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Industrial Applicability The present invention relates to an audio apparatus with a loudspeaker
such as a portable radio cassette recorder and a speaker system in an audio system, and more
particularly, to a speaker unit, a baffle whose frame is formed on a panfull board. The present
invention relates to a loudspeaker-equipped acoustic device fixedly attached to the periphery of
an opening. <Conventional Art> In conventional general acoustic equipment of this type, the ones
with uni-directionality in which the sound wave radiation direction from the speaker unit is
restricted in one direction are overwhelmingly large. In addition, multiple and individual identical
speaker units are arranged in tandem in a row on the baffle board, and a plurality of identical
identical speaker units are arranged in parallel in both directions in the vertical and horizontal
directions at panfull port. It is also known to have special directivity characteristics such as a
wide directivity system in which the speaker unit angle is changed and attached to the panful
port. <Problems to be Solved by the Invention> The problem with the former case of
unidirectional is two-dimensional planar sound, and the sound emission direction, range, and
sound wave reach distance are defined depending on the setting method of the device. It will be
decided on a temporary basis, and it will be difficult to adjust the sound according to the
conditions of the sound space and the purpose. In particular, in surround reproduction using a
four-speaker system, it was difficult to set a sufficient surround effect for the reproduction of a
music space with a sense of wideness and depth and a sense of depth. Also, the latter special
directional type is not a fool requiring a plurality of speaker units, but the cabinet including the
baffle board is large in size and complicated in shape, and three-dimensional three-dimensional
sound Not only is the equipment as a whole very expensive and generally not practical, but
application to portable equipment etc. has not been possible in practice. <Means for Solving the
Problems> In view of such circumstances, the present invention has an object to make it possible
to easily realize a three-dimensional three-dimensional sound effect on a portable device or the
like. In order to achieve the sound device with loudspeaker according to the present invention, in
the one having the configuration described in the opening detailed, it can be extended and fixed
in the sound emission axial direction coaxially or substantially coaxially on the front of the cone
of the speaker unit It is characterized in that a serpentine horn is attached so that the sound
emission axis connecting between the throat part and the center of the opening can be bent and
fixed. <Operation and Effect of the Invention> According to the acoustic apparatus with a
loudspeaker according to the present invention having the above-described characteristic
configuration, the above-mentioned snake-like horn can be used in various ways such as the size
of the sound field space, the form, the number of the audience, etc. Depending on the sound
listening conditions and purpose, the directionality of the sound wave radiated from the fixed
speaker unit can be raised or lowered by appropriately combining the force expansion and
fixation in the sound emission axial direction and the bending and fixing of the sound emission
axis as appropriate. In addition to being able to adjust freely in the three-dimensional directions
of front and rear, left and right, it is also possible to freely add the sound wave arrival distance.
In particular, in an apparatus provided with a plurality of speaker units, setting the adjustment of
the apparatus itself is made different by mutually adjusting the directionality of the plurality of
horns attached to the front of each speaker unit. It is possible to adjust and use the sound effect
to something with a sense of expansiveness and depth, regardless of the relationship. In addition,
it is also possible to adjust the tone range, the strength of the sound, the pitch range, and the like.
Therefore, according to the present invention, (1) directivity characteristics can be varied over a
wide range, and (2) only by adding the above-described serpentine horn to the front of the
speaker unit originally provided with the device. Because it is good, it is possible to obtain a
three-dimensional sound effect while making the whole device smaller and less expensive than
the previously known special directivity, and particularly a small device such as a portable radio
cassette recorder. Also has practical effects that can be easily applied. (3) In particular, by
applying to a speaker system used for the above-described surround reproduction, the surround
effect can be sufficiently exhibited while facilitating setting. Embodiments of the present
invention will now be described in detail with reference to the drawings. 1 to 'fJ3 are applied to a
portable radio cassette tape recorder and, for example, a dynamic type speaker unit (1) is
provided on both left and right sides of a main body incorporating a tuner +81 and a cassette
deck (7). rlA) is fixed to the periphery of the baffle opening (2A) formed in the baffle board (2),
and a hole is formed in the front of the panful board (2) at a position opposite to the baffle
opening (2AJ) A front grill (4) having (4A) is stretched. In (3), as clearly shown in FIGS. 2 and 3,
the whole is conical, and in a longitudinal sectional shape along the axis, one side is slightly
shorter than the other side, and the triangular waveforms are continuous. The cross-sectional
triangular ring (30... Can be switched between two postures, ie, the posture in which the long and
short sides overlap, and the posture in which the long and short sides overlap with each other,
are separated into opposite slopes by folding and stretching as the vertex of each triangle A horn
formed integrally from a hard resin such as hard vinyl chloride and vinyl in the form of a
serpentine film, wherein the cone (one cut surface, its throat portion (3A)) of each of the speaker
units (1) is ME The horn (3) is fixedly mounted at the bottom position of the recessed space (5)
formed in the baffle board (2), so that the horn (3) is totally coaxial with the kosi (1B) and the
sound emission axis Fixed to extend in direction and throw A sound emission axis connecting
between the center of the portion (3A) and the opening (3B) is configured to be bendable and
fixable, and can be accommodated in the four-person space (6) in the maximum contraction state.
is there.
(3D) ld 'in the figure is an opening of the horn (3). The following describes another embodiment.
(1) The above embodiment shows the application to a device based on one quay 1 speaker, but as
shown in FIG. 4 and FIG. It may be applied to an audio speaker system in which an audio speaker
system in which a core xigyl type speaker coaxially arranged in the form of a circle is attached to
an enclosure (8) is used. It is desirable to attach the horns [31, [3 '), but the horn (A may be
attached to the front of the Toquetas beaker unit (11 only). As shown in [I [] g7rje figure or
Figure 7, even if it is applied to 2 que 42 speaker system (combination of coffer and tequita) or 3
way 3 speaker (coffer and squawker (combination of 0 and tequita) system good. CIII) As the
horn (3), as shown in FIG. 8 (a) to FIG. 8 other than the conical type illustrated in each of the
above examples, the hyperbolic type, the exponential type, the balapolit type, the composite A
suitable shape may be selected and used in accordance with the intrinsic role of the shape
speaker unit fl) itself.
Brief description of the drawings
4 to 8 show another embodiment, FIG. 4 is an external perspective view, and FIG. 5 is an
enlarged longitudinal side view of the main part of FIG. 4, FIG. 6 Fig. 7 is an external perspective
view, and Fig. 8 (a) to Fig. 8 are schematic vertical sectional views of the main part.
(1) иииииииииии Speaker unit, (1N иии иии Frame, rl B) иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии Baffle baud F, (2A) иии ... Panful
opening, (3) ..... Serpentine horn, (3A) ..... Throat part, (3 B) ..... Opening, (4). и и Freon
(spontaneous) procedure correction book November 7, 1984 1, display of the case 1984 patent
application No. 210Q'tg Showa No. 2 name of the invention, audio device with a loudspeaker 3,
to correct Relationship with the case case Special applicant Address No. 4451 Matsuyamacho
Udo City Kumamoto Prefecture Name (name) 6a 3 Iron T ? ? share 5 company 4 agent ? 530
Housing area Osaka Prefecture Osaka city Kitagata Ward 9th 28th Saki building = ease 1 eye 4
ru stone ? 2 Katsuradai 6-316-1061 (die) Name (6443), "the scope of the claims" of the patent
attorney Sasaki ?? Futoshibu Akira ??, a total of law 1 of the first invention. J Clarification,
17 Contents of amendments (ii. Claim claims in the description shall be amended as attached. (2)
Specification, page 4, line 16, page 4, line 20 to page 5, line 1, page 5, line 20, page 7, line 10,
page 8, line 18, lines 9 On page 17, line 17, "snake-like" is corrected to "snake-like J, respectively.
8 List the claims after correction of the list of attachments 7: Document 1 patent claim ? Baffle
opening (2 people) of speaker unit (1), whose frame (IA) is formed on baffle board (2) Sound
equipment attached to the periphery of the speaker unit (1), in the cone (IB) ii plane of the
speaker unit (1), coaxially or substantially coaxially with this, the sound emission axial line An
acoustic apparatus with a loudspeaker, characterized in that a boat trial horn (3) capable of being
fixed in extension and contraction and capable of bending and fixing a sound emission axis
connecting between the throat portion (3A) and the center of the opening (8B) is fixed. (1) An
audio device with a loudspeaker according to claim 1, wherein the target device is a portable
radio cassette recorder. (1) An audio device with a loudspeaker according to claim 1, wherein the
target device is a speaker system. 1) The baffle board (2) or the front grille (4) has a recessed
space (5) capable of containing the serpentine horn (3) in its maximum contraction state. The
audio equipment with a loudspeaker as described in a paragraph.
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