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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of an echo pattern at the
time of stereo reproduction, and FIG. 2 is a block diagram of a speaker system of a stereo
reproduction apparatus showing one embodiment of the present invention. Explanation of
symbols, RIN иии и и и R side input terminal, LIN и и и и и L side input terminal, AMP1 to AMP7 ииииии
amplifier, VR ? `VR5 ... variable Resistor, SPRX Peek, R1 E: Delay circuit, RR: Listening room, SA:
Service area. Fig. 1 (4)-7-50-to 46 o 3 (2) Fig. 2-8-
[Detailed description of the invention] This invention relates to a stereo reproduction apparatus,
more specifically, Web, Aeh stereo reproduction Km system, small 1 ks ? as well as large * S
arrangement as well as O plaster effect and feeling of feeling A second feeling (AHIhi и nC и k)
similar effects! As for being able to obtain & is also related to Sule Leo regeneration storage. ?
? To get round the sound field reproduction t, the sound that has been brassed in the original
sound field is to be reproduced at the location of the collection IIO control panel, ne! ? 1'4; and
others should be reproduced in the same size as the plaster. However, as the echo time pattern of
the track 185 shows depending on the size of the reproduction site at the 3rd floor in stereo
reproduction, the acoustic conditions are largely different. IE1 (a) is a turtle that shows the echo
time pattern in a room that is not the same as the original sound field but in a relatively large
umbrella room, so in this case, the early reflections 2 are direct sound 10 after emission ?ttl ?
K 11 l, In Fig. 1 (d), the echo time pattern indication in a relatively small partial layer is also O,
and in this case, the initial reflection sound is 1. . The radiation ? ?t 1 sec IIK of the direct
sound l appears. According to the experiment of the inventor et al., When the above-mentioned
nine intervals (echo time) ?t becomes t 5 mm и C or less, the sound quality of the direct sound is
deteriorated. In addition, the early reflections are sensitive to the sense of sensitivity in the
direction of 00 from the lateral direction, and it is mainly the reflection from this lateral direction
that it is mainly the reflection from the lateral direction. In the field K, large-sm, the reflection
sound is low, and in the small case 5IIIl, ch is high. In the case of No. 41, the direct heat 1 and
the reflection of the reflection sound 111at have a great influence on the heat of the aural space.
Therefore, if this interval ?t is echo at 1 in the sonoelectric hall, the '&-range (less than 50 imt @
e) will be hot enough, and there will be 1IIK reflections of direct and early reflections. No pattern
is recommended. This consideration is to make the same effect as 4 original sound field (for
example, a hole) in a small part layer in consideration of matters mentioned above. The place
where it is reminiscent is the small 1k (I5ates,) to the direct sound that arose in the small tS ?.
Remove the following reflections with # im interval, remove the sound absorbing material on the
wall etc. which participates in the reflection, etc., and remove it. This is to provide a stereo
reproduction apparatus which makes it possible to obtain a 0 sound effect similar to that of the
tournament ell KjP even if it is made in a small club layer K. The embodiments of the invention
will be described in detail with reference to the following examples.
HIh 211 is one of the main points of a speaker system implementing the stereo reproduction
device of this O consideration. и и ? ink, that is, this configuration is ? ? R11 input terminal
RXN to capture the output of the stereo signal from the stereo demodulation circuit etc. of the
steuro reception II not shown, and L1m input terminal LIN deceptive to the L side output? MP,
? MP, through Listening Room U. In addition to arranging 0 speakers sp and spL for * Ii (front
side) K11 ml sound emission of the service area ?, maximum delay time ?! Transgression of Lisland, a variable resistor V for volume control and also an amplifier AMP, through a listening
loop 1 translation. The speaker SPI that emits the R side (right side) K tenth reflected sound in
the service area h of the listening room through the delay-path DL and the amplifier AMP having
a maximum delay time of ? L from the R-side input terminal LIN. L side of service area S (left) K
second! jLM sound tube emitting speaker SP, respectively, further, maximum delay time from the
output end of the delay circuit-delay m1llDa of V, variable resistance for volume control---and
amplifier AMP, via t- L ? (left side) of the service area SA of the listening room ? (left side) KII 4
[Speaker SP for emitting the ? ?, ?-? Dt. The maximum delay time is t & 'from the output end
of the & lt;' Variable resistor VR for volume control, amplifier and amplifier MP. And a speaker SP
that emits a fifth reflected sound in the service area 8A (R R (right side) K) of the listening room.
f) Risk, to the protracted circuit, I) LO The resistor it, R, for coupling from each output end. Town
variable resistance Yu VR- and amplifier AMP for volume control. The speaker sp which emits a
third radiation sound from the upper part of the service area SA of the listening room ? will be
discussed. In each of the above-mentioned sources, we use an analog digital system Ojl
extension-11 for the protracted 1 ? h, 11 1 ? circuit aurally & the size of the space, similarly
KM abrasive circuit bird ', DL' spread of the sound image Control (size, width). In the
configuration of the first cabinet and the fringe 2 shown in FIG. 5, a phase bias -11 path may be
appropriately inserted on the input side of the variable resistor IIVR. Then, I will presume the
operation of the Subi Kashimetem of this invention. -5) 11 + The stereo signal (R and L @ signal)
of the stereo restoration WII 4 signal feeding which is illustrated as described above is amplified
to an appropriate level through the amplification amount AMP, AMP. Speaker sp ,, SP to play SP i.
20 ~ 40 m5 ec of the previous one so that a large volume between a sense of 9 is given with a
delay of about 1-a part of the R ? issue. Low and variable resistor VR, regulated at an infinite
level by amplifier AMPs, is reproduced at sub-sp. Furthermore, the above signal is delayed by 20
to 30 ma @ c so that the size of the space * g is given by the KL @ signal signal unit r delay
circuit DL, and jf & anti-element VR, amplifier MP , Is regulated to an appropriate level ? and
reproduced by the speaker SP. Ma sentence, 20 ~ 40 ms @ c delayed part of the R ? output 1History KjIIJ #, the breadth of strife (size, in circuit h '. Make 20 to 40 ma и C protracted so that
inside 9 is given, and play 14 towers 7 with speaker SP, through i 'plexus resistance (reversal)
VRs. In the same manner as described above, -40 of the 120-40 city и ?? L Llli output ? ? ?
? in mourning, 'at 20' so that a sound image g-gray (size, width) is given 40 mm 5 ec is made to
be prolonged, variable resistance @VB, amplifier 1 A is reproduced by speaker 82 through a lid
bird. Furthermore, a part of the output of the RII and L side signals delayed by 20 to 40 m5 ec is
mixed via the resistors R, R for alignment, and the variable resistance amount vRI and the
amplification amount. It is controlled to an appropriate level by Al [P, and reproduced by the
speaker 8P1. The amount of Listening Lou 1A-In the bis area 8A, the speakers 8P ?, IIIII KIIV%
from C 8G-C12G-4Qims + ecl1gx Heaca sp, sp, ? 111 and 20 by R ? ? ? and L ? output
respectively Reflected sound is from the same time corner from the speaker 8P ? Lll and
111141 No. 9 g50 reflected sound is further 20-4 и и и cIIK speaker sp, from sp No. 3 and 11140
reflected sound Will be submitted. After adjusting the volume levels of these reflections 01 [INIK,
adjusting the direct sound and the in-pal of each reflection sound, artificially reflecting the
reflection sound, the reproduction site Because it is possible to reproduce the original sound field
(hole) Of in the same size as the original sound in real lIO or 10 positions 5 places regardless of
the size of. As described above, this device emits direct sound that emits in a single tone for
listening, and 2Q to 40m5 @ e compliance with the direct sound of acupuncture, further
increasing the heat of auditory airs, 2 (1 to 4088 @) e Prolonged sound 5 Octs ? it. In order to
be able to freely control the reflected sound that is artificially competed for the direct sound in
order to make the reflected sound to be added, the field re-appears always close to the original
sound field according to the size of the listening room. Wings!
It is dangerous to get k, pre-adjustment @ KX) good echo time. It has an effect because a pattern
is obtained. tssio simple * @ ? 11? is an echo pattern O at the time of stereo re-writing. 2 ? is
a stereo reproduction device O speaker system O structure which shows one embodiment of the
invention. ??? Bituminous e ** corner KIN: wing tip input terminal, LI) i-L equipped input
terminal. MP, ~ mu ku E amplifier, V melt ~ vll I-variable m wipes. ????? ????? IP1-1
lPB-Jk '-*, i, R @-+' de-one part No. 1 Once a shear piler, DL, Th, DL ', Da'-transition 111111,] El91 sunning room, l & -Bis area. Curriculum newcomers applicants Japan ? @ manufacturing
stock inspection-? ? m m ? ? l ?, 'I: ?91 ?, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?! ? ? ? i ? h-? ?
job: n ?-9? c 2 ? ?-84 1. 1. ? "? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? L1 1 i1 ? ? ? ? 1)-coma
(6, other than the above post number 1101 L Ueno 3-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo) No.6,--4 ?, first
name ((4) 94 и ? ??? ? 6, other than the above agent zip code 110 и two places Tokyo Tokyo
Ueno 3-chome 1 "23 No. 6 No. 1-1 Civilian name ? ? ? ???? 4 ? ?
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