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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
headphone listening system for localizing an entire front of a sound image. [Technical
background of the invention and its problems] In the conventional head-ho / hearing 7 stem, the
sound image is localized in the head, which is unnatural and has a sense of harmony compared to
stereo speaker reproduction. In stereo speaker reproduction, in addition to the signals from the
left speaker to the left ear and from the right speaker to the right ear, spatial crosstalk signals
from the left speaker to the right ear and from the stone speaker to the left ear are included in
the signals actually entering the ears. There is. However, in the conventional headphone listening
/ stem, the absence of the crosstalk signal of L causes unnaturalness of localization. OBJECTS OF
THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide a headphone listening system
which eliminates the drawbacks of the prior art such as JJe and can obtain a natural sense of
localization. [Summary of the invention] That is, after the branched signals of the input original
signal of both left and right channels V are passed through the frequency response characteristic
correction circuit respectively, then through the time delay circuit, the opposite side of Play with
the speaker. Also, the human power source signal is reproduced by the remaining left and right
pair of speakers of the four channel headphones. This enables natural sound image localization
outside of nine people. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention will now be
described with reference to the drawings. The drawings show an embodiment of the present
invention, and the branched signals of the input original signals of the left and right both
channels / gears are subjected to the frequency response characteristic correction circuits 1 and
2 after the frequency response characteristic is corrected, and then the time delay circuit Time
delays are given at 3 and 4 and reproduced from the front speakers 5 and 6 of the 4-channel /
netheddophone located on the reverse side of the input original signal and the reverse channel.
Also, the original input signal is reproduced from the rear speaker 7.8 of the 4-channel
headphone. In stereo speaker reproduction, the cross talk signal from the reverse channel is
head-diffracted and its propagation wavefront is different from that of the direct signal.
Therefore, it is necessary to be able to prepare separate speakers for direct sound and crosstalk
speakers at different positions. In the embodiment shown in the figure, the headphone speaker
units can be arranged back and forth, with the front side for crosstalk and the rear side for direct
sound. According to such a configuration of the present invention, natural sound reproduction
can be performed without the sound image being localized in the head. The characteristic of each
of the blocks felt most naturally in sound image localization in this configuration is as follows.
The frequency response characteristic correction circuit characteristic is the interaural transfer
function difference, and the delay time of the delay circuit is 320 μsec.
1: When the headphone speaker unit is disposed in front and back, the front side can be used for
direct sound and the rear side can be used for crosstalk signal. In this case, if the delay time of
the crosstalk signal is lengthened, it is possible to make the reflected sound be 7-unified signal.
The same effect can be obtained by placing the headphone speaker unit ヲ at the bottom and the
sounding at the bottom.
Brief description of the drawings
The drawing is a block diagram showing a configuration example of the headphone listening
system of the present invention.
■ 2 · · · Frequency response correction circuit 3.4 · · Delay circuit
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