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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a side view with a portion cut away of a
speaker using the diaphragm of this invention, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view with a portion cut
out of the diaphragm. 7 ииииии Honeycomb diaphragm, 7a ииииии Cell body, 7b. 7c ииииииии Sheet body.
[Detailed description of the invention] These four frames are related to the sliding plate for the
speaker, especially to the flat diaphragm of the Ecam 41 I having a large number of 48 cell
bodies. The cone speaker used has drawbacks such as a leading effect in the cone part and the
limit of piston run # area by the cone material, and the following two systems are proposed as
flat speakers in order to eliminate these defects. . l) Two cam structure to metal material (e.g.,
aluminum). (9) A cone portion filled with a% kl plastic material. However, the peristaltic plate of
the former wIm is expensive because it uses gold sJ such as Al 1 = um, and the inside is too small,
and its frequency characteristics are sharp and high in the high region above the piston
interlocking region as its frequency characteristic The latter has the disadvantage of producing
large peaks or dips, while the latter is where the reduction in acoustic efficiency can not be
avoided due to the increased weight due to foam filling. These four points are related to the
conventional defects, and by giving an internal loss of bv by using a sheet made of fibers as a bicam material, q at the time of resonance is suppressed and the quality is high. It is intended to
enable the production of low-cost flat loudspeakers, and in the following, the embodiment will be
described with reference to the drawings, in which 1 is a yoke and 2 is a magnet. ??????
???????????????? Reference numeral 6 denotes a driving core, 7 denotes a
honeycomb diaphragm, 8 denotes an edge, and the second cam mjflJ plate 7 is composed of a
large number of master cells 4a and upper and lower sheets 7b, -76. The two cam diaphragm 7 is
a fiber. For example, a film is formed using acrylic fiber as a raw material, and the film is formed
into, for example, hexagonal cell body 7a by a known means, and a large number of these cell
bodies 7a, 7a,. The two sheet members 7b and 7c are configured to be sandwiched from above
and below in a sandwich-like manner. In the example, in the embodiment, the cell body 7 has a
cell size of 1/8 inch and a density of o, o 4 o L / . The speaker diaphragm of this invention is
composed of a cell body and upper and lower sheet bodies for sandwiching the cell body in a
sandwich shape as described above and a fiber 5 respectively Since the film is constructed, it is
possible to give an appropriate internal loss to the diaphragm and to obtain a frequency
characteristic with a smaller peak and dip as compared to the diaphragm made of a conventional
metal material and having a two-cam structure, and a good reproduction. A high-quality thin
speaker required especially for high-class on-vehicle speakers because it can provide the speaker
with excellent characteristics and sound W% characteristics and can produce a flat speaker with
low weight and lower cost compared to the foam filling type. With optimal characteristics as
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