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INDUSTRIAL FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an ultrasonic
transducer which is essential for ultra-blind his applied training in air, and is used for auto focus,
position detector, level autopsy, burglar alarm device, etc. It is The structure of the conventional
example and the problems thereof A piezoelectric ceramic bonded element is often used in an
apparatus for transmitting and receiving ultrasonic waves in air, and the vibration of the bonded
element is caused. It is made to use at the resonance point and anti-resonance point of. The
mechanical impedance of air is much smaller than that of the piezoelectric ceramic, and the
bonded piezoelectric element is coupled to the diaphragm to reduce the mechanical impedance.
The structure and characteristics of a conventional ultrasonic transducer are shown in FIGS. 1
and 2, respectively. As shown in FIG. 1, the connecting shaft 2 is fixed to the center of the
bonding type piezoelectric element 1 in a penetrating manner, and the diaphragm 3 is attached
to the connecting shaft 2. Then, the node of the vibration of the bonding type piezoelectric
element 1 is fixed to the tip of the support 4 with the elastic adhesive 6. 6, 6 'are terminals, 7 is a
case covering the bonding type piezoelectric element 1, etc., 8 is a protective mesoch attached to
a through hole formed in the upper part of the case 7, 9.9' is a bonding Lead wire electrically
connecting the piezoelectric element 1 with the terminals 6, 6 '. FIG. 2 shows transmission and
reception waveforms when the ultrasonic transducer of the above structure is driven by a
plurality of pulses, and the rise and fall times are delayed and extend over 2 ms. . If it is
necessary to obtain measurement information at short time intervals using such a conventional
ultrasonic transducer, the signal received by the receiver has a rise of 9. Because the fall time is
long, it takes time for the received signal to reach the peak value. Alternatively, accurate
measurement information could not be obtained, for example, the next signal was received
before the fall of the received signal. In addition, when transmitting and receiving is performed
by a single element, it takes a considerable amount of time until the transmitting parties can
receive it, and during that time, measurement, l '+' i report can not be obtained . Furthermore,
when sharp directivity characteristics are required of an ultrasonic transducer using piezoelectric
ceramics, there is a drawback that the diaphragm, the bonding type piezoelectric element and the
bonding type L1: the base for supporting the electric element becomes extremely large. there
were. Even if a large diaphragm is used, it is impossible to cause the piston to vibrate. It is
impossible to sharpen the directional characteristics significantly. So, use the horn to point 'l'! It
is more difficult to reduce mechanical Q and improve pulse response when sharpening +1 'and 1
SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is to provide a compact ultrasonic
transducer having pulse characteristics (transient characteristics) and excellent directivity
characteristics, which solves the problems of the prior art as described above. With the goal.
According to the present invention, the diaphragm is provided at the center of the bonded
piezoelectric element, and the case is elastically fixed to the case by pressing 41 such as a%
peripheral plate of the diaphragm so as to suppress mechanical vibration. An ultrasonic
transducer having sharp directivity and sharp pulse characteristics is realized by f и I finning the
thin plate and the horn provided with the open 1-1 part as well as J ? + 1, and the abovementioned problems Is a solution to Description of the Embodiments Hereinafter, one
embodiment of the present invention will be described using the drawings. FIG. 3 is a crosssectional view of this embodiment. A diaphragm 13 made of metal or resin is disposed on a joint
shaft 12 disposed at the center of the bonded piezoelectric element 11. The peripheral portion of
the diaphragm 13 is elastically fixed to the inner side surface of the cylindrical case 17 via a
shock absorbing material 20 such as elastic rubber formed in an annular shape so as to suppress
mechanical vibration. A sound absorbing material 21 is provided at the bottom of the case 17. In
the front of the diaphragm 13, a circular opening 22 is provided at the center, and other
openings 22 'and 22 "are provided concentrically and circumferentially around a straight line
passing through the coupling shaft 12 which is a dimension. The thin plate 23 is installed.), The
sliding plate 23 and the lamination type 1 i.1.i, I ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? r ? S 4 (s t Q ? i -s
17 is a parabola At the throat of the face horn 24, 11> 9 persons are held. 19. 19 'il: l bonding
71. It is a lead wire electrically connecting the II II type element 11 and the terminal 16.16 '.
Opening 22 of the thin plate 23. 22 ?, 22 ? ? kJ: The size and noriness of the bonding type
piezoelectric element 110 4) The size of the peristaltic plate 13 and the V), the central angle, the
best angle according to the inner diameter of the fil B: I C12, its shape is different. Typical shapes
are shown in Fig. 4 (a), (b) and (C). The gold side area of these openings occupies at least 16
parts of the major surface of the sheet. The directivity of the ultrasonic transducer with the above
structure and that of the bYi example are shown in FIG. The figure (a) it-shows the pointing
feature f 1 when the thin plate 23 is installed in front of the swing #I plate 13, and the figure (b)
shows the directivity of the conventional example not installed. As apparent from the comparison
of these characteristics, it can be seen that the impedance of the ultrasonic transducer of the
present invention is drastically reduced.
'I / (Spatial (for example, up and down direction, left and right direction direction), C) 1 nearly
uniform 11 point 11 point (j +). Furthermore, the transmitted wave 11 и J also increased by 6 dBJ
', 7 degrees. 4j и и и Even if the opening 11 22.22 ?, 22 ? ? is divided into two small openings,
the tendency of the side rope to decrease is reduced. This ultrasonic transducer (not shown) is
not shown in FIG. Pulse's rising and falling '11. In jJ, it became jJ <0.2 ms or less. ? Use this
super ? ? and the transmission and reception ? support at a constant set frequency J ?1?,
11 is 11 ? temperature! l'5 "f'1-kll, bonding pressure 7 (, accumulated, l" 11 4. 7 (due to
changes in the sensitivity itself and changes in the frequency characteristic of the sensitivity due
to changes in the pressure constant and the like of the piezoelectric element and piezoelectric
element forming 7). In this ultrasonic transducer, when the opening 1 of the thin plate 23 is
small, the temperature of the frequency characteristic of the sensitivity is lower than that before
the thin plate 23 is installed. Since the change increases and the sleeve iI- of this temperature
change is not easy to answer either, it is desirable to make the opening area 16% or more of the
main surface 1-1. In FIG. 7, the relationship between the change of the transmission beak
frequency due to temperature and the opening area of the thin plate 23 is reduced. In fact, in Fig.
8, this super 1 ? 1 ? 1 и receiver or at 0 ░ C and 20 ░ C,] X, (? 1 ? ? ?? ? ? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ??Relationship with lj <no. l: i] 1. , 1 lll l 'Al' i or 50 vrrr (16%) or more, "1 of the
4 wave peak frequency! The change of +, 'r degree is very small. 7 <Clogging 2-As a result, W11'
111 'of 1 и 1 и 4) 92 is also good. Effects of the Invention As described above, the ultrasonic
transducer CJ5 of the present invention has a sharp directional characteristic and a good pulse
characteristic f1, and a sharp point such as a distance meter using 2.1 1 1 U! 1 Bleeding 11 or 71
required. It is very difficult to apply to ultrasonic measurement.
Brief description of the drawings
Figure 1 is a conventional super?
I wave jA wave reception 2 ::-:-For example, a small sectional view, FIG. 2 shows its pulse heart 1
'l% small size figure, and FIG. Sectional view showing an example, Fig. 4 <a>, <b), <c) v, more than
times! It is a front view showing a representative example of the j bm transducer of the It b M
transducer, ? f 55 Fig. ? ", similarly a diagram showing the effect of a thin plate, and Fig. 6 is a
diagram showing the pulse characteristics of the same super ultrasonic wave FIGS. 7 and 8 show
the same, 1 sound wave transmitter-receiver 2. 1: 1 sub j and 71 ', +' 1 no 7: with 'rl Aj' open 1-1
face portion Figure 1 is a small figure of one person. 11 и и и и и и и и и bonding type pressure city,
element r и и и и и 1b, moving plate, 20 и и и slow species I ?, 21 и и и absorption ? January, 22. 22 ?
? иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Horns. Name of the agent Patent attorney 1 = (i + j ? j Other 1-5: Fig. 1
Fig. 3 Fig. 4 (? ? Fig. 5 (?) (b) Fig. 6 ? 7 Fig. 8 Waves "" (2)
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