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TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a diaphragm of a speaker. [Technical
background of the invention and its problems] Recently, television and portable # 1! 伴 い With
the miniaturization of l * da, there is a growing demand for small, high-performance speaker
units, such as storage spaces within the space and area that has been withdrawn. In order to
meet these demands, the speaker unit needs to be housed in an elongated space, but a speaker
unit having an elliptical or rectangular diaphragm will be used, but in particular the ratio of the
major axis to the 'f4i diameter' The sound pressure of the diaphragm of the shape which
becomes large, unevenness occurs in the related area frequency characteristics, and the high
area is enough! There is a problem that the characteristic can not be obtained. In particular,
when the ratio of the major axis to the minor axis is increased to 2 = 1 or more, as shown in the
characteristic a of FIG. Thus, the unevenness is d! In the frequency characteristic in the high
range. 4 The reason for becoming a book is interpreted as follows. That is, according to the
frequency characteristic VC rule in the high range of the speaker unit, the vibration tJth of each
portion of the cone generally causes many peaks and valleys to produce a complex vibration
without pist / Repeat the mountain valley. (7, mainly corn one page section Sness Ness voice
voice 畦 mvjr ゴ ー m / 畦 m / n / n n n n 音 n n 高 辰 (?? The relative sound pressure level in
skin fh is rapidly reduced to 4M. Stiffness Shd at the top of the cone Shallow cone Sh2θSh こ
π14 tC (-7-) sinθfIr 佇 Holds the major and minor axes like an elliptical speaker: in the case of 1
to paper, the apex angle differs in each direction Since the high resonance frequency in the
direction Jj and the direction of the short diameter are separated into frequencies lIn1 and J2
and appear as -C when the ratio of the major diameter to the large diameter and the diameter of
Cr is large, characteristics of FIG. (I +! In the tfjtf area Irregularities in the d-wave number
characteristic become remarkable and performance-problems and 7γ also. SUMMARY OF THE
INVENTION The present invention has been made in view of the merits thereof, and it is an
object of the present invention to provide a speaker lively board in which the frequency
characteristic of the high range is improved. [Summary of the Invention] The present invention
smoothes the peripheral frequency f performance of the high frequency range by using the j
sliding plate formed to have different thicknesses in each direction toward the center of the
speaker diaphragm. Then, it can be 1 to 7 so that a seven-minute high-frequency characteristic
can be obtained. The present invention will be described in detail with reference to the drawings.
FIG. 1 is an IA showing a speaker unit having an elliptical plate 1 flat plate according to one
example of the present invention, dust, the same figure (al is a plan view, and FIG. A cross
sectional view, the same figure (C1 is a cross-sectional view of the short diameter direction
In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a cone-shaped diaphragm, and a voice coil bobbin 2 is
connected to the middle portion of this / 7) 4th, 4th, 2nd, and 1st half. Further, a chair coil
bobbin 21 + 't Cld voice coil 3 is wound around it. The j-placement parts θ1 and θ2 of the
diaphragm are shown in the figure as follows: Longitudinal force of the fluoro-moving plate] and
short (in the φ direction, it is smaller than the 1-7 top hbD stino unstiffened) 辰 -moving plate
Assuming that the thickness of the meat is the same, the stair case in the major axis direction is
smaller than that of the short direction force stio, because of 01ΔJ2. However, this invention Q
(in (1 辰-) thickness of the root 1 is Yari squirrel) and Etsuno eel board and 15 dimensions is 4
and, as shown in FIG. The length 1 also compensates in the direction, from the outer
circumference to the inner circumference (〆 、 、 、 、, 大 き く 、; 大 き く); [The amount of
electric energy J1] By making this L-shaped, the width (-F,,) of 5 pages of cone on one page of
cone y-fins 8h of the cone will be inserted, so the short diameter direction ) The line between the
paper and the old city's sh-fness Sh is reduced, and the high-pitched resonance frequency does
not appear separately and appears to be connected smoothly, for example, the characteristic of
the second 2'-4 Nah. [Similarity of the invention: For the same purpose, the rigidity of the cone
top j in the minor axis direction of the diaphragm is reduced for the same purpose to reduce
stiffness of the major axis of the diaphragm] Stiffness in five directions is made smaller and
aligned with the stiffness in the major axis direction. In order to reduce the thickness of the ball
in the direction of the minor axis of 1 Zui-Ji, the meat + v is reduced from the outer periphery
toward the inner periphery in each case. Furthermore, in the diaphragm section where the ratio
of the major axis to the minor axis is close to the end of the diaphragm, is it in the direction of
the major axis of the diaphragm? Go to the inner circumference from the outer circumference
gradually enter the thickness) and in the short diameter direction, from the outer circumference
gradually to the inner circumference gradually reduce the thickness jrI t In order to further
enhance the effect of improving frequency characteristics, it is also possible to use OJ. In
addition, in the above-mentioned Kotobuki row, the same thing can be said even if an elliptical
diaphragm (r (which has been described above but is rectangular, such as a rectangular four
sliding plate))
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 is an integral view of a row of diaphragms according to the present invention as shown in
Fig. C1. Each of the 11th bacteria (al is a vibration system front view 1.81 Fig. Fb) is a vibration
system long va 5 directional oblique cutting diagram, Fig. 1 fc 2 is a perspective view of the
vibration system in the minor axis direction, and FIG. 2 is a diagram for comparing the frequency
characteristic a of the conventional 1 + 11 and the frequency characteristic of the present
1 ... jlA IIJ board, 2 ... voice coil bobbin, 3 · voice coil, 4 ... diaphragm long strip, 5 ... diaphragm tI
2 diameter. Figure 1 (fL) (c). ん。 Fig. 2 NI Way Maki 563
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