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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the device of the
present invention, FIG. 2 is a top view of the device with the housing and operating plate omitted,
and FIG. 3 is a control plate of the same device. 4 is a side view showing the same cross section,
FIG. 5 is a perspective view of the same parts, FIG. 6 is a perspective view of a brush constituting
the apparatus, and FIG. 1 is the same apparatus The top view of the resistor and FIGS. 8a, 8b and
8c are diagrams for explaining the operating state of the same device. 1, 3 · · · · · · · · · · (Cases
(mounting plate), 5a, 5b, a {9 o, 9 d · · · · · · · Guide arm, 11 & 11 b, 11 o, i part, E · slider CE · · · E:
groove. 1 1 3α '1 O 2 746 Q' 5 d 161 10 10 6 61-77 = actual opening 49-141 936 (2) Figure 2
Figure 4 Figure 5 1 78 1 actual opening 49-141 936 (3) 7 ° Fig. 8 l (C)-79-
[Detailed description of the invention] 2. The present invention makes it possible to use a multichannel resistor with a single axis for reverse tlc operation, and simultaneously control the same
voltage level at the same time by controlling the same voltage level at the same time. It is related
to multi-axis temporary control ah of variable resistors which make it possible to make two
operation functions by using the same resistor. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the present
invention will be described with reference to FIG. First of all, 14 is a metal casing extending from
the upper wall and the side wall, 1 is formed with a through hole 2 at the center of the upper
wall, and the bottom opening of the casing 1 A mounting plate 3 made of an insulating material
is fixed to the housing 1 by attaching the housing 1 and caulking 14. An appropriate spacing is
provided so that the four fan-shaped resistors 6a, sb, 6c and sd form a circle as a whole on the
inner surface + of the mounting plate 3, and the terminals 6a and 6a "+ abab '. It is attached by
6C · ec 'and acted' and measures the electrical conduction with the outside. 7 is each resistor 6 &.
It is an insulating part provided between sb, so and ad, and this part JllIt 7 is S-face 3 with a part
of the mounting plate 3. The resistors .delta.a, sb, 5c and sd are provided with silver terminal
portions 8a, sb, 80 and Jld, respectively, and one terminals 6a, ab, 6c and ad are silver terminals
II 8a, ab and sc. , In contact with sd is provided. Reference numeral 9 denotes a cruciform guide
provided on the upper portion of the resistor 5a, ab, 6c, 15df in parallel with the above, and the
guide 9 is mounted on the support column 10 provided at the center of the mounting plate 3 by
O! 1Turnably mounted. Said guide body 9d 4 pieces of guidance y-m @ lal 9 bs 9a-9 d) & y, their
respective guidance y- 5 9 m, 9 b. 9o, 9d tip KB5), bar 11m, * qb, qlc. 11d is attached, this strike
bar 11a. 11b, 11c, 11d are attached [@ side I1. It is in contact with VC on the lug 3a provided on
the Also, -P of the hook 3a of the mounting plate a! ! Step 12a for restricting the E-turn of the
guide body e. [12b or above] provided with substantially the same angle tube on the extension of
both ends of the closed resistor 8a. The rotation of the guide body 90 is restricted because the
stopper 1141 attached to one guide arm 9aKlf constituting the guide body 9 comes in contact
with the step portions 12m and 1abKm]. ここで。 4. Guide body 9iJ The guide arm 9a rotates on
the resistor 6a, the guide arm 9b on the resistor eb, the guide arm Go on the resistor δC, and the
guide arm 9d on the rat antibody 6d.
Furthermore, at least one surface of the V inner body e is made of a conductive material, and the
sliders 13a, 13b, and 7d are attached to each of the inner walls 7-9a, eb, so and sd so as to
surround the surface of the conductive material. 130, 13d are slidably mounted on the guide
arms 9a, 9b, 9c, sd. The sliding range of these sliders 13a ^ 13d is restricted between the stopper
ua-nA and the guiding portion 90 circular central portion 9 ·. And, the sliders 13m, 13b, 13a,
13dK are made of a conductive material in which one end is brought into contact with the
conductive portion of the guide body 9 and the other end is made in contact with the resistors
6m, 6b, 5a, ad The brushes 14m, 14b, 140 and 1ad are attached. In addition, the conductive
spring 16 is inserted into the surface of the guide body 9 in contact with the conductive post ii of
the guide body 9 and the support column 10 to which the guide body 9 is attached. On the other
hand, a spring 16 is mounted on the outer periphery of the support pillar 10 located on the
lower surface side of the mounting plate 8 so as to conduct electricity, and the guide body 9 is
always on the mounting plate a side. Tension and printing 4 & 14b, 1aa, 14dK gives appropriate
pressure. A ring attached to the support post 10 at 17 prevents the spring from being released.
First, the terminal 18 is mounted between the W-attached plate 3 and the spring 16, and the
brush 14a is interposed between the support column 10 and the conductive member of the guide
body 9. 14b, 14C 114d and the terminal 18 are electrically connected to measure K. And, the
above j9〆-13a, 1sb, 1sa, 1sdd are respectively projecting portions 11a, 19b, 111c + on the top
11 thereof. 19 d are integrally or separately), and the four sides formed on the inner surface of
the circular operation plate 20 mounted in the housing 1 have an O projection 1119 m, 19 b,
111 c +, 19 dh. The grooves 21a 21 b 21 21 (1 and ald are fitted together). The operation shaft
22 is fixed to the upper surface of the operation plate 20 so as to protrude upward from the
through hole 2 of the housing 1 F1. Image 13a, 1ab, 13o, 13 pages e · Guides for guiding body 9
Do not slide on the guides h9a, 9b, 9a, 9d. At the same time, I will describe the one in detail. Now,
when the operation plate 20 is slid vertically and horizontally with the operation shaft 22, the
protrusions 19a, 1sb, 19o and 1 + ad provided on the upper portions of the sliders 13a, 13b, 13G
and 1sd are formed on the operation plate 200 circular surface Groove 21a forming a
The sliders 13m, 13b, 13c, 13d are in the form of guides 7-ms sa, 9b because they are fitted with
the members 21b, 210, 21d. Slide on 9a, sd. At this time, for example, move the contact axis 22
in the directions of arrows A and B in FIG. 2 and move the operating shaft 22 in the directions of
arrows C and D while moving the operating shaft 22 in the directions of arrows C and D. , 1sd or
slide on the guide arms sb, sd. The seven riders 13m, 13b, 130, 1sd slide on the guiding arms
h9a, sb, 9a, Qd on the upper finger K, paper brush 1am, 1sb, 140, 14d are resistors am, sb. Slide
so, sd ten in the radial direction. On the other hand, when the operating shaft 22 is rotated, the
slider 13a. 13b, 13c, 1SId guide 7-mea, sb, so, ed7. -Guide arm 9a, sb, 9 ° ed rotates with sliding
on the slide, and along with this, the brush 14m, 14b, 14o. 14 d slides on the resistors aa, ab, so,
ad in the circumferential direction. したかって、えとえばスライダー1sm、11b。 13a, 13d
slide on the guide arms 9a, sb, 90, 9d to adjust the sheaves and adjust the five guide bodies by [i
81 rolling (slider tsa, 18b. 1oe, 1sa can rotate) volume can be adjusted. Now, to further explain
the adjustment state of the paranne and the volume, the directions of arrows in FIG. 7 (resistors
6a, ab, 8o). 6d radial direction) If the Kjll child 1aa, 1ab, 1ao, 14d is sliding, it will be Paranne,
arrow direction (Resistor Sa. Adjust the volume by sliding in ab, go (round direction). 図 8 aFi
Operating axis 22 is at the center position (淳 21% il O-like 111)-b is at left position, C is at left
upper amount, each white point is in the state of Paranne 1 1 and operating axis 22 By rotating it
changes on the broken line. Here, the voltages are the terminals 6a · 6a2. Seki 6b · 6b '8 · · rI! ! ,
Eea 'dark + oct-act' open, 鯵 1 child 14a. 14b, 140, 1-sd and terminals 6a, eb, 6c, ad) Luo is
taken. As described above, the multi-axial equivalent FIIf control J equipment W of the variable
resistor which can be used in the present invention is one that is collected and discussed, and the
operational control is performed in one axis for the resistance which is higher than that of Janner
Yannel. It is possible to simultaneously control the entire f> voltage repe V from the operation K
by yJ + 1 of the spacing axis as well as possible.
Force, so that two operation functions can be performed using the same resistor, for example,
“force” using Balane adjustment and volume adjustment using one resistor. The present
invention is very useful, as it can be used in a 4-channel stereo system.
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