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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic diagram showing a condenser
type headphone to which the present invention is applied, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are sectional views
showing an embodiment of a diaphragm according to the present invention. . In the figure, 2 is a
front plate, 3 is a housing, 4 is a capacitor type electric / acoustic transducer, 5 is an elastic ring,
12 and 13 are fixed electrode plates, 14 is a diaphragm, 21 is an insulating thin film, 23 and 24
respectively indicate conductive layers. 1 61 1 50 50-109 626 (2) Fig. 1 ← ←-〒-62 〒
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of condenser type headphones. What is the general configuration of condenser type
headphones? As shown in FIG. 1, the capacitor type electricity / sound 4IPf converter 4 is housed
in a housing 3 having a front plate 2 provided with a large number of vents 1, while the front
outer periphery of the housing 3 is a front plate The elastic ring 5 is attached so as to project
from the outer static plate surface of 2, and the housing 3 has a configuration in which the band
6 is attached to the back when the housing 3 is placed. A human ear shell 7'f in the elastic ring 5:
in a good condition, the elastic ring 5t-this outer surface of the ear shell 7 is brought into contact
with the external face 8 on the human head (2) ′; to be used in a common use, but in this case,
the capacitor type electricity / sound q # converter 4 has a large number of vent holes 11t which
have mutually opposing mutually in parallel. And two fixed electrode plates 12 and 16 and a 2nd
fixed electrode plate 12 and 13 including a conductive diaphragm 14 disposed in parallel with
the electrodes, etc. The constant electrode plates 12 and 16 are connected to both ends of the
transformer 1602 secondary side connecting the electrical acoustic signal source 15 to the
primary element, and between the middle point of the secondary side of the transformer 16 and
the diaphragm 14 via the protective resistor 17Yt. It is assumed that the DC bias power supply
18 for polarization is connected so that the imaging plate 14 is excited based on the electrical
acoustic signal from the signal source 15. In the case of such condenser type headphones in the
place. In the state of use and use, 2 impact 31! If the air conditioner 5 does not airtightly contact
the face 8 with the ear 5 surrounding the auricle 7, the sound to be heard is to be heard as a
sound whose sensitivity to the bass region is lowered. For this reason, during installation poetry
(3) 1 旭 Asahi-f of the condenser type headphone, it is in a relation to make the relationship of
making 9 aptitude 3J 15 airtightly contact with the face 8 in a state of surrounding the ear shell
7 after mounting. Adjustment of the mounting position is performed using However, in this case,
when the elastic ring 5 is pressed against the face 8 through the frame 3, the air pressure in the
air chamber 20 bent by the ring 5 increases by the outside pressure, and thus the moving plate
14 Is pressed by the fixed electrode temporary 131111 as shown in the drawing, and is
deformed into a convex shape to the disastrous plate 13jlil +, since the outer circumference of
the diaphragm 14 is fixed to the mass 6) and the fixed electrode plate 13 You are used to
touching a part. Thus, if the plate 14 is in contact with the il plate 13, a relatively high DC voltage
is applied between the two, compared to the @ 55 C bias @ current bias power supply 18,
sparking occurs, and If the open sound ceases and the operation is repeated, the diaphragm 14
will be damaged.
Accordingly, although the present invention apparently has the configuration as described above
in FIG. 1, it does not propose such a food capacitor type Hendphone that can eliminate the abovementioned drawbacks 14). As the diaphragm 14 of the Conden V-shaped hinge which has a
configuration as described above in FIG. 1, the insulating scale 21 and its first and second main
surfaces 22a and 22b are shown in FIG. Is it made of a conductive layer 26 applied over the
entire area of the effective area only on the first main 1t 22a, or as shown in FIG. An area
obtained by removing, for example, the central portion of the effective area on the conductive
layer 26 and the second main surface 22b provided over the entire effective area on the first
upper surface 22a. Is applied to the entire surface of the diaphragm made of the conductive layer
24 and the diaphragm 14 has an insulating property fI! All the second main surfaces 22bl11 of
4121 are arranged in parallel with the M constant electrodes 12 and 13 as fixed electrode liquid
16E1 :. In FIGS. 2 and 6, the case where the diaphragm 14 is held between the conductive layers
25a and 25b and held in tension by tension is shown. The capacitor pear-handed phone
according to the present invention (if it is contained in part 51 of the plum, adjustment of its
attachment t = t is made at the time of attachment or after attachment as described above, and
the diaphragm 14 becomes a part of the fixed electrode plate 16 Even if it comes into contact,
sparks occur, # breaks off, and further damage to diaphragm 14 is effectively avoided, since the
contact part is the surface by insulating class INl + 21. Ruru.
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