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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of
the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an equivalent circuit thereof. 1 is a
microphone 7 circuit, 8 is a transformer, 8a and 8b are its primary coil and secondary coil,
respectively. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-99
[Detailed description of the invention] Mixinda circuit KIJI suitable for application to stereo
reproduction II electricity of the body plan company-the first and second signals such as left and
right audio signals of stereo sound signal When you turn on the source k, cancel the number
component of the homogeneity level of those signals, and instead add a third @ 侍 such as a
chanter signal, etc. Even if it is used, it is to realize it in one simple skin without using one
element and electricity. Hire K11ll-in the port below and try to devise this invention into the
present invention 傘 − − Wi Wi 本 0 0 411 411 411 411 1 411 i 411 # # # キ シ ン) 11) 411
す 11 キ シ ン キ シ ン キ シ ン キ シ ン キ シ ン ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ ス テ レ オ! !
When applied to an eyelid, (1) indicates a mixing circuit at the first threshold. First, the mixing
circuit + tlK will be described. (8) is a transformer, and is wound on a primary coil (8m), (8b) with
a winding ratio n,: n. (2L), (2L) and (2R), (2R) Fi are two sets of input terminals of the mixinda
circuit (1), respectively, and between the binary input terminals (2L1 (2L) and (? R), (2 F FJ! The
left and right audio signals are supplied as signals f41 and 2 respectively. The input terminal (2L)
is connected to one end of the primary coil (8a) of the transformer (8) through the resistance gs
(η through the resistance 5f3) of the resistor ing. Also, the input ladder (2R) is a resistor @through a resistor (4), φ busy and 15! It is connected to the other 11 of the primary coil (8 m) of
the transformer (8) through the resistor 1 m of the resistor working at 11 l. The input 1 child
(2L) and (2R) are eKII and h. Furthermore, the resistor junction 3), the connection midpoint of (7)
and the resistor 141, (6) ll I! 1% + 1-resistor with resistance (+ 21)-all resistance pillow value is
Rh) 'tabbo, etc., between the middle point and zero of the balance and the potential of 9 meters of
balance for adjustment. Intermediate terminal-fIX is grounded. And resistors 13), (4) and! 5)
Balance-* n * o eta is abolished by k. (16m), (1sb) is the other vertical input terminal of the
mixing circuit (1), and 2nd input 1st child (16a), (16b) ll Maita v1 Fun a! I am provided with fists.
The input terminal (16 m) is connected to the resistance m ′ ′ (l, i 等 isocenter) through the
resistor a, and the input terminal (16 k) is connected. +9) is an output terminal of the mixing
circuit H1 and is connected to one end of the secondary coil (8b) of the transformer 18).
One end of the secondary coil (ah) is equidistant. Furthermore, 0 or more where one load
resistance 1 circulation is connected to both sides 111 of the secondary coil (8b) is a
configuration of the mixing circuit 41). Next I play stereo playback equipment @ O @ e * +! Light
up. 8PL, 8FB # i are respectively connected to left and right output amplifiers r-1% (13L) and
(13B) outputs * respectively with left and right speakers constituting left and right speaker
systems respectively There is. And, 之中 中 ** (13L), (13 の 111111 に 夫 (可 ー J JJ 可 lII equal
heat and F !! Use a change-over switch (IIL), (ttR) that has a unique point, c, and each adjustable
point is fixed by a fixed sign of the same sign, c [11 touch in series. It is done. Then, each of
11119 points a of the value selection switches (ltL) and (IIB) is connected to the input 1 of 4%
(13L) and (13R) of amplifications respectively. Changeover switch (1tL), (11R) 41 points of equal
charge is falsely mixed by mixing 1 喀 (n output 1 child + 91 $ ik K 椿 纜). Furthermore, the
changeover switch (IIL), (nR) o each 19! The field point CK is connected to an input 1 child (tzL)
(<12 凰) K which is supplied with left and right speech signals as first and second signals. Next,
the chopsticks of this eleventh stereo reproduction device and its mixing one bottle will be
described. First, it is assumed that the changeover switches (IIL) and (ltR) each have a contact
point of 1 mm and a half mm, k% '1 constant point bK. The left and right audio signals of stereo
signal bandages such as FM CHENA, record player, tape recorder, etc. are respectively input 1) (2
L), (2 L) unfolded input 1 (2 R), (2 R) ) 'MK each will receive a government official. This stereo
signal is, for example, a signal that a singer + 4) 轡 j sings a brow on a pack of performance of
Oakstra. Then, according to this electronic bond, a person sings his spare time toward Miita 4 7
on 11 5 K, and the singing signal shall be supplied to me between the input forceps (t SS) and (1
sb). Then, in advance, the left and right front signals of Oka level are supplied between the one
end of the primary coil of the transformer (8) and the ground and between other grounds and
the like at one end of the resistor ′ ′ 5). Good luck, because the left and right audio signal
components of the song of Fubiko are "栢." 之 中 奄 奄 奄 マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ ク マ イ
敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬 敬Among the added
outputs of KFi and left and right audio signals, the same 11 I component zero-cresting signal is
converted to nine signals,-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11-11 of the
addition output of KFi, left and right audio signals Sino inSPL-8PBK I will be supplied and be
In addition, when each 1I equal point heat of changeover switches (IIL) and (IIB) is in contact
with each other by +11 s equal point cK, left voice and right audio signals are supplied to the left
and right speakers 8PL and 8PHK. Be through. 15 + 紮 喀 8)-primary coil (fla)-field and 41 +!
When the first and second signals are supplied to the end, the in-phase 9 same-level signal 1 min
of them is canceled by 2S of the mixing circuit 11) in FIG. 2). explain. 薯 2 Figure h (-i! -) The
resistance is the resistance which exhibited the primary coil (8a) illK value of (8) regarding the
resistor 抵抗 as a transformer (-'I'vIJ lance). Also, it is assumed that the resistance of 1 sheet of
the resistor 5 is equal to / equal to. , 2 Now, between the input terminals (2L), (2L) only the
voltage of L, the left front-signal is reserved, 9 lines of rainbow, resistance (2) of kt-voltage of the
output signal is It becomes as follows. tL, -Large, (S) '-L't = Rpt-one-Kine-one-- + llR @-DELTA B +22 ss-ss Δ8 +--マ R where ss = 2--2 Rh + (Sic If “right” signal of voltage V− is supplied only
between the input terminals (2R) and (2R), resistance (! -1) The voltage series of the output signal
obtained at both ends of & f i is as follows. -Large (5 Y-pseudo "t" 1-"-2 2 n 2,-s Δ R--Δ 8 +-z □
10 ∼-Δ B ·-and between input singles (2 L), (2 L) and input forceps (2B), (2R) 'il! At l'Cm, the left
sound-signal and the right voice polarization are supplied, and the output voltage obtained at
both ends of the resistance (") k is tL, +-and -m, the formula ..., (3) K Te VL, = VR, toe flick, f, +; i-=
o tonal. Long-lasting primary coil (8 s) of transformer (8)-% loss? When j # C 薯 1 and the second
signal are supplied, it is proved that the signal component of the -phase and the same level of the
signal is middle-Yancelled. The above-mentioned vII3 signal may be supplied from the primary
coil (8a) of the transformer 18), or the secondary coil (8b) K, and the first Tg! As described in the
embodiment of i, the transformer (8) K (7) "4 ·" and other primary coils may be separately
supplied to supply a third signal thereto. According to woodwork mixing 1 ': O1 洛 1' F !! of the
primary coil of the transformer, (+ !! Supply 'IEI and 2nd 4 senses to 4 respectively, supply' 3
'signal to the transformer primary coil or secondary coil, and mix output from the transformer
secondary coil!
If you add the signals of 嘴 l and 篤 2 at a single sniff without using a child and a wire to the
rabbit, apply ヰ K, the in-phase 1 m level of those signals. It is possible to obtain a mixing circuit
which can cancel the signal branch and can charge the third signal accordingly. A detailed
description of the first circuit is the circuit sound showing one embodiment of the present
invention, and the class 1 showing the equivalent circuit of the second company of the second
thousand. 11) mixing equivalent · · 8) transformer, (8a), (8b) are its primary coil and secondary
coil respectively. Practical 11 hilarious person Sony rights type company one person Ito qi (8)
Fig. 1 虜 cthgt, i 御 z z * 44 noise! q ′ ′ 〆, “i: 槃 11 L 31 L L 2.9... L 1 J: L 一 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
1” ZIC 絢 ′ ′ 2 ′ ′ to t 121, oA 516
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