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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a conventional
piezoelectric acoustic transducer, and FIG. 2 is an embodiment of a piezoelectric acoustic
transducer according to the present invention gold PE piezoelectric E · · · · · · E .... front cover. 1
year-213-actual opening 49-139981 (2)-? 2 Figure-214-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a piezoelectric
acoustic transducer for use in an alarm buzzer such as a fire alarm, an antitheft device, a waste
detector, an interphone or a call buzzer of a telephone. -A conventional piezoelectric acoustic
transducer, for example, the device of JP-B-44- "Fllj 268, bonds a diaphragm 8 and a
piezoelectric element 14 provided with a silver electrode 4d on the front and back as shown in
FIG. The complex 5 is formed, and this complex 5 has an opening 1 face 1 whose area is smaller
than that of the diaphragm 3 in the − plane, a key 1−1, a 2 ′ WK [iD1 vcmL [QD1 1 lF1 j + M
+ ′. □ 1-pronged portion 8 together with the supporting arm, the oscillator circuit 7 'τ is
housed in the back of the composite 5 in the case 2', and the silver plate 4 and the 10,000 silver
electrodes 4a of the piezoelectric element 4 are held with It is connected to the oscillation circuit
7 '. Then, the front surface on the side of the opening l of the case 2 'is joined to the case 2' so as
to be in communication with the resonance cylinder 6 or the opening 1 projecting in the previous
issue, and C is inserted. lo (1 oscillation circuit 7 ′ ′ power supply, and the oscillation circuit 7
′ is energized from the power supply IO, and when an oscillating voltage is applied to the lf
element 4 through the oscillation circuit 7 ′, the composite 5 bends and vibrates. The sound
wave is generated from the opening l of the case 2 ', l' 11! By means of clause 6, the resonance
volume is increased. The length a of the common cylinder 6 is between the energizations 15.
Therefore, in this apparatus, since the complex 5 in the case 2 'and the oscillation circuit 7' are
accommodated, the case 2 'becomes thicker and only the portion of the resonance cylinder 6 is
in front of the case 2'. It has a disadvantage of becoming large as a whole with a cylindrical body
with a convex cross section. It is an object of the present invention to eliminate the
inconvenience as described above, and to provide a compact and compact piezoelectric semiacoustic transducer having a structure easy to assemble or valley.
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