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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view for explaining the
arrangement of a piezoelectric buzzer according to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are
longitudinal sectional views showing an example of mounting of the piezoelectric buzzer
according to the present invention. These are charts showing the relationship between the holeto-wall distance and the sound pressure value in the example. In the figure, 1 ..... piezoelectric
buzzer, 2 ..... piezoelectric vibrator, 3 ..... и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и Fitting housing
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a 1f electric
buzzer whose output sound pressure level is significantly increased. 15R: A positive buzzer is a
circular metal plate fitted with a '? T plate and 7 compression gear attached to a resonance case,
for example, the open lower end of a short cylindrical resonance case whose head is closed. The
structure in which the piezoelectric vibrator is attached is widely used, and is suitable for
downsizing. In the case of (@ l *),... /, The sound output is obtained from a hole which is thrown 2
at a predetermined diameter to one head. On the other hand, today, where integrated circuits are
frequently used in electronic devices and the like, it is desirable that high output can be obtained
as well as downsizing of the market. Therefore, as a result of various researches in order to
improve the output, the present inventors have obtained an extremely high sound pressure level
by arranging the hole of the piezoelectric 7 zr opposite to a wall body etc. It is something that
has found out and completed this invention. That is, as shown in FIG. 1, in this invention, a
piezoelectric vibrator 2) in which a single circular metal plate is combined with piezoelectric
deposition is attached to the open end of a bottomed short cylindrical resonance case (3). In the
piezoelectric buzzer (1) in which seven holes (3FL) are provided, the hole (3a) is, for example, a
living body wall of the electronic device 4) a predetermined distance-! The piezoelectric buzzer
11) is attached to the above-described 15 devices with (d) facing each other, and the acoustic
output is suspended from the vibrator 12) side. With the configuration of this invention, an
extremely high sound output can be obtained. More specifically, the piezoelectric buzzer (1) is
installed in such a way that the "(page 2) hole portion (3a) is paired with the wall of the device to
be mounted, etc. The gap between the wall and the hole (3a) is important, and when applied to
equipment with a large space compared to the size of the piezoelectric buzzer, preferably around
8 ? or around 57m However, in the case of a device with a small space, the optimum or
separation is about 21. Therefore, the distance between the pair should be determined
appropriately in accordance with the arrangement of the space I Ц 11 in the applied device. . The
reason why the sound pressure level is increased is considered to be that the sound chamber
impedance / impedance as viewed from the vibrator 2) is increased by making "m (3a) face the
wall 4 etc." Next, when the installation f11 of a specific piezoelectric buzzer: 1) is clarified, for
example, in FIG. 2, the piezoelectric buff f-Ill is fixed to a fixing plate 15) having a mounting hole
for the resonance case (3) or the entry. , 15 fixed plates 15) through the support columns 16)
and mounted on the t body wall 4), and the holes and walls of the piezoelectric buzzer (1) fixed!
It shows a configuration in which W separation from 4) can be appropriately set by the length of
the support column j6). In this case, the fixing plate (5) may be a printed circuit board or the like
of the electron (R) path. Further, FIG. 3 shows a configuration in which the piezoelectric buzzer
(1) is held by a plurality of gorges columns (8) integrally provided in a housing 17) ? (page 3) of
an electronic device or the like. ????? In the drawing, each of the fitting columns (8) of the
three trees is provided with a groove for fixing or repelling the fixed portion of the vibrator (2)
which is the maximum outer diameter portion of the resonance case +3). Holding from three
sides, the length of the column (8) and the position of the groove described above are
appropriately selected, and the distance between the hole (3a) and the housing (7) can be made
an optimum distance. An example according to the present invention will be shown below to
clarify its effect. From the lead zircon pressed 1-titanium porcelain plate with a diameter of 651
and a thickness of 0151 on a metal bronze plate consisting of a phosphor bronze plate with a
diameter of 13 m and a thickness of 0051 The bottom of the bottom of a piezoelectric vibrator
with a piezoelectric plate attached to one side attached to an aluminum resonance case with a
maximum outer diameter of 137 mm, a height of 23 mm, and a thickness of 03. The hole
diameter was 15-. Next, frequency 4. A pulse voltage of KH2 and a wave threshold value of 10 V
was repeatedly applied to variously change the distance fd between the hole and the wall, and
the sound pressure at the front surface 02 of the vibrator was measured 0 (page 4). The results
are as shown in the graph of FIG. In addition, when the sound pressure at 10 cm in front of the
hole of the piezoelectric buzzer was measured under the same conditions, that is, the sound
pressure of 79 tlB was obtained in the conventional configuration. As apparent from the results
of FIG. 4, when d = 81, a sound pressure of @ 398.5 dB is obtained, and the output is significantly
improved as compared with the conventional case. Further, when the wall is given pregnancy, ie,
d-X, the next loom 1 = +-buzzer, which could not be obtained by 79 dB equivalent to the
conventional output from the hole side, is emitted at the front A test similar to the
implementation j-1 was carried out in the case of the inner size S.M1) having a hole, and as a
result, the optimum facing distance is 1 to 2 ?, and the sound pressure at that time is 9 ] D13.
With the configuration of this invention in which the hole portion of the paper cloth buzzer is
made to face the wall or the like and the output is obtained from the imaging lens side as shown
on the side, a remarkable improvement of 15 can be obtained.
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