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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
speaker diaphragm used for various acoustic devices. In the prior art, generally, a diaphragm for
a speaker is obtained by forming a natural valve fiber, and in order to improve rigidity, a high
elastic modulus fiber such as a carbon fiber or an aramid fiber is uniformly made into a natural
pulp fiber. What was mixed and made into paper is used. Problems to be Solved by the Invention
However, it is difficult to obtain a suitable binder for carbon fibers and aramid fibers which have
been conventionally used to improve rigidity, and the diaphragms obtained by blending with
natural pulp fibers The rigidity is not sufficient, and the high rigidity aramid fibers and carbon
fibers are very expensive, so the diaphragm obtained by mixing and forming them is also
expensive. There is. The present invention is intended to provide a speaker diaphragm that can
solve this problem. Means for Solving the Problems The present invention is a diaphragm for a
speaker, in which a potassium titanate fiber having fine single crystal fiber (whisker) properties is
used as a reinforcing fiber and mixed with a natural valve fiber. In the present invention, a
diaphragm obtained by mixing a rigid single-crystal potassium titanate fiber and a natural valve
fiber, adding a paper-strengthening agent, and mixing and forming the sheet has a suitable
internal loss and overall It has a sufficiently uniform strength, and the distortion characteristics
of the speaker are also reduced, to obtain preferable characteristics. EXAMPLE Hereinafter, a
speaker diaphragm in an example of the present invention will be described. FIG. 1 is a diagram
showing the relationship between the mixing ratio of a single crystal fiber and a natural valve
fiber, and Ed 'n / cm and tan δ. In the figure, 1 s (wt%) of finely divided single crystal fiber,
potassium titanate fiber, is added to natural valve fiber, dispersed in water, and made eoocc with
Canadian freeness, then water soluble organic binder is added. And fix to the fiber. That is, while
stirring the potassium titanate fiber and the natural valve fiber in a beaker, 0.5 to 1 of the
polyesterite is added, and the acrylamide resin and the aqueous melamine resin are added to the
fibers respectively in o, s% to 1 The addition ratio of the aqueous melamine resin to the
acrylamide 2 which is added and sufficiently stirred, 1 is the most improved in Young's modulus,
and finally the sizing agent is added to the fiber about 1 about. The fiber obtained from the above
is made into a diaphragm shape, and an acoustic diaphragm is obtained by heat and pressure
processing. When the content CC of potassium titanate fiber is 30 wt% or more with respect to
the natural valve fiber, papermaking becomes difficult.
That is, in this case, it is considered that the single crystal fibers clog the papermaking wire
mesh. The fiber length of 10 to 20 μm and the fiber diameter of 0.2 μm to 0.5 μm of
potassium titanate fiber having the properties of single crystal fiber (whisker) used in the present
embodiment were mixed with 1 s (wt%) of natural valve fiber FIG. 2 shows the frequency
characteristics of the speaker of the diaphragm at that time and the frequency characteristics of
the speaker using the conventional diaphragm. In the figure, A is the diaphragm according to the
present embodiment, B is the conventional diaphragm, C is the second harmonic of the speaker
using the diaphragm according to the present embodiment, and D is the second harmonic of the
speaker using the conventional diaphragm. It shows the characteristics of harmonics. Table 1
shows physical property values of fine single crystal fiber (whisker) potassium titanate fiber used
in this example. Effect of the Invention As described above, according to the present invention, a
diaphragm made of a mixture of potassium titanate fiber having properties of fine single crystal
fibers (whiskers) and a natural valve fiber has adequate internal loss and rigidity. It is a dog of
industrial value that can be obtained at a high price, can be obtained inexpensively, and has good
frequency characteristics of the speaker.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 is a characteristic diagram of K and tan δ with respect to the ratio of mixed fiber of
reinforcing fiber and natural valve fiber, and Fig. 2 is a characteristic comparison diagram
showing frequency characteristics of a speaker using the diaphragm of the present invention and
that of a conventional speaker. It is.
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