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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
high-intensity acoustic component of specific strength used, for example, as a speaker diaphragm
or canna lever. [Technical back of the invention and its problems] Conventionally, acoustic
components such as speaker diaphragms and cantilevers are required to be made of specific
strength (strength / specific gravity), and are mainly made of metallic titanium. It is often done.
However, metallic titanium is expensive, and 1c. Due to the demand for higher performance and
cost reduction of acoustic products in recent years, the specific strength is larger, and the
appearance of inexpensive acoustic components with improved -C acoustic characteristics is
desired. It is rare. [Object of the invention J The present invention has been made to cope with
such a point, paying attention to the fact that the specific strength of the clad plate is represented
by an approximately weighted average of each metal plate, and the specific strength is relatively
large and inexpensive. It is an object of the present invention to provide an acoustic component
having good acoustic characteristics in one and high frequency range. [Summary of the
Invention] That is, the acoustic component of the present invention has a ratio larger than the
specific strength of metallic titanium in which an aluminum plate I or 2 is an aluminum alloy
plate clad on at least one surface of an iron alloy plate or a nickel alloy plate. It is characterized
by being made of a clad material having strength. In the present invention, d5 C aluminum plate
or aluminum alloy plate is used for light purification, and iron alloy plate or nickel alloy plate is b
C which is used to increase strength. As an iron alloy plate, a stainless steel plate, particularly an
austenitic one is preferable because of its high cold-work hardenability, and a Ni-0r-CO based
alloy is suitable as a nickel alloy plate. In addition, the ratio of Clara per square of the aluminum
plate or aluminum alloy plate is 10 to 50%, preferably 20 to 40%, and more preferably 25 to
35%. The specific strength decreases as the crad ratio of the aluminum plate or aluminum alloy
plate increases, while the acoustic characteristics (tone) deteriorate as the crad ratio decreases.
The acoustic component according to the present invention is manufactured, for example, as
follows. First, degrease each metal plate to be used, and then place an aluminum plate or
aluminum alloy plate on one side or both sides of the iron alloy plate or nickel alloy plate iML /,
after cold pressing, not annealed and adhesion is improved Ryuu 0! Heat treatment is overturned
if necessary in the range. If the 11,1 heat treatment temperature is too high, intermetallic
compounds such as aluminum 1-cumu iron and aluminum-nickel are formed and become brittle,
so the heat treatment temperature needs to be maintained properly. Next, by performing die
rolling and punching in a predetermined shape, the acoustic component of the present invention,
for example, a speaker diaphragm can be obtained.
It is preferable to fusion bond aluminum to a d3 iron alloy sheet or a nickel alloy sheet in
advance and then clad the aluminum, since the adhesion is improved. [Embodiment of the
Invention] Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described. Example 1 An
aluminum plate (A-5083) is stacked on one side of a degreased stainless steel plate (SUS301),
cold pressed, rolled, and punched and pressed. A speaker having a 30% crads ratio of aluminum
plate C. 1 first board manufactured. (The specific strength of the speaker diaphragm was 20.7 kg
/ md, and in particular, the acoustic characteristics in the high range were good. Example 2 A
diaphragm of a speaker was manufactured in the same manner as in Example 1 except that the
clad ratio of the aluminum plate was changed to 50%, 40%, 20% and 10%. The specific strengths
of the diaphragms of the obtained speaker are as shown in the following table, and had excellent
acoustic characteristics as in Example 1. The specific strength of the speaker diaphragm having
the same structure as that of Example 1 which was constituted by a metal titanium plate having a
thickness of 30 μm was 8 / − at 1′′7 ° 7. Effects of the Invention] As is apparent from the
above examples, the acoustic component of the present invention has a large specific strength,
and is C84 as an acoustic characteristic, and is used as a speaker diaphragm for medium and
high sound and for C14. In addition, the cost can be reduced by 20 to 40% compared to the
conventional titanium metal. Attorney Patent Attorney Rule Ken Ken (One Person)
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