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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
speaker capable of facilitating the heat radiation effect of a voice coil bobbin and easily
positioning the bobbin. [Technical background of the invention and its problems] Conventionally,
there are dome-shaped speakers as shown in FIGS. 1F and 2 as speakers. In the figure, reference
numeral 1 denotes a dome-shaped diaphragm, and the imaging plate 1 is integrally formed with
an edge member 2 having an annular curved portion 2a at its peripheral edge. A cylindrical voice
coil bobbin 5 in which the voice coil 4 is wound by using an adhesive is fixed to the boundary
between the diaphragm 1 and the edge body 2 (the peripheral edge of the moving plate 1). The
voice coil 4 has a center ball 6, a lower plate 7, a permanent magnet 8. ,), The gap of the
magnetic circuit consisting of the part plate 9, ie, interposed between the center ball 6 and the
top plate 9. The edge body 2 is held between the upper spacer 10 and the lower spacer 11 and
fixed to the upper plate 9. As clearly shown in FIG. 2, in this speaker, the coil bobbin 5 is fixed to
the boundary portion with the adhesive 3. Therefore, the adhesive 3 prevents the transfer of heat
generated from the coil bobbin 5. At this time, the heat radiation is performed by transmitting 0
to the metal part through air in the magnetic gap at the main binding, so that the heat radiation
of the voice coil 4 can not be performed sufficiently, and the voice coil in the case of a large input
one. 4 is overheated and can not stand use. Also, in the case of fixing the coil body 5 to fix the
mounting position + t, the jig 2 must be used in order to position the voice coil 4 at a
predetermined position, and the assembly is very slow and mass production is required. Not
suitable. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention has been made to solve the
above-mentioned problems, and it is possible to efficiently transmit the heat generated in the coil
bobbin to the upper frame through the end body, and the positioning of the coil bobbin. The aim
is to try to provide a speaker that can be easily and heavily regulated. [Summary of the Invention]
The present invention relates to a dynamic molded speaker in which an imaging plate is picked
up according to a mental signal by interposing in a magnetic gap of a magnetic circuit, wherein a
coil bobbin around which a voice coil is wound and an edge are made of metal. The structure is
integrally formed, and the edge body is fixed to the plate via a metal spacer, and the coil bobbin
J6 uses the heat body for heat dissipation. According to the present invention, by integrally
forming the edge body and the coil bobbin with metal, the mounting position of the coil bobbin
can be accurately and easily regulated, and the edge body is made of metal spacers. By
connecting to the C plate, it is possible to perform the pasture of heat generated by voice cocool
extremely well.
DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS An embodiment of the present invention will
be described below with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 3, reference numeral 21 denotes a
voice coil bobbin around which a voice coil 22 is wound, and the bobbin 21 and an annular edge
body 23 provided at one end thereof are metals excellent in heat conduction and using means
such as pressing And integrally formed. The edge body 23 is constituted by an annular flat
portion 23a and a nine curved portion 23b. It is connected to the bobbin 21 via the small
inclined portion 24. Then, the dome-shaped diaphragm 25 is fixed to the small inclined portion
24 using the adhesive 26, and the voice coil bobbin 21. The edge body 23 and the diaphragm 25
are integrally formed. Next, a cylindrical permanent magnet 29 is fixed to the peripheral edge of
a lower plate 28 provided with a cylindrical center ball 27 protruding from the center, and an
annular L portion plate 30 is fixed on the upper surface of the permanent magnet 29. The
magnetic circuit 31 is formed. このと0. A gap of a predetermined size is provided between the
center ball 27 and the upper plate 30. Further, on the upper surface of the upper plate 30, a boss
(not shown) for restricting the bobbin 21 to a predetermined position is provided at one space. A
lower spacer 32 of metal type is interposed on the E-part plate 30 of the magnetic circuit 31 to
engage the edge body 23 with the boss. Then, the upper spacer 33 is overlapped from the upper
side in the drawing and fixed to the upper plate 30 using a screw or the like. Thereby, as shown
in the figure, the voice coil 22 plays the center ball 27 and -L part play 30. It can be intervened
between J :. The operation of this embodiment will now be described. Now, to drive the speaker,
I! When an air-magnification signal is supplied, the voice coil 22 moves in response to this signal
and is transmitted to the moving plate 25 via the coil bobbin 21. At this time, heat is generated
from the voice filter 22 and this heat is transferred to the bobbin 21. The heat transfer is
conducted to the large heat capacity E-section plate 30 through the lower end 32 of the edge
body 23 °. Therefore, according to such a configuration, since the voice coil bobbin 21 and the
upper plate 30 can be directly connected by the heat conductive gold 1, heat generated by the
voice coil 22 is efficiently generated by the simple configuration. It can dissipate heat well. This
makes it possible to easily realize a large input speaker. Further, since this speaker can easily and
accurately regulate the coil bobbin 21 at a predetermined position without using a jig, it is
possible to remarkably simplify one assembling operation and to improve the productivity.
In addition, by forming the small inclined portion 24 between the coil bobbin 21 and the edge
body 23, the moving plate 25 can be accurately positioned, so that the assembly accuracy of the
entire product can be improved. The present invention is not limited to the above-described
embodiment, and various modifications can be made without departing from the scope of the
Brief description of the drawings
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Motion picture board 2 ... End body 2a ... Curved part 3 ...
Adhesive 4 ... Voice coil 5 ... Voice coil bobbin 6 ... Center pole 7 ... Lower plate 8 Permanent
magnet 9 Upper plate 10 Upper spacer 11 Dense spacer 21 Voice coil bobbin 22 Voice coil 23
Edge body 23a Collar 23b ... curved portion 24 ... small inclined portion 25 ... Todoban 26 ...
adhesive 27 ... center ball 28 ... bottom plate 29 ... permanent magnet 30 ... upper plate 31, · ·
Magnetic circuit 32 · · · Lower spacer 33 · · · Upper spacer
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