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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of an echo pattern at the
time of stereo reproduction, and FIG. 2 is a block diagram of a speaker system of a stereo
reproduction apparatus showing one embodiment of the present invention. RIN иии и и и R side input
terminal, LIN и и и и L side input terminal, AMP1 to AMP7 ииииии amplifier, VR, ~ @ P1 to SP3 иииииииии
Speaker R1 to R6: Resistor, DL, DR, DLl, DR / ... Delay circuit, RR ... Listening room, SA ... Service
area. (?) Fig. 1 (.4) ~ -5-50-104602 (2) Fig. 2
Detailed Description of the Invention The first name stereo re-JI! Device 2, II ? new model brass
request OS-Stele first No. 0R11, L side output 11 11 I sound reproduction system for
reproducing sound, and both the output t each delay for a fixed time for 0 hours to emit sound
First-and 20th j [projective sounding system, and the first and the second 207 [shot sound Il and
so on, so that a certain dark delay and nine RII and L binary numbers are made, so that the
second jP and the chase A stereo device that can be used in combination with a means for
supplying a reflected sound production system. Five thoughts @ e details Ill Ming This device is
concerned with a stereo playback device, I! 2e) a, ^ 9 for stereo reproduction of Aek system,
same as large lll 1 in small 1 111 m 1 O acoustic effect-Nana Hiro 9 sense (M mb k @ ne и) K
similar 9 effect It is also possible to obtain nine stereo extraneous devices. , To obtain sound field
reproduction Jushi, WIL image t in the original sound field is actually reproduced in O ma e
hattome, Samachi 1 и 3 etc is reproduced in the same size as the original sound However, in
stereo reproduction, in general, the acoustic conditions are largely different as the echo time
pattern in FIG. 1 shows depending on the size of the reproduction site. Fig. 1 (a) shows the echo
time pattern in a large room with a ratio of 1 to the same as the original sound field. In this case,
the initial reflection sound 2 is! 1 Appears at 611 seconds 11 after the radiation of the 1 sound,
81 m 1 (11 is relatively small i !! The echo-im pattern in IIIIK is shown, and in this case, the initial
reflection sound 3 is Ill [I. Appears in seconds. According to the experiment of the inventor et al.,
When the above-mentioned nine intervals (echo time) .DELTA.t becomes +5 ms @ c or less [the
quality of the sound I11 decreases and it arrives. In addition, the early reflections are 1- @
sensitively more sensitive to the direction from the lateral direction, the main reason for giving a
wide-feeling sense to the sound (this is O-reflected from this lateral direction, and further If the
large room has a low reflected sound density and the small room has a high * in [11 sounds and
it KM <the interval between the reflected sounds ?t is the size 2 of the space like wI4jI. Impact
on the Therefore, if the distance ?t of the butterfly in one sound hole is ?, it is large enough atIt @ (50 m ? @ C or less), and there is a direct sound, an initial reflection sound and a reflection
sound from 0 darkness. Patterns that are not recommended are recommended. This device is
intended to produce the same effect as the 4 original sound field (for example, a hole) with the
small WII in consideration of the above-mentioned matters. A small (15 ml и Cl or less) time
interval is added to the direct sound generated by a small member and the sound is removed by
placing a sound absorbing material in a mural or the like that takes part in the reflection, The
present invention provides a stereo sound reproduction device in which a 40 second 111 f hour
tube-retarded reflected sound artificial Kffll emission and a uniform sound effect can be obtained
even in the small IIII even in the large part layer.
The present invention will be described below with reference to the embodiment. 91, FIG. 2
shows the construction of the stereophonic speaker system according to this invention. Add the
R-side input terminal RIN and L @ output to integrate the R-side output of the stereo signal from
the stereo demodulation (R) path etc. of the stereo form received by Judge road, 5 ?, ie, the O
configuration is not shown. From the L side input terminal LIN. O Speaker SP wing for
spearheading (front ?) KIlIII sound emission of the service area S ? ? ? ? ? in the listening
room RR via amplifiers AMPK, AMP, Ц ? ? sp ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? R R ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?The time is ?mO delay circuit, @ via @ Resistor area, variable resistor v Bird for
volume 1ll II and amplifier A Re P8. Listening room RH service area 5AW) R ring (right 111) K
speaker SP that emits the first reflected sound f, Lga input terminal LIN, a time-varying delay
time of ?L Resistor island, variable resistor V bird for volume control and amplifier AMP. 1)
Listening room RRv +-service area SADLall (left @) K Speaker SP which emits a twentieth
reflected sound is arrange | positioned, respectively. Furthermore, the delay time which is larger
than the output of the delay circuit T is a delay of .tau. Wing '0 delay-one path DR' and a resistor
R for coupling, and a second reflection mainly comprising an R @ signal as an L @ signal pipe.
The L ? ? signal tR ? through the delay circuit DL ? with a maximum delay time of ? L ?
from the delay circuit DLO output end and the resistor 11 R for coupling to the input side of the
variable resistance a IV ? of the sound production system. A circuit is provided which is coupled
to the input side of the variable resistor -111 VRI of the first reflection sound producing system
mainly composed of signals. 11 9 delay circuit ?, from each output end of DL to the resistor for
coupling II, 'B 4 variable resistor for adjusting the volume of V ? ? and amplifier AMP, through
? / groom RRvw-bis area SAO front picture Third reflected sound t?, from above. The speaker
8P to be discharged is used as a bag device. In each configuration, the delay * 1gIIIDi, DL uses an
analog-digital type delayed circuit, and in this circuit, the size of one sensitive mesh is reticulated
in a mesh-like manner [b] Control bitumen IIO thickness (size width) with l and pLl. Also, the
composition Ks of $ IE1 figure and 2nd garden? The phase shift path may be inserted as
appropriate to the variable resistor -V at the O input side. Next, I will discuss the 2 O II speaker
system Oml + production Vt-description. 2 Lid, 1 As previously mentioned, a stereo signal (R and
L even signal) such as tnevh stereo reception 1 signal IIO stereo demodulation signal is amplified
to an appropriate level through amplifiers AMP, AMP, t- It is reproduced by the speakers 8P and
i A part of the R11 Il signal is a delay circuit, and the scratch is ground by 20 to 4011 HI @ e so
that the size of the aural space is given by-, and the variable resistor VR, the amplifier AMP, It is
regulated to an obscene level and is born now with speaker SPl. Furthermore, a part of KLI III O
is accompanied by an audible space O large heat in the delay circuit DL. . The signal [20, 30 m +
? и C is delayed so as to be given, and is regulated to an appropriate level by the variable resistor
VR, the amplifier AMP, and is now produced at the speaker 8P ?. Before, 20 ~ 40m 5 ? c late
grinding R ? output ?? part is lI! In the delay circuit DR1, turn 20 to 4 oms * e arc so that the
pitch ? is 9 (size, width) 1 and the twentieth reflected sound production system via 0 resistor 4 l
for lll I 4 # 01 Tf Resistor VR is added to 0 human power 11, and reproduced through the
variable resistor VR, and the amplifier MP- through the speaker 21) sP ?. As in the case of the
previous 9th, a 20 to 4a1m- и C delayed L portion potash portion is added (20 to 4 @ rmm @ eJ
so that the sound image O spread (size, width) is given by the delay circuit DL ' A variable resistor
of the III reflected sounding system through a resistor 11Rak for grinding and bonding. VR * ()
input * K7111LbtL, said variable InkK1lVR as long as possible. It is reproduced by an additional
amplifier MP1t-diameter speaker SP. ?? , 20-401) II @ e delayed & R ? and L ? O O output 0g is a combination 1 @ 0 * pile! ! The signals are mixed via R, R @, and the variable resistor VR
and the amplifier 10 are controlled to level and reproduced by the speaker 8P ?. Therefore, in
the listening room RROt-hi x area SA, the mineral speaker 8P Re, the direct sound from SPL K
111h? , Fi 9% 401 a 8 @ e after gx beka SP 1.1 8 8 P, the first and second reflected sound by R
? and Lll output respectively from i ? uniformly at 0 o'clock (-1 speaker SP, from Mixing of L @
and R ? signals 4-1. 9th so reflection sound, 2020? 401 al и heat expense R ? signal is speaker
8P ?? Speaker, XLll1 no. 7% work,; 2 '7 SP, respectively released. Therefore, by adjusting the
volume level, the direct sound and each reflected sound O interval for each reflected sound, and
1 artificially generating the reflected sound, the original sound field (hole The sound of) can be
reproduced in the same place as the original sound at the same place as ? 5. As stated above,
this consideration 1!
A squirrel 2 / direct sound emitted in the groom, ? ? Yt 20 ~ 4 Gms @ ej ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?
?, 1 ? ? K 20 K 40 nx s и C delayed and sound IIO mu ? [ Makes it possible to control the
reflection sound applied individually to the production 9 direct sound and to freely control the
reflection sound emitted 1 artificially ? 9 The sound field always close to the original sound field
according to the size of the response Reproducibility can be obtained. It has an effect that a
desired echo time pattern can be obtained by the adjustment adjustment and the adjustment
adjustment. 4 @ surface O Simple @ ? 1 Fig. 1 is an explanatory view of an echo pattern O at the
time of reproduction, and Fig. II2 shows an example of consideration IIII- ?. And I; 11 stereo reJ! ! Device O Speaker system is 01115m @ 1. RIN: R side input terminal, LIN,-, L side input
terminal. AMP1 to MUMP, ... amplification echo и VR, ~ VR ? ░ ░ ░ variable resistance @ * SPB,
SPL + 8P 1 to 8 PB = и X Bie *, R, ~ R, 5 ... resistance-, DL, DR, DL ', DI', delay circuit, RR: listening
room, SA: service area. stems out-in Japan ? l11 Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Bini ? ? ? part fence.
11 j LQ и '? I ?, "person 5 :: 4 4,: ?-0 ?! ? Bilege j '1 ? [? 2 low when' 1; 3 times-5-> 5 (>
knee 2-a] 1 и и и ? and lightning-(11 Cabinet-1 hair: j "" ;;; 7: 1m. 1+, *% ",-% i ?-?),-* is ...? ? ?
? ?? g -1 ? 6, agent zip code other than the above 110 id, 7-7 Ueno Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 7
y, 6 o 94. @ Rishi goodness%, '. ??????? ??
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