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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
method of manufacturing a speaker diaphragm. In particular, it relates to the improvement of the
method of fixing the cone and the edge. [Prior Art] FIG. 5 is a partial enlarged cross-sectional
view showing a pasted portion of an edge in a conventional speaker diaphragm, and FIG. 4 is a
flow chart showing a manufacturing process of this conventional speaker moving plate. In (1)
corn. (1a) is a cone original product, (2) is an edge, (2a) is an edge molded substrate, (2b) is an
edge original product, (3) is a cone injection mold, (4) is an edge press mold , (5) is an adhesive,
and (6) is a mold for laminating a cone and an edge. As shown in FIG. 4, the conventional
production method of the speaker diaphragm of the above-mentioned configuration uses an
injection molded blonde (3) and a press mold (4) to produce a cone prototype (1a) and an edge
prototype (2b) Are separately molded, and after trimming each into a cone (1) and an edge (2) of
a predetermined shape, an adhesive (5) is applied to the outer peripheral portion of the cone 11)
and slightly dried. Each of the above was set in a bonding die (6), heated and pressurized to bond
and fix the both integrally. [Problems to be solved by the invention] The conventional one is
constructed by the above method. It takes time and effort for applying the adhesive, time for
drying, or a mold for pressing and heating the bonding portion, and there are problems such as
appearance defects due to the protrusion K of the adhesive. The purpose of the present invention
is to solve the above problems and to obtain an inexpensive and stable product. ?
иииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииииии)% cure is) gu Shape; dog (? ", molding l l 'l ? ~ :: ? di,%
fee") 1 j I le j 1 L и gold,' W ':', inside (, inner tip i ,,, In the mold of ', i-, 1: small cone original
product 17) simultaneously with the molding' 2 '-affixing is carried out, and after 9 nd (?-? ?
? ? ? ?? Lim ? Su? ???????????????? [Operation] this invention f7
director), i6, the adhesion medium и tll и (for T и и и и и и 2 ? (same 2 coin raw Y product
simultaneously with the molding (9 edge fixed Zenji Z1 needs a special mold to fix 'T' of 'J' j. ??
? [Real kf 111 and the following embodiments of the present invention (?: described 2). That is,
FIG. 1 shows the manufacturing process of the present invention (/ n) 'filter speaker diaphragm.
FIG. 1 is a partially enlarged sectional view of the speaker / diaphragm of the present invention.
In the figure, ? (S1 7 Ma, (1a) is a cone original product.
(2) ': r-tweezers, (2a) an edge-molded substrate, (2b) an edge original product 9j3) an injection
molding die of J-n, (4) an edge! There is a 9-be mold-C. one,,! ',:, Each gold M i3) (4) fA: b: e # JI, r's second 194 No: X B <ip diaphragm made j2): U1, ab ? ? ? ? -1 ', a base product (2b) is
made from a base member J (J): mold forming base & (2+ ?) in an iron mold (4) for forming an itage, and this is trimmed to a predetermined size, and an edge is formed. You get +211 fO. After
that, set this ░ C soji (2) in the injection mold (3) of the cone, and press the molten 1 ░ resin
into the press 1,1-,-n prototype (mold one! Molding! ?? After the force]. -Removed from the
body, ii = core removed from the injection molding die, after "three thousand" in a predetermined
trimming / gug of cone original product, = = diaphragm is completed. In the above embodiment,
the place of the cone diaphragm-? i explain the king and explain the crab. The same operation
and effect can be obtained by employing the same method for manufacturing a dome-shaped
diaphragm having another shape shown in FIG. [Moving image 4 of the invention] In the
manufacturing method of the present invention, as described above, the edges of the
predetermined shape are formed in advance in the mold of injection molding of a cone, -2, by this
mold, a 2j-n prototype is molded At the same time as fixing the interior edge, j '9' j '. The adhesive
is separately used (fr, conventional method K + (; b, do not take time to make 39). Also, there is
an effect that a stable quality product can be obtained by simplifying the manufacturing process
(? ? ? J-9 reduction of mold cost and cost reduction). 4- FIG. Wi '7) MA ? tt EQ Ming Fig. 1
Fig. 1 ? Fig. 1 shows the process of producing the speaker diaphragm according to the method
of Fig. 1-F ? ? flow chart, FIG. 2 is the method of the invention Fig. 3 is a partially enlarged
cross-sectional view I of the loudspeaker diaphragm obtained by the application of Fig. 3, an
enlarged cross-sectional view 1 of the dome-shaped diaphragm and the tll obtained in J: j> in the
application of the method of the invention Figure 4 follows)? In the figure, the manufacturing
process of the diaphragm of-is shown by 1114-i-f ---, and (Ia) is a cone original product. (2) is an
edge, (2h) 4d: r?r, иииииииииииииииии original product, +31 ii injection molding die, (4) (, t press die C 7 иии
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