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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to piezoelectric sounding bodies that
are particularly useful for 16 applications that require sounding in a broad band of frequencies.
(Prior art) A conventional piezoelectric sounding body represented by a piezoelectric visor is, as
shown in FIG. 4, a peripheral portion of a metal film moving plate with piezoelectric ceramic cord
a Load the actual cover d on the strip, the metal plate moving plate, and attach the peripheral
edge of the metal plate moving plate to the relatively elastic adhesive e of silicone rubber wedge
C case body C and 9N A piezoelectric sounding body is known in which an alternating current
voltage is applied to the piezoelectric ceramic cord a so as to obtain sound generation of a
predetermined frequency. ing. (Problems to be solved by the invention) However]-The abovementioned piezoelectric speaker can produce sound at high sound pressure only at a limited
frequency J3 in a predetermined frequency band, for example, a band of 0 to 1 kllZ So change
the frequency of the applied voltage L! (There is a disadvantage that unevenness occurs in the
magnitude of one easy-to-join sound that produces 1 q of low 1 1 to high sound 発 音 1 q. The
object of the present invention is to obtain a conventional piezoelectric sounding body in which
the inconvenience is eliminated. (Means for Solving the Problems) In order to achieve the abovementioned object, the present invention fixes the peripheral portion of the support film 11, and
supports the piezoelectric supporting element 1 and 11 on one main surface of the support film.
The other main surface of the moving plate is bonded so that the peripheral edge portion of the
moving plate is not fixed. (Operation) Since the peripheral portion of the metal diaphragm is not
fixed by the support film fixing the peripheral portion, the loss of vibration energy at the
peripheral portion is a predetermined frequency band of the AC voltage applied to the
piezoelectric ceramic element. The page is less and the sound efficiency is improved. An
embodiment of the invention will now be described with reference to the drawings. In FIG. 1, (1)
is a support film made of, for example, a polymer such as vinyl chloride, and (2) is a metal
diaphragm adhered to the approximate center of the support film (1), this metal diaphragm (2)
The piezoelectric ceramic element (3) is bonded to the substantially non-heated surface of the
non-lithic surface of. The support film (1) is supported in the case by bonding and fixing the
peripheral portion thereof to the step portion of the inner wall of the case body (4) and the ringlike portion of W M (5) by bonding. ing. In the figure, (7) is a lead wire respectively connected to
the piezoelectric ceramic element (3) and the metal diaphragm (2), and (8) is a sound output hole
facing the piezoelectric ceramic element (3).
Example 1 Support film (1): diameter 50 m +, thickness 0.2 part w tensile strength length 4 3 kg
/ crs S width 3.2 to 9 / ctn vinyl chloride film, metal diaphragm (2) diameter A 35mm # 1 0.1mm
M copper plate, piezoelectric elastic element (3) is configured as described above with a diameter
of 22 m + and a thickness of 0.15 m +, and the piezoelectric ceramic element (3) has a constant
“pressure” (2 Vrms). The frequency was varied and applied to measure the frequency
characteristics. FIG. 2 shows the frequency characteristic of the acoustic efficiency. As apparent
from this figure, about 1. It should be owed to the l 511 wave number band of el <++ z ~ 4.0 KHz,
and the flat tH acoustic efficiency is 1 q, and the pronunciation of the desired large gap is 1! Iら
れた。 Example 2 The support film (1) has a diameter of 50 g, a thickness of 0.3 s +, and a
tensile strength of 5.6! It is the same as Example 1 except that it is a vinyl chloride film of 7 / cm
and width (i, 5 kg / Cm. FIG. 3 shows the frequency characteristics of the acoustic efficiency of
this embodiment. Also in this embodiment, as in the first embodiment, the acoustic efficiency is
flat over the frequency band of about 1.6 KllZ to 4.0 KllZ (! Iられた。 When the same support
film as in Examples 1 and 2 was used, a metal diaphragm of 25 to 40 mtr in diameter and a
piezoelectric ceramic element in the range of 22 to 33 mm in diameter were relatively similar to
Examples 1 and 2. The frequency response was tried. Also, when the support film becomes too
hard or thick, the peripheral part of the metal diaphragm becomes the same as fixed, and when it
becomes soft, or thin, it has a wide frequency band. Sound pressure decreases. The metal
diaphragm of the comparative example was a brass plate with a diameter of 501 M and a
thickness of 0.1 mff1, and the piezoelectric ceramic element a was configured as shown in FIG. 4
with a diameter of 22 mm and a thickness of 0.15 m. A constant voltage (I Vrms) was applied to
the piezoelectric ceramic cord a while changing the frequency in the same manner as in the
above-described embodiment, and the frequency characteristic of the acoustic efficiency was
measured. FIG. 5 shows the frequency characteristics of the acoustic efficiency. In the same
figure, J: Sound efficiency changed sharply in the same frequency band as the example. As
described above, according to the present invention, a uniform magnitude of sound generation is
obtained over a predetermined frequency band, for example, 2 to 4 KIIz, so that the frequency
changes continuously. The right effect can be used for products that require.
Brief description of the drawings
Figures 1 (^) and (B) are a part n1 sectional view of one embodiment of the present invention and
a plan view of its portion 1 j) + part, and Figures 2 and 3 show the acoustic efficiency of the
embodiment, respectively. The frequency characteristics, FIGS. 4 (^) and (B) are sectional views of
a part of the conventional example and a plan view of the vibrating portion thereof, and FIG. 5 is
a frequency Tj characteristic diagram of the cost efficiency thereof.
(1) ... Support film (2) ... Metal diaphragm (3) ... Piezoelectric ceramic wood (4) ... Case body (5) ...
Back cover (6) ... Bonding Agent Patent Application Applicant Kawai Musical Instruments
Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 'h Deputy Mr. Minoru Kitamura-2 outsiders-1
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