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The present invention G'i Hanika Hachi relates to a speaker using a vibrating diaphragm, in
particular a scratch-resistant Hanika l \ · A conventional speaker relating to a spino l using a
sandwich diaphragm 0) honeycomb sandwich diaphragm In the core, an aluminum core is mainly
used for the core, and as a surface material, in addition to aluminum (hereinafter referred to as
AJ), carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, mica e flakes, carbon flakes, etc. are relatively used.
Sheets of high modulus fibers and flakes bonded together with resin have been used. Thus, there
are various combinations of core and surface material. Among them, in the case of the AI cocoa A
surface material, the thermal expansion coefficient is equal, so there is no problem in the point of
bonding operation described later, but is AJ foil to reduce the weight of the diaphragm? In the
case of thinning, the flaw is easily fq reduced by finger touch or the like, and if backing with resin
or the like to prevent this, there is a problem that the mass becomes large. On the other hand,
among the surface materials other than AJ, those mentioned above have a large resilience against
external force and are less susceptible to damage compared to Al, so in this respect it is better as
a surface material. In the case of temperature cycling during use or during use, stress may be
generated due to the difference in the thermal expansion coefficient between the core and the
surface material, and the bonding site may peel off, even if it does not peel off There is a problem
of bringing about Naturally, this phenomenon is more remarkable as the diameter of the
diaphragm is larger. In this case, if a normal flow curing adhesive is used as the adhesive, at least
the problem at the time of heat adhesion disappears, but the normal flow curing adhesive
generally has a short working life and improves the adhesive yield, and Working in a short time?
It is difficult to get it done. Also, after applying the adhesive to the bonding location,
temperature? Increase the viscosity of the adhesive? If it is not lowered once, the wettability of
the adherend by the adhesive is also somewhat poor, and it is difficult to obtain any good
adhesion state with the heat-curable adhesive. Are thermosetting adhesives the opposite of this
property? もつ。 As described above, it has disadvantages in the conventional No 1 nick
sandwich diaphragm, respectively. Is the object of the present invention the drawbacks of the
prior art mentioned above? It is an object of the present invention to provide a speaker having a
honeycomb-Germanic-diaphragm rod which is relatively light-weight, is not easily damaged, and
has a small problem in bonding operation. Above purpose? In order to achieve this, in the
present invention, relatively high rigidity sheets such as laminated mica and the like are used as
the core and the surface material of the honeycomb-sandwich die core, respectively, and the core
and the surface thereof are used. The materials are manufactured using an adhesive that can
sufficiently withstand the heating conditions in any of those applications as a binder, and at least
the adhesion between the core and the surface material is a thermosetting adhesive?
It is characterized that it uses by heat adhesion. Conventionally, the core generally used for the
honeycomb sanderite plate is made of aluminum (hereinafter referred to as 5o 52) of the
American Aluminum Association material code 5052. The 50520 linear expansion coefficient is
24 × 10−67′C. 5052 thin foil of the same material as the above core material for the surface
material? As mentioned above, there is a disadvantage that the tentacles are more easily
scratched when used. The bending stiffness of this 5 o 52 40 μm thick foil is only DJ 2 x 100-3
Na. Meanwhile, the same areal density? As it is usable if it is 55 μm in thickness if it is a
laminated mica sheet with, bending U U property is 0.77 × 10 −3 N ·! It is larger than in the
case of η and 5052 and is advantageous. In addition, the restored mica sheet has higher
restorability when the surface material is deformed by an external force of 2 'j-. However, the
linear expansion coefficient of the laminated mica sheet is 12 XIO "/" C, which is 1/2 of that of
5052. Therefore, when using a laminated mica sheet as the surface material that is not easily
damaged by tentacles and using the common and easy-to-use 5052 as the core material, the
adhesive heat curing process or the At the time of use with the change in fluidity, the difference
in expansion coefficient generates a stress between the surface material and the core, and the
adhesion between the surface material and the core material is slightly reduced, even if it is not
peeled off. Can I peel off easily when IZ external force is applied? The present inventors have
found out aXL. Of course, if a normal flow curing adhesive is used, the heating process during the
production will not be necessary, but in general, when a normal flow curing adhesive is used, the
heat curing adhesive 2 is used The adhesion is inferior to that of The present invention is
described above by using a relatively rigid sheet such as mica, etc. with relatively high rigidity
(not Y) of the surface material, and bonding the surface material and the core with a heat-curable
adhesive. It is intended to solve the problem. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present
invention will be described with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a front view of an
embodiment of a honeycomb assembly sandwich diaphragm according to the present invention,
and FIG. 2 is a side view thereof. In both figures, 1 is a honeycomb sanderite board, 2 is a surface
material such as a laminated mica sheet which is hard to be scratched by tentacles, for example,
a material having an expansion coefficient YW as the surface material 2 such as mica sheet
laminated or the like. The surface material 2 and the core 3 are bonded with a heat-curable
By using the above-mentioned materials for the surface material 2 and the core 3 and bonding
them with a glue, due to the change of □□□ degree during manufacturing and use -C also
becomes [Lu of the surface material and the core There is no occurrence of cracking due to the
difference in expansion coefficient, neither peeling off each other nor peeling off when a slight
external force is applied. Therefore, since 7 J [I thermosetting one can be used as the adhesive, it
is possible to obtain the honeycomb sandwich diaphragm 2 having a large adhesion between the
surface material and the core. From the above-described embodiment, the honeycomb sanderite
plate may give an impression as if it were limited to a plane diaphragm, but the present invention
can be practiced even in the case of a cone type honeycomb sandwich sandwich plate etc. It is
possible. As described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to obtain a speaker
having a honeycomb sandwich diaphragm which is relatively light in weight, hard to be scratched
on the surface, and has few problems in bonding operation.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a front view of a honeycomb sandwich diaphragm used in an embodiment of a speaker
according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a side view thereof.
Explanation of symbols · · · · · Honeycomb Sun German Chi plate, f 1 Figure 'J' z Figure
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