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The present invention relates to a fixed-edge type speaker diaphragm. In general, fixed-edge type
speaker diaphragms have the advantage of being light in weight compared to free-edge type
speaker diaphragms, requiring fewer manufacturing steps and enabling mass production, which
is advantageous in cost, but with amplitude It has the disadvantage that it is difficult to make
large. However, since it can be used sufficiently for applications where a small amount of
amplitude is required, such as a speaker for musical instruments, this fixed-edge type speaker
diaphragm is widely used for musical instruments. Most of the fixed-edge type speaker
diaphragms are manufactured by paper-making natural fibers. In such a speaker diaphragm,
when it is used for an electric guitar or the like to which a large input is applied in a low range,
the mechanical strength of the edge portion becomes a problem due to vibration, and the edge
portion may be It was causing a phenomenon such as breaking. As a countermeasure, as shown
in FIG. 1, conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, an edge portion 2 of the diaphragm substrate 1
made of a natural fiber and molded, and a part of the cone portion 3 continuous with this edge
portion 2 4 was applied. However, since the liquid reinforcing agent 4 is applied to the surface of
the waveform edge portion 2 and the surface of the inclined cone portion 3, the application
amount and the application position are not stable, and the edge portion 20 warps or deforms.
The quality of the diaphragm is not uniform, and the number of manufacturing processes is
increased, which is disadvantageous in cost. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present
invention is intended to eliminate the above-mentioned conventional defects, and to provide a
speaker diaphragm which is stable in quality and easy to manufacture and inexpensive. That is,
in the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, the synthetic fiber layer is provided on the
edge portion and a part of the cone portion adjacent to the edge portion, and is bonded to the
large black fiber layer by heat and pressure to improve the mechanical strength of the edge
portion. It provides what you measure. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present invention will
be described with reference to FIG. That is, the speaker diaphragm of the present invention has a
cylindrical portion 5 to which a voice coil is coupled at the center, and a cone portion 6 having
an inverted conical shape is provided continuously with the cylindrical portion 6. It is configured
to continuously provide a corrugated edge portion 7 and is configured to be interposed between
the edge portion 7 and a cone 9.9 '. In this speaker diaphragm, first, a natural fiber is formed into
a paper to form a natural fiber layer 9, and the natural fiber layer 90 cylindrical portion 6.
Mask the majority of the cone portion 6 to form a synthetic fiber layer 8 containing 50 wt% or
more of synthetic fibers such as polyethylene and polypropylene on the periphery of the cone
portion 6 and the edge portion, and then take the mask The natural fiber layer 9 'is removed by
papermaking, dewatered, and then heated and pressurized to dissolve the synthetic fiber layer 8
and bond it to the natural fiber layer 9' 9 '. Moreover, as another method, after cutting a long
paper sheet and a synthetic fiber sheet in a fan shape, and laminating these. It is also possible to
obtain a seamed type speaker diaphragm by slightly moistening and then heating and pressing.
As described above, since the speaker diaphragm of the present invention is configured, the
mechanical strength of the edge portion is significantly improved and can sufficiently withstand
large amplitude. In addition, the range of the synthetic fiber layer is constant, and the quality is
stable without variation in performance, and the edge portion is warped or deformed, and the
production is also easy, and the productivity is high, and the cost is increased. It also has
advantages such as being advantageous, and is of great industrial value.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a half sectional view of a conventional imaging plate for a speaker, and FIG. 2 is a half
sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention.
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