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The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a piezoelectric structure O
piezoelectric electric sound power converter used as a piezoelectric sounding posture. Bimorph
vibrators, in which ceramic piezoelectric plates and metal plates are joined together, are widely
used as piezoelectric sound generators for consumer applications and industrial engineering
applications. Conventionally, as shown in FIG. 1, this bimorph oscillator is coated with silver
paste, for example, on both sides of a ceramic (or zeta piezoelectric element) 10 having a thin
disk (or square) shape, and dried at 700 to 800 ° C. An electrode 1 is provided by a baking
method, and after polarization processing, a metal plate jKm having a diameter larger than that
of the piezoelectric element 1 and having a thickness substantially equal to that of the
piezoelectric element 1 is joined with an organic adhesive. Be done. Lead wires respectively
drawn from the electrode 2 and the metal plate 1. . By applying an alternating current signal to
V.42, it becomes a sounding body. On the other hand, recently the O bimorph sounding body is
strong in small low frequency ohms, the low frequency of the bimorph sounding body! Although
it is possible to oversize by increasing L &, this is limited by the trend of miniaturization of
peripheral devices. In addition, as the piezoelectric element and metal plate are made thinner for
the purpose of lowering the frequency, the conventional bonding method using an adhesive is
becoming a gap. That is, (1) When these thin plates are joined by the conventional adhesion
method, since mechanical pressure is applied to the piezoelectric element to join them, scratches
and the like are easily generated. Kura, Ruri, there was a chipping and was causing a drop in
yield. (2) Since the adhesive is not sufficiently contained in the bonding surface between the
metal plate and the piezoelectric cable, an air layer is generated, and the sound as a sounding
body is reduced by 41%. The adhesive overflowed) and the variation of the thickness of the
adhesive layer was large. (3) It is necessary to place the piezoelectric cord and the metal plate
concentrically, except for adhesion, and therefore alignment is also required. Further, according
to the conventional example shown in FIG. 1, since it is necessary to draw a lead from the
electrode, for example, when this lead is drawn by a method such as soldering, the sounding
body itself vibrates for a long time because An accident such as cutting of the wire could occur
due to the use of The present invention provides a method of manufacturing a type 41 electric
pressure converter which solves the above-mentioned problem. In the method of the present
invention, one side of the piezoelectric element #! (E) A ring-shaped auxiliary electrode is formed
at the periphery of the $ 810 main electrode so as to partially form a tenth main electrode in the
central portion and to conduct electricity with a portion of the main electrode of 0lll, and to form
the piezoelectric element The second main electrode is formed on the entire surface of the other
surface of the second main electrode, and a p metal layer is formed on the entire surface of the
second main electrode by electroforming to form a piezoelectric vibrator.
According to the present invention, compared to the conventional method of forming a pi-7 lure
oscillator using an adhesive, the reliability of the round oscillator is not required to apply an
unnecessary force), and the piezoelectric element Since the adhesion between the metal layer and
the metal layer is crimson, an excellent on-roll registration property can be obtained, and an
accident such as cutting of a lead can be prevented. In FIG. 2 which describes the embodiment of
the present invention with reference to FIGS. 2 (a) and 2 (b), 11 is a disk-shaped ceramic. First of
all, the first main electrode 121. To form this main electrode 124. And a ring-shaped auxiliary
electrode 12 around the periphery of the main electrode 12. Form b. Further, a second main
electrode 122 is formed on the entire surface of the other surface of the piezoelectric cable 11.
The first main electrode 121 is desirably formed at a central portion of the piezoelectric cable 11
so as to have a diameter ratio of about 0.6 to 0.8. The first $ 2 main electrodes 1 'Ia, 1 j are
formed by vapor deposition, electroless plating, or baking of a silver paste by a method.
Thereafter, polarization treatment is performed with a predetermined strip, and then a metal
layer 13 is formed on the side of the second main electrode 12 by electroforming to a thickness
substantially equal to the thickness of the pressure 11L element body 11. In this case, mask
processing is performed beforehand so that the electroforming liquid does not stick to the first
raw 1 pole 1 12, 12 side, and after mounting on a predetermined electroforming jig, plating is
performed on the second electrode 122 and 0 [It is possible to form the metal layer 11 having a
size of 50 to several hundred μm in a short time by using a solution of Nl solution of 7% auronic
acid which is generally used for thick film formation. The bimorph piezoelectric vibrator formed
by such a method has good adhesion because the bonding between the piezoelectric element 11
and the metal layer 13 is not via an adhesive, and the characteristics deteriorate even under
various transition conditions. You can get excellent sound quality 1%. There is no need to apply
an unnecessary force to the piezoelectric vibration electrons, and there is no concern about
scratches, chips, cracks, cracks, and the metal layer by electroforming by controlling the
temperature, current, and time of the liquid. The thickness can be kept constant, and since it
becomes easy to manage at the time of delivery, it is possible to reduce the variation in acoustic
characteristics and to improve the yield rate. Also, since the metal layer is formed on the entire
surface of one surface of the piezoelectric element, no visual alignment is required. Generally, in
the case of casing these sounding bodies, a method of mechanically identifying the outer
peripheral portion of the sounding body or identifying it through an elastic body is employed. In
this case, according to the present invention, the gold JiII layer 13 on the back side is used.
Inserted ring-shaped auxiliary electrode 121.
The lead wires can be omitted by making each of the ground terminals and insulate each of them
as short as possible. Therefore, it is possible to greatly improve the system reliability without an
accident such as cutting of the cable due to long-term use. Further, even in the case of
interposing an elastic body, by using a conductive rubber as the elastic body, the casing can be
made without pulling out the sheath wire. As described above, according to the present
invention, it is possible to improve the reliability of the piezoelectric type electric front-end
converter and improve the blue tatami mat characteristics by constructing the bimorph oscillator
by using the 11 casting method. And prevent lead breakage.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a conventional bimorph vibrator, and FIGS. 2 (a) and 2 (a)
are a perspective view showing a bimorph vibrator according to an embodiment of the present
invention and a sectional view taken along the line A-A '. .
11 · · · ceramic, piezoelectric body, 121. First main electrode 124. ... auxiliary electrode, 122 ...
second electrode, IJ ... passive layer.
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