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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an example of a
capacitor type transducer according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view
showing an elastic body usable therefor. In the figure, 1 denotes a capacitor type, a transducer, 2
a vibrating membrane, 3a and 3b counter electrodes, 5 a holding ring, 7 a term tree, 9 an annular
body, 12 a ring receiving body, and 14 an elastic body. FIG. 9 Fushida 6a 6b 1210a. z (-end one
J7 Figure 2 ABIl-? Nurse 14 1 73-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The invention relates to a capacitor type
transducer suitable for use as a speaker of n-type, for example, a speaker for high to middle tone,
headphones, etc. In such a capacitor type transducer, it is common to tension and stretch the
vibrating membrane so as to prevent an unnecessary parasitic vibration teacher and obtain only
the regulation vibration. At the same time, the root movement is moderate; and it has a
construction to endow the four sides of one side or one side of the insulating thin film such as
polyethylene terephthalate · θ with resistance to water, and its material is covered with hot
water, 嘔 (11 ΔR-103030-02 Depending on the degree of expansion or contraction, it is
inevitable that, in the conventional capacitor type transducer, the spreading tension of the
vibrating membrane is characterized by the change in the form and the change in moisture, for
example as a transducer The resonance frequency is changed, and unnecessary fx insults are
generated, so it can not always operate with the desired characteristics. Therefore, the present
invention is a Q, 51r transducer type t4 with no inconspicuous defects, and will be apparent from
the detailed description of an example of the present invention with reference to the drawings.
(1) shows a capacitor type transducer according to the present invention as a whole, and 12I is
an insulating thin film which can be produced by synthetic mFti material rtcx such as
polyethylene terephthalate, etc. (2) whole conductive column material deposited on one side
Conductive diaphragms, moving membranes, and (3 m) and (3 b) are disc-like counter electrodes
formed by drilling a large number of vent holes + 41 at the same time. 21 is glued to one end
face of the conductive holding rod 15) ′ ′ pad and stretched, and this holding is carried out
according to the following conditions (5) X4B-103030-03 (5 ) Is the amount of circle diameter at
one end face? An insulating material such as polystyrene, which comprises an outer ring portion
(6a) having an outer diameter often equal to the outer diameter of 51 and an annular portion
(6b) slightly abraded integrally from one end of the outer ring portion (6a) An outer ring portion
(the outer diameter is substantially equal to the inner diameter of the outer f # portion 16a of the
ring body (7)) disposed in contact with the-surface of the ring portion 16b of the ring body (7)
8a) and 70 inside-integrally with this one, inside with Ng mixed; 1 part (8b) and similarly an
annular body 9+ which can be extracted by an insulating material The retaining ring (5) is
disposed on the---of the inner ring portion (6b) of the ring body (71) as shown in FIG. 1 and is
fitted into the outer ring portion (6,) of the body 17+ Hold at end face i1j! Press! In addition, the
vibrating membrane 121 is stretched at the position of the foot. Each of the counter electrodes
(3a) and TIL (3b) has an outer diameter of 18 parts and an outer diameter of 1 part (6b) and 1
body (an annular part (91b) of the annular member (7)) For example, the holding rings (IQa) and
(10b), which can be made of substantially the same e-edging material, are attached in a pair, one
of the holding rings (IOJI) is included in one part of the ring (7) 6b) The ring body C ′ ′ fitted
The distance between IK (3148-103030-04 pairs 14 & (3 m) and the vibrating membrane 121 is
kept with the distance between the limbs kept, and the other holding ring (10b) is similarly the
ring of the ring (9) It is fitted in the part (8b) and held in this ring (9). From the inside @ part of
the side of the ring (6b) of the ring body (7) facing the vibrating membrane 12 of the ring body
(7) &% I] membrane (21 This is made so that the vibrating membrane (21 can be received
slidably in the same manner while being in sliding contact) at the free end. A vibrating membrane
(a failure of the beam 21 on the side facing the vibrating membrane 121 of the annular portion
(8b) of the one-side body (9) An annular groove a3 is provided at a position corresponding to a
position outside the position received at the position, and an elastic body mass is disposed in the
spiral shape WO3. Is pressed so that it slightly bulges toward the inner bond part (6b) side of the
nine bodies (7). · In this case-as the housing a4, this is disposed in the t- annular groove aJ For
example, as shown in FIG. 2A, a tube which can be made to have an annular cross section as
shown in FIG. 2A, for example, a tube made of polyurethane or soft rubber has a circular shape,
or FIG. 2BIC shows “aB-103030-05”. A similar tube of triangular cross-section can likewise be
configured to be looped out, which can then be slightly crushed and received and arranged in the
annular groove a3. Although the above is an example structure of this invention, it is such.
According to the construction, by supplying an electroacoustic signal between the vibration g (2+
and the counter electrode (3a) and (3b)! TR@el! The area inside the position at which the
ring a 2 abuts on this of (2) vibrates as an effective vibrating film area, and an acoustic output
can be obtained without excess. The outer cover 1 of the transducer 111! If the volume and area
voltage are quantified, the vibrating membrane 121 will expand or contract depending on the
volume of the effective vibrating membrane (if the change of the f 'spread strength does not
change, the vibration% (2+ Since this 9p body (+41 absorbs or compensates for the change in t
'tension of this effective vibrating film area, the vibration length (the effective tension of the
effective vibrating film area of 21 It is possible to keep it approximately constant at all times
regardless of the cold, so that it can always be operated with the desired characteristics. Also,
since the diaphragm + 21 K elastic body α (but in contact with K), the MW of the diaphragm (2)
can absorb the parasitic parasitic anvil (5) 48-103030-06. Furthermore, according to the
transducer of the present invention, when making this wll J, the elastic body used for this (the
material of the material, shape, etc. of the predetermined resonance frequency by adding t-f?
It has real benefits such as being able to easily manipulate such a transducer.
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