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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal side view of the device
according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a front view with a part cut away. E · · E 一一 A,
B · · · · · · · · ·. 'Figure 1 Figure 2-215-
Detailed Description of the Invention The detection device of this invention can easily produce a
product with uniform performance, can faithfully detect a blood pressure pulse wave generated
in a man's enoto by peristalsis of the heart, has good sensitivity, and is compact. The 5 closed
case 1 is divided into two chambers AB with the vibrating electrode plate 2, and the fixed
electrode plate 3 is provided opposite to the vibrating electrode plate 2, and the lead wire 4 is
connected to the electrodes 2 and 3 from the outside The communication hole 5 to the outside of
the case 1 is connected to the one chamber A (the small hole 6 directly connects the chamber B
to the chamber B). As shown in Japanese Utility Model Publication No. Sho 45-11097, as a
conventional detection device for blood pressure measurement, a closed case is divided into two
chambers with a flexible membrane, and a ring integrated with the flexible membrane is used. A
rubber tube connected to the manifold was branched to be connected to the chambers A and H,
and a baffle was provided in the middle of the flow path to the chamber B to connect the wire
ring to the detection circuit. The device and manchette are connected by a rubber tube, and the
blood pressure pulse wave generated in the manchette is immediately transmitted to room A
immediately after C 'and transmitted to room B for a momentary delay to the obstacle piece,
There is a device for measuring the surface pressure pulse wave by reading the voltage
generated by the movable filament (with the detection circuit) using the fact that the flexible film
is moving. と。 The disadvantage of the above-mentioned device is that it is difficult to make the
resistance value constant because of the use of fiber bales in the baffles, so that the performance
of the product is uneven and two branched rubber tubes are connected to the case Because the
detection device is difficult to handle, and the manifold and the detection device are connected
by a long rubber tube, the rubber tube shakes and generates eaves 1 noise, and a permanent
magnet is used. 2-One 'weight and volume increase. The biggest drawback is that as the means to
convert pulse waves to changes in Narita, so-called speed effect type is used which produces an
output according to the speed at which the movable coil moves, so the output of the ring is pulse
4 (differential The wave shape of the part / participated convulsive vein is (also not faithfully
reproduced “also”) “C”; 6 (1, iJ: 4: the detection device of this invention can eliminate these
defects, Next, the operation will be described. After connecting the man / et and the
communication hole 5 with the rubber pipe 7 and connecting the conducting wire 4 to the
detection device, if air is pumped into the man / t to squeeze the superior, The blood pressure
pulse wave passes through the rubber tube 7 and the chambers A and HK are added as the
pressure rises. (1 pulse wave is transmitted immediately, but it is transmitted for a momentary
delay because it is added through M2O, and as a result, shooting @ electrode plate 2 bends in the
direction of chamber A and approaches fixed electrode plate 3 Changes in capacitance, and this
change is amplified by amplifier 8 and then conducted.
It is sent to the detection circuit through the IA 4 and displayed. The amplifier 8 may be provided
in the chamber A or may be thrown outside to the desired 811 units, =-), + 3-6'r The detection
device of the present invention, the air communicating with the two chambers Since the pores
are provided in the middle of the flow path, by appropriately taking the cross-sectional area and
the length of the pores, the resistance value of the local nitrogen can be obtained, and the
predetermined resistance value can be easily formed. Because the vibration electrode plate is
vibrated with the temporal difference of the air pressure transmitted to the two rooms, and the
change of the electric capacity with the fixed electrode plate is taken out without any problem,
the change of the movement distance of the electrode plate is detected. 6, i ゎ 6, j vagina i ゆ =
24-1 St air Yuka collecting □, chicken,-from two, blood pressure pulse Iki faithfully reproduced
as it is-one. Since the permanent magnet is not used, and because it is lightweight and compact,
the detection device can be measured by mounting it on a man / et, as a result, it is possible to
connect the manchette and the device with a long rubber tube. Since it is good, there is no
generation of sounding due to the rocking of the rubber tube, and the level and sensitivity are
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