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The present invention relates to a diaphragm for an electroacoustic transducer having high heat
resistance, high elasticity and high loss, and a method of manufacturing the same. (Conventional
problems and problems to be solved by the invention) Conventionally, the diaphragm for sliders
is made by molding and molding plastic films, gold roots, woven fabrics, etc., or the natural fiber
9 synthetic fibers are processed by paper forming The ones that are made are often used.
However, they have a small modulus of elasticity and could not obtain good frequency
characteristics. In order to improve these all, as a material with high specific elastic modulus and
excessive internal loss, +7 +7 um, alumina etc. are fabricated on the base of the diaphragm by
physical methods such as vacuum deposition and plasma spraying. That is being developed.
However, this physical method has the disadvantage that it is not suitable for mass production
because it needs to be processed under high vacuum or high temperature, and hence it is
expensive to manufacture and batchwise. As a chemical method, a method of plating gold on a
diaphragm made of gold Jf 4 and an anodic oxidation on a diaphragm made of aluminum have
long been carried out, but there is a defect that the specific elasticity is low. In order to improve
these, create a ceramic diaphragm by chemical method (CVD)! Although it has been attempted,
there is a drawback that the manufacturing cost is high as in the above physical method. (Means
for Solving the Problems) The present invention has been proposed to eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks, and the diaphragm substrate is made of a metal foil made of a light metal
such as titanium, aluminum or magnesium or an alloy thereof, Silicon oxide, aluminum oxide,
molybdenum oxide on the surface of the substrate. Tungsten oxide 9 A ceramic film mainly
composed of boron oxide is deposited by an electrolytic method, and its purpose is to have good
corrosion resistance and high heat resistance. It is to provide the high elastic, low loss diaphragm
all at low cost. Implementation The present invention will now be described in detail. The
embodiment is merely an example, and it goes without saying that various changes or
improvements can be made without departing from the spirit of the present invention. (Example
1) Potassium silicate 200? The aluminum foil is previously formed into a diaphragm shape and
immersed in an aqueous solution using an aluminum foil with a thickness of 80 pm as the anode
and an iron plate as the cathode, and the DC voltage is continuously applied while maintaining
the anode current @ degree at IA / dIX12. Apply. By applying an electric current for 5 minutes
while maintaining the anode current density at I A / dmr, a film of silicon oxide exhibiting a milky
white color is formed on the surface of the anode diaphragm to a thickness of 10 to 15 μm.
The physical properties of the material thus obtained are shown in Example 1 of Table 1. The
sound pressure frequency characteristic of the loudspeaker having a diaphragm diameter of 100
m and made according to this embodiment is curve A shown in FIG. 1, and the sound pressure
frequency characteristic of the aluminum diaphragm speaker of the same shape is curve B.
(Example 2) An aqueous solution of sodium aluminate y7 is used as an electrolytic bath
composition, and a diaphragm made of aluminum foil is used as an anode and an iron plate is
used as a cathode in the same method as (Example 1). Hold at I A / d 直流 and apply DC current
continuously. A coating of aluminum oxide is formed to a thickness of 4 to 5 pm on the surface
of the anode diaphragm, which has been subjected to an electrical treatment for m minutes. The
physical property values of the material obtained in this manner are the values of Example 2 of
Table 1. Table 1 In this example, although a silicon oxide ceramic film and an aluminum oxide
ceramic skin were completely formed on the surface of an aluminum substrate, an aluminum
alloy as a substrate in addition to this is described. Magnesium, titanium, and their alloys can be
used. In addition, it is possible to form a molybdenum oxide, a tungsten oxide, and a boron oxide
ceramic film, respectively, by using sodium molybdate, sodium tungstate, and sodium borate
water solution as the dissolution bath composition. In addition, amber metal other metal salt
aqueous solution can also be mixed. (Effects of the Invention) As described above, the noninvented diaphragm for electroacoustic transducer is H) wJ specific elasticity, high inside l! With
the d5 loss, the sound pressure frequency characteristic can be superior to the high frequency
coincidence point, and the peak can be completely flattened. (Ii) Salt spray test (JIS Z-2371) It
has corrosion resistance with no abnormality recognized even by spraying for 1000 hours
continuously. (C) It has heat resistance that does not change the same even by a heat test at 500
° C. for 4 hours. ) The ceramic film has strong adhesion that does not peel off even in the
substrate test (JIS K-5400). And other effects.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 shows the sound pressure frequency characteristics of the speaker. Curve A shows the
back pressure frequency characteristic of the speaker of the speaker diaphragm of the present
invention, and B shows the sound pressure frequency characteristic of the speaker of the
Alsenicum diaphragm.
No.] Z floor L Maki (Hz) procedure correction dust (肚) M 艮 艮 賀 賀 事件 display of 16 cases ■
和 和 60 years Waiting for permission No. 232044 2 title of the invention Vibration for
electroacoustic transducer Board and its manufacturing method 3, relationship with the person
making correction Patent applicant name Foster 'R Machine Co., Ltd. Name dipsol Co., Ltd. 4
Agent 160 locations Nishi 7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 10 No. 13 Enami Building 5th floor 5,
object of correction (1) column of “Detailed description of the invention” in the m-book (2)
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