooling water is
supplied, the neck portion and the full gain portion B are cooled, and the diaphragm is
completed. As is apparent from the above description, according to the true 5-medium molding
die of this invention, the heat from the heating source of the molding die body is conducted to
the peripheral edge through the central portion of the adsorption die. As a result, no marks of
suction holes are formed on the finished diaphragm.
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