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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an explanatory view of an echo pattern at the
time of stereo reproduction, and FIG. 2 is a block diagram of a speaker system of a stereo
reproduction apparatus showing one embodiment of the present invention. RIN иии и и и R side input
terminal, LIN и и и и L side input terminal, AMPl-AMP5 и и и и и Amplifier, SPRJ, R ? 'rS и SS2 иии и и и
Phase Shift circuit, RR ...... Listening room, SA ...... Service area. .alpha.0 FIG. 1 (/ r) 1 9 1 real
opening 50-to 46 o [2) FIG. 2-10-
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention relates to a stereo h device, and more
specifically, 2e =, 4e ? stereo reproduction Kfi, even if it is a small room KsP, an acoustic effect
similar to that of a large room, even with a large room (A + abi * me *) Kfa also relates to a stereo
reproduction apparatus that is capable of obtaining the effect. Sound field F) Reason 1 To obtain,
the sound field is converged and 4 ** # * @ t) 11101 kNMM '* It is reproduced by t-Lhtk, 8Y, etc.
in the same size as the original sound 21? The sound conditions are largely combined as shown
by the echo time pattern of FIG. 1 depending on the size of the current position of reproduction
at the time of the reproduction. Fig. 1 (1) shows the O echo time pattern in a relatively large
room up to the same as the original sound field, and in this case, the initial reflection is 0 after
the emission of the imitation 1. It appears after a few seconds, and 111 (bl is a figure of a small sant; this is a tube showing 7 pipes of Thai butter. In this case, in this case, an initial reflection 0
? ? ? appears after ?t 1 s after 11 ? 10 radiation . According to an experiment by the
inventor of 11 ░, if the echo time ?t is less than or equal to ISm @@ c, then the direct grace rent
decreases. In addition, initial reflection 0 wax from the direction of the side of the wax is visibly
sensitive, 1 to the sound audibly 1 to I 9 In addition, in a large room, the reflexes first letter II! In
a small room, the small room is high-, especially, ll [same tone and 1, -ta <following reflected
sound 0 cabinet interval ░ t ? ? axis sense space 0 size has a large effect. Therefore, in Add 2
music hall, this interval ?t is sufficiently large in the ego-Kl & not l range (less than somm @ e),
and a pattern without direct sound, initial reflection sound and reflection sound like OMK is
recommended ing. This device is intended to give the same effect as the original sound field (fIJ if
it is a hole) even in small S shoes in consideration of the above-mentioned matters concerning
the original sound reproduction O1 badness in a small room. The place to be produced in a small
room is small 1k (less than 15 ms @ c) Time inotar par t with reflected sound t, which continues
to a smooth sound. The sound absorption Ir is removed by putting a sound absorption Ir etc. in
six reflections etc., the reflection is artificially created by delaying the swelling time to 20 to 40
seconds in the glue 9, and in the small IIII it is the same as that in a large room 9 stereo ? J to
get the sound effects of ! Bring the equipment. It is one to offer.
Hereinafter, this discussion @ will be described in detail Jl for the embodiment. The second II is
the configuration of the speaker system in which the invention O stereo reproduction adjustment
is implemented. That is, this configuration is not shown in the figure. Js 41 F 7, p, (, 4 ? ? @ @
m m m m m m m m m ? m & t i L11 human power terminal LIN to retrieve the trlN and L @ m
m, ? MP, ? MP,-и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и near area of
the five glued RRC 5-bis area aAID preceding (y mouth y) II) K Direct sound Jlk1m1ljOx 8pml,
spt, * as well as arranging and maximum delay time -r4 extended circuit island from the front IE
active input terminal RIN. A fine speaker l @ O resistance 111 Rt *-and amplification @ A ? P &
through the Listening Room RR service area 8 AORIll (Ishiseki) K ? 10 Loudspeaker SP that
incorporates the reflected sound. ], Also the maximum delay time rto late than the L11 input
ladder LIN [circuit DL, resistance amount 4 for meeting and amplification @ AMP,? The speaker
room which distributes @ 20 reflected sound to the listening room RRe's-bis area SAOL11 (left II)
via the listening room is distributed respectively. 1 additional delay circuit, from the output end
of the phase B (etc.) (2) path 8 bird system 2 through the connection O resistor RIt 2 C reflection
sound O prefecture O amplification device AMP, the human power 11 KI III combining circuit
And also, the observation circuit 1) t, 0 output ? and phase 1 transfer circuit SS. , And r, (a first
reflection sound 1st 4th through 7th connection sound waves 1st through 7th sound emitting
system amplifier AMP, respectively). Also, the aforementioned Ooka phase shift circuit ss ,, ss, 6
output side to the combined 1 l III O resistor-0 and through the amplifier ampl, the upstream of
the bis area S m of the noise room RR, vasv-radiation Install a speaker SP ? to issue sound. In
each of the above-described configurations, the delay circuit ?, I) L # i analog to digital type O
delay circuit t?f4 ? ? sm circuit controls the size of the space # of a sense of hearing #. Next
? o consideration me speaker system c + * nv ,. Light up. Decoded stereo receiver signal not
shown K11 l Stereo receiver signal such as stereo l1 and Llll 1) rjjl 1111 AMP, AMP ? k through
L level ? amplified level 1 speaker sp, SpL now live Be done. Futomo R11 * 4! f) Some delay
circuits. At-Pre-deployment No. t 20-40 mma @ @ lagging so that the empty space IMIO size is
given, and resistance 11 R +-amplification-PM,-'+ m Regulated to an appropriate level. Now born
on SP.
In addition, L11 pieces C-live 2-5; sensible sense DL DL sensible sensibility interview O size is
given 1 so that the signal is ground 2 tiger 0m5 @ cj, and resistor-1 amplifier The speaker SP is
regulated to an appropriate level at the AMP, and is nominated. Before, a part of the 9 RII output
delayed by 20 to 40 m5 ec is added to the input 11 of the C @ 2D reflection sound increase-@
AMP, through the phase shift a) IISS + 9 M combined v mas r 1 m It is externally produced by
MP, the pipe diameter and the speaker SP. 9 LIIiti force D * B phase 11 si Fii 1181 9 9m 0 0,
delayed 120-401 nl @ e as described above. Resistor * Xt- through IM reflected sound production
system amplifier AMP, human power of 711 +, said amplifier AMP. And the nose tip with the
speaker SP1. Further, the phase shift circuit 88a, 88t of the 20-40111 @ eil Ato L7 t R ? and L II
signals is output II '! 1 ░ is funded through 1M to O resistance 8 through a hole, and increased
by @@ A, MP, regulated to an appropriate level by a speaker sp. Therefore, in the good-by-thesales area SA of Liss Nino Glome RR, the speakers SPn, straight 3 from the SPL, and the bones Kf
R, and the 2014 SP4 lll 5ee tatami, the speakers SP, t SP! The first and second reflections due to
R @ and L ? output are the speaker SP, t) L ? and R side signal t) @ the SO reflection are the
speaker BP,?, emitted Garro-therefore, each of these reflections 0 [1! Volume level for IIK. i1
Adjust the interpals of the austral sound and each reflected sound, and artificially reflect the
reflected sound tl--It is strange, regardless of the size of the reproduction site the original sound
field (hole) Of. In fact, it will play 8, 1 at the same size as the original sound at O am. As
mentioned above, the device of Ke is a direct sound to be released in the sun lindarroom, and an
iron group anomalous sound delayed by 20 to 40 ma @, a size of one sensitive 9 darkness, and a
further reflection of the sound image O wide gives a wrinkle. Since it is a friend that makes it
possible to control the sound JJ1-artificially created reflection J "-sound freely, so that the lisini
1yf &-AID E16, according to the case, always <111 111 chi Pii 'P = -7 in order to be obtained, 9
to adjust ? ? ? ? ? ?? ?? ?? 1 ?? effect 1 has 4 ', 21-starving, ?
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