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The present invention relates to a method of joining a skier diaphragm with its edge. On the edge
of the speaker, a fixed edge made of the same material as pulp cone paper 'R te / (/ I / pecone)
and a material different from corn paper are attached in a separate process. There is a free edge
used together. Among them, cloth, urethane, rubber, etc. are used as the material of the free
edge, and after the sheet material of these is molded and cut into a desired shape, it is adhered
around the diaphragm using an adhesive. ing. As an adhesive used for adhesion here, a paste-like
adhesive dissolved in a resin t-solvent such as rubber-based or acrylic-based resin is generally
used. Such solvent-based adhesives evaporate the solvent. Due to splashing, the solid content of
the work is solidified to create adhesion. However, adhesion using such solvent-based adhesives
has many disadvantages. That is, 11) many steps of uniform application, adhesion and drying of
the adhesive are required, and particularly the drying step takes time, so the amount crushability
is bad and the cost is high, (2) using a solvent (3) There is a problem with pollution, (3) When a
diaphragm or an edge is purchased with a polyolefin resin, a polyester resin, a polyamide resin,
etc., an appropriate adhesive is present {E no problem It is not practical without special
pretreatment such as surface treatment in chromic acid treatment, oxidation flame, plasma
treatment etc. (4) Deformation of IRI plate or edge due to ?swell out? of solvent Deterioration
or appearance stains n-2 , (5) partial adhesion unevenness is likely to occur, and the quality on
adhesion is unstable. The present invention has been made in view of such a point, and it can be
processed in an extremely short time, has high productivity, can improve the working
environment, and has many advantages such as stable bonding quality etc. It provides a method
of joining plates and their edges. That is, at least 10,000 or more of the scaica diaphragm and its
edges are made of a heat-sensitive 'M-type resin,' or The thermoplastic resin is melted by heating
the overlapping portion of the diaphragm and the edge by using a thermoplastic resin-containing
or printed-on material, and then the resin is cooled and solidified. The diaphragm and the edge
are integrally joined. The outline of the bonding method according to the present invention will
be described with reference to the drawings. 1 and 2 show one embodiment t of the method of
the present invention. In the figure of f'L et al., 11) is a conical diaphragm, (2) is an annular edge
with a total of 41 projecting ridges, and the like moving plate has an edge 2) What's rt.
Ten thousand are made of a thermoplastic resin such as polypropylene, or the diaphragm 111
and the edge (210 or more are included in the heat port J desired resin or are observed. (3) is a
lower mold, and the above-mentioned diaphragm il + is arranged in the middle fire part, the
above-mentioned edge (2) is arranged in the periphery, and the peripheral part and edge of
vibration root (1) such as fL The inner circumference of (2) and the place are breathless: # 'L. {4}
in FIG. 1 is, for example, a cartridge heater (5) as a heat source and a single upper die for heating,
and the outer peripheral portion thereof abuts the overlapping portion of the diaphragm 111 and
the edge {2). It is a thing. (6) in FIG. 2 is a cooling source, which is a cooling water circulation
function + upper surface mold for cooling function of 71i 11 и t cooling, whose outer peripheral
part abuts on the overlapping portion of the above-mentioned loss plate and edge (2) It is. Then,
first, as shown in FIG. 1-?C1 by passing through the cartridge heater (5)?, the upper mold (4) is
made to be in a high temperature state, and this mold {4 The heat-plastic resin of the overlapping
portion of the moving plate (1) and the wedge 121, which is in contact with the outer peripheral
portion of), is melted and the overlapping portion is fused. Thereafter, as shown in FIG. . Instead
of 11 -C cooling upper mold (61 use all, circulation function 17) chilled water t? n 12 ~ This
mold (6) is put in a low temperature state, and the diaphragm is in contact with the outer
peripheral part of this mold (6) By cooling the welded overlapping portion between Il + and the
edge (2), the entire overlapping portion is formed and the joint C is strongly performed. Specific
examples below? Show. [Example 1] A 300 ?m thick sheet of composite material 9 which is a
base material of bolibrovirene (70 wt%) t and which is filled with carbon fibers (15 vt% 1 and
mica flakes ('i 5 wt%) as a reinforcing agent. Is formed into a conical shape as shown in FIG. 1
and is formed into a conical shape, and an imaging plate 11 having a diameter of 149 mm is
used for the diaphragm (1) and the edge (2) Is placed in close contact with the mold (3) prepared
corresponding to the above, and this cloth plate 11) is arranged similarly to the cloth edge (2) t
of thickness 250?II1 of the shape corresponding to the groove Then, in the heating L mold {4},
pressure is applied at the overlapping portion ffi2Kg / cy + of the @ moving plate 111 and the
edge (2), and this E mold 141? 180 '01 Lower mold (31i 9 U' C heated and maintained for 10
seconds, polypropylene 'f! Of the diaphragm (1) at this overlapping portion is melted). Thereafter,
as shown in FIG. 2, the upper plate for cooling (6) and the lower lower die 111't- at room
temperature (15??C) are used to form the diaphragm 111 and the edge {2}. The overlapping
portion fr: 2 K da / rs pressure is applied, and the upper and lower metal molds 111 and t6115
"C" are maintained for 5 seconds to completely cure the molten 1 'propylene, and the
overlapping portion t is bonded and molded.
In the end, obtained f1. The annular joint between the fc diaphragm 11) and the edge {2) is kept
airtight and firmly joined. The deformation at the moving plate (1) in the vicinity of the joint
between n ии 1 and the flange (2) is All (I did not see. Adhesive strength between the diaphragm
11) and the edge (2) In order to fully inspect, a 180 ░ folding and peeling test was conducted,
and the moving plate 111 and the edge (2) were bonded with a rubber adhesive of a coated
paper Peeling strength by Ll. 6 Kf / (! In contrast to R, those modified with this method were
found to be large at 1.2 Kf / cM and 7 J), and those with a sufficient practical strength were
found. [Example 2] A natural pulp with a diameter of 149?. In the same manner as in the first
embodiment, as shown in FIG. 1, as shown in FIG. 1, the ?-conical diaphragm il + in FIG. 1 and
the edge (2) made of a 250 ?m thick monolithic cavity are used. The mold (1), the upper mold
for heating (4), the edge of the overlapping portion of the moving plate ill and the edge (2)
between the upper plate (4) and the edge (2) The temperature of the upper mold 14) directly
contacting the) @ 90 "C, and the lower mold (3) is clogged with the chamber 2 clogged.
Immediately after this, the molten polypropylene is completely cured using the new lower mold
(3) and the cooling upper mold 16) as shown in FIG. Join and shape the place. The annular joint
between the edge and the fL Slb plate {1} obtained by the analysis was firmly bonded without
deviation. And, when the same peel peel test gold as in the case of the practical example 1 is
performed, the strength 1. OKf / LIIt was found that the shooting board + 11 own team was
tentatively held first, and such a joint had a lack of practical strength. As described above, the
method of processing the thermoplastic resin / JO by heat fusion and connecting the edge to the
diaphragm has extremely short Il + working time as compared with the method using the
conventional adhesive (, Productivity is high, 121 generates noxious gases, etc. There is no
concern about pollution, 13) Pre-treatment of the adherend is unnecessary, {4) can weld most of
the resin, because it does not generate heat except for 151Ai Product deformation. It is highly
preferred as it has all the many advantages of no deterioration, (6) immediate access to the
chronology, no drying time required, etc. In the history, thermoplastic resin that melts and
becomes a bonding agent is contained in either n of the diaphragm force which is the adherend,
or it can be used as a fusing form because it exhibits its fusion ability. 7t shown in the abovementioned embodiment, film-like, matrix polymer (matrix) of reinforcing agent, coating and
impregnating materials, in addition to, for example, a woven or non-woven fabric, particulate
matter, foam comprising thermo-plastic fiber The invention can be applied to any n form as long
as it is contained or formed in any form such as rL.
As described above, the VCLIL according to the present invention can be easily joined to the edge
km moving plate in a short time, and the conventional problems can be solved at once, so it is
extremely higher than the industrial value t.
Brief description of the drawings
1 and 2 are cross-sectional views showing the method of the present invention in the order of
steps, wherein {1) is a diaphragm, (2) is an edge, (; 3) is a lower mold, and {4} is heating. The
upper mold for use, (6) ? for making a lower-slip type, t are shown respectively.
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