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President of the Patent Office 名称 Onkyo Co., Ltd. Internal name + 02'7) Onkyo Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Goyo Takeshiro Onkyo Co., Ltd.-1 Name Patent Attorney (6443) Saita
Division,-=-1) No "f0720-33- 5631) 54 attached documents-Eye nails-[phase] Japan Patent Office
published patent gazette ■ JP 49107 225 @ published Japan Patent No. 49.
(1974)10.11. /。 Examination Requested (All 3 Pages) Specification / Title of
Invention 1 Patent! Create a sedimentation tank at the lower part of the claim, circulate through
the paper making tank Mu with water supply port koge, drainage low, paper making tank
according to the top and bottom of the water surface, paper making tank muco C # drainage 1
sub tank BJ Paper making equipment equipped with. 3, explain the details of Ming. Currently,
speakers are mainly made by papermaking. jl figure is filled with fresh water with water level
Mail of water tank t / t with water level Mail of water supply t / 4t in the conventional device for
that, raw material pa V including liquid dyed! From the top of the pump l3: input -11 L ・ 畿 畿
畿 排出 排出 排出 排出 コ コ / / / / / / / 抄 抄 抄 抄 抄 抄 抄 / / / ic / ic ic / / Tic raw material
valve fluid only deposits. Although the # 1 to # 1 paper is made # 1 by this process, the
papermaking and mounting apparatus has the following disadvantages. That is, since it is
necessary to completely drain the large amount of polluted water in the tank and replenish fresh
water every time the papermaking of paper is done, the amount of water used is large. The
relationship between man-hours! It requires a pressure reducing device such as a pump. A large
amount of fine floating fibers and dye particles that have passed through the steel sheet / l in the
used drainage are contained in the waste water, and a large amount of polluted water, which is a
so-called official document source, is discharged to the outside. Since a large amount of water is
supplied and discharged during papermaking, a water supply and drainage facility is required,
and the papermaking site is molded. The present invention is a papermaking apparatus for
making paper into a single papermaking line by eliminating the disadvantages of the abovementioned conventional apparatus and eliminating the outflow of polluted water at the same
time minimizing the consumption of water. The present invention is JW J f) 1 J! An example will
be described in more detail. Paper making! J J "connected with connection pipe QJ with
Nkumko,>? -32g) Water level * vy-h: Yazy, H, Care 坤 B B One of the water level between hJ and
hiO EndPage: 1 by changing the water level of the paper tank コ 會 會 會 厘 コIt can be changed
between xi below the water surface. After raising the water level of man made tank Muko by
lowering the piston Jj with S2 doubled, dyed fiber then piston co! When you pull up, paper
making! Water of Numtamco leaves connecting pipe C co!
(1) Inflow into Tanta B Co, the mixed solution on the net is moved downward through the mesh
in the paper making tank Muko, and the water level drops to H no. So I'm going to work-/ C1l!
Only II accumulates, and the water level of Nagtanta reaches hJlc, and stops the rise of piston Jj.
As described above, the used paper water in the paper making tank mu is polluted with certain
fine or delicate dyes or dyes, and the paper making of the special grade exceeds the amount of
the raw material pulp liquid input from the pipe core 3 for each paper making of C% / garden.
Discharge contaminated water in tank AJ through discharge 0JJ. Supply fresh water from the
District Water Supply Locodile and the water level of the paper making tank! I will keep it in my
mind. The water level of the paper making tank is 1! If it becomes negative, the raw material
powder is put in and the next paper making is performed. The depth of paper making tank Muko
is enough here C]! If the capacity of the tank is greatly reduced, the speed of contamination of
the papermaking water after papermaking can be considerably suppressed1 or the fine fibers
suspended in the paper making l tamco with time will also be reduced. The particles of the dye
are precipitated in the pot of I. Intamuko and the lower part of the paper making tank AJ acts as
a settling tank and the one used for paper making is relatively less polluted water in the upper
part of the paper making tank AJ Paper making is done because fresh water is replenished
although it is a small amount for each papermaking of / III! The amount of demineralized water
in tamtumco does not change, and is relatively polluted. As described above, since the apparatus
of the present invention requires only a small amount of fresh water to be replenished and has a
water level of the papermaking tank muco, as compared with the conventional method, it can
consume more than conventional methods. Because the polluted water discharged from the
outlet at the bottom of the tank eats fine particles of precipitated fine fibers and dyes ◆ It is easy
to dispose of, because the amount of water supply and drainage is small It has the advantage of
not requiring water supply and drainage facilities. Furthermore, the present invention is useful
not only for two-to-seven paper making but also for paper making equipment that requires a
similar general operation, and is very useful for preventing writing.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional papermaking apparatus, and Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view of an apparatus according to an
embodiment of the present invention. Koda is a water supply port, 2- is a drainage port, A- is a
paper making tank, and B is a naptanta. EndPage: 2
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