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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
temperature-sensitive switch of a speaker in which heat failure is prevented. [Background Art
and Problems Thereof] There are two types of speakers for preventing thermal destruction: one
with an input current of 1 ltlJ and one with mPL control. Fig. 1 is a protection circuit diagram of
the speaker controlled by the input terminal. S operates only when there is an electric current
such as a circuit breaker which opens / closes the speaker 5 tv LO 1 path at S i. Because of this,
the temperature of the voice coil of Sche jJS and the vicinity thereof does not rise, and even
though the speaker S is not in a thermally destroyed state, the sound may often be cut off. Also, if
the setting 'current at which the Km current limiter C operates is increased so that no sound
interruption occurs, the speaker S may be thermally destroyed if a large input current is
continuously applied and the' C ± ζ time is added. is there. FIG. 2 is a partial cross-sectional
view showing the structure of a speaker which is manufactured at 114 degrees to solve the
above-mentioned problems, in which S indicates the speaker and pole piece 1. Magnet 2. プレー
ト3. The coil bobbin 4 is inserted into the gap between the pole piece 1 and the plate 3 and
4N, and the voice coil 5 is wound around the coil 4 and so on. The TH is a temperature sensitive
switch attached to the pole piece 1. The speaker 5v) tu path is opened by foot thermal expansion
and has an auto-reset function of closing a circuit under a set temperature plate. If this
temperature-sensitive switch TH operates at a set temperature that can prevent the thermal
destruction of the speaker S, the above-mentioned problem can be solved. Because the heat 'Mift'
is large, it takes time to raise the temperature of the hole piece 1 and when there is a rapid
temperature rise, the speaker S is thermally destroyed before the temperature-sensitive switch
TH operates. Close Also, if the temperature setting of the temperature switch T) I is set low, the
temperature switch TH returns because the heat valley of the pole piece 1 is thick despite the
fact that the temperature of the voice coil 5 is sufficiently 1K. The problem is that there is no 5
problem i [The purpose of the invention] This 6) light is made in view of the above point, a
speaker that prevents the thermal destruction of the speaker by the switch structure that can
quickly detect the temperature change of the voice coil. Provide a temperature sensitive switch.
[Summary of the invention] The present invention is a thermal reaction response sensor which
changes from a first shape to a second shape by changing the temperature of the magnetic gap
formed by the pole piece and the plate in order to make the target ah Insert the heat-sensitive
response piece as a composite part of the switch and connect it in a row with this switch cable
voice filter and quickly detect the temperature change of the tiil voice coil and heat the speaker It
is a destructive prevention.
Embodiment 3 (4) An enlarged partial view of a speaker according to an embodiment of the
present invention [6] is a microswitch attached to the plate 3; T is the pole piece 1 and the plate
3; · Heat-sensitive response piece formed of bimetal or titanium-nickel alloy (shape memory
alloy) with one end inserted and fixed in the magnetic gap and the other end facing the micro
switch 6, and this heat-sensitive response piece 7 is set When it rises above the temperature, it
changes from the first shape shown by the solid line to the shape shown by the direct expansion
42, and the microphone switch 6t is turned off. In addition, the microswitch 6 and the
thermosensitive response piece 1 are referred to as a temperature sensitive switch-F '(hereinafter
simply referred to as a temperature sensitive switch) of the speaker according to the present
invention. The microswitch 6 is connected in series with the voice coil 5, the setting temperature
of the heat-sensitive reaction piece 1 can be freely set, and the other reference numerals indicate
the same parts as in FIG. When the temperature sensitive switch 7 is configured as described
above, the heat sensitive response piece 7 is opposed to the voice coil 5, so if the heat sensitive
response piece 7 quickly detects the temperature change of the voice film 5 and reaches the set
temperature or more, Since the reaction piece T turns off the micro switch 6, thermal destruction
of the speaker S can be prevented. FIG. 4 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of a speaker
according to another embodiment of the present invention, in which 8 is a contact point
insulatedly attached to the plate 3 and 9 is insulatedly attached to the other end of the heat
sensitive reaction piece 1 The contact 8.9 is a first contact of the heat sensitive reaction piece 7.
Contact and separate in the second shape. And, the heat sensitive reaction piece 7. Contact point
8. And S constitute a thermal switch T. The distance between the contacts 8.9 is 5 Km * so that it
can be adjusted, and the other reference numerals indicate the same parts as in FIG. 2 @ Also in
this embodiment, the expected effect is expected as in FIG. it can. FIG. 5 is an enlarged crosssectional view of the speaker showing this 5C bright and further embodiment 111, in which 10 is
a contact point insulated and attached to the plate 3 and facing the other end of the heatsensitive response piece 7; The thermal reaction piece γ and the contact point 10 are formed of
the first heat-sensitive reaction piece T so that the distance between the heat-sensitive reaction
piece T and the piece 7 can be adjusted. Contact and separate in the second shape. The heat
sensitive switch 7 and the contact 10 constitute a temperature sensitive switch T. The other
reference numerals are the same as in FIG. In the case of this embodiment, since heat is
generated when the input current of the speaker S flows through the heat sensitive reaction
piece 1, the heat can be controlled by both the current and temperature, and the thermal
destruction of the speaker S can be further prevented. FIG. 6 shows an example of a protection
circuit diagram using the present invention and a circuit breaker, where day is a circuit breaker,
■ is a temperature sensitive switch, 0, 10 ° is a diode for a clipper, LED, LED.
Light-emitting diodes; 、, R, R, are current-limiting resistors -1R1 are current-attenuating ハ j
resistors, and the value of resistor R1 ° R2 is several thousand, the value of resistor R3 is R3 ≧
R + , (Impedance of speaker S). In FIG. 6, when an excessive input current equal to or greater
than (the set value of the circuit framer B) is applied, the circuit framer B operates and is turned
off. Therefore, the current is a resistor R, a light emitting diode LED, The light emitting diode LED
is limited to the extent that it emits light. It is possible to indicate that the circuit flavorer B has
been operated. When the input current is below a predetermined value and the temperature of
the speaker S exceeds the set temperature, the temperature-sensitive switch T operates to turn
off as described above, and the current causes the resistor R2 to emit light from the light
emitting diode LE [). The light emission of the light emitting diode LED indicates the operation of
the temperature sensitive switch T, and the speaker S is driven by the current reduced by the
resistor Rj. ダイオードD1. D, LED light emitting diode. L E D is for preventing that the noise of
the distortion that is half-wave rectified at the time of light emission leaks and comes out with a
small sound, and the Abrazer 411 R3 is several times smaller than the impedance RL of the
speaker S If this is the case, it will be less effective and may be omitted. In addition, the speaker S
is broken when the both of the ninety-nine diodes LEE) and the LED do not precede and the
speaker S does not operate (the circuit is normal) although it is input or addition. Indicates した
がって、このll! In the l-path diagram, the circuit framer B operates and protects the speaker
S for a large input current due to price shock, and the temperature-sensitive switch ■ operates
for the one-stroke temperature of the speaker S Because it can, the sleepy 7 function of Sbee jJS
is the same. In addition, in order to make the heat absorption rate of the heat-sensitive response
piece γ equal to the above-described example, the portion facing the voice coil 5 may be
blackened. In addition, in the case where no thermal treatment is used as the thermal reaction
piece T and in the case where a shape memory alloy is used, the shape memory alloy has a faster
reaction speed. In addition, it is unmatched in that it does not cause chattering. [The effect of the
light brightening] As described above, the temperature sensitive switch of the speaker of the
present invention pushes the heat sensitive response piece into the air gap. Since it is fixed, it
responds quickly to the temperature change of the Heuss coil, and there is an advantage that the
heat 4s of the speaker can be prevented from being broken.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 shows the conventional speaker protection tL!
Circuit diagram, Figure 2 is a conventional speaker 4i! Partial cross-section showing 7 structures,
@ 3, FIG. 4 and FIG. 5 respectively show this 6) bright cross-sectional partial view showing the
embodiment of 6 bright, FIG. FIG. In the figure, S is a speaker, ° is a temperature sensitive
switch, 1 is a pole piece, 2 is a magnet, 3 is a plate, 4 is a coil bobbin, 5 is a voice coil, Tli heat
sensitive one piece, 9.10 is a contact. is there.
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