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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 shows an embodiment of the present invention.
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the tip of a big-up arm, and FIG. 2 is a perspective view of the main
part. 1 ...... pin Hisashi Kuatsupuamu, 2 ...... pickup cartridge 3 ...... hook, 4 ...... Repa 7,8,9,10 ----·contact. Fig. 1 Fig. 2-7-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a muting switch
for removing noise due to shock generated at the start of reproduction and at the end of writing
of a record player, the purpose of which is to control the operation of a bird, lI In fact, there are K
things to do quickly. The pick-up is lowered on the record and the playback is started. When the
pick-up on the record is pushed up and the playback is ended, the pickup is shocked and it
becomes noise and the unpleasant sound from the speaker It is emitted. ll) To prevent this, a
switch or muting switch is used to temporarily short the output of the pickup. By the way, this
conventional muting switch requires a bothersome operation of switching on before lowering the
pickup to the record and switching the pickup to the off which is lowered on the record, even at
the end of the reproduction. First of all, after turning on the muting switch, it is necessary to pick
up the pickup from the record. Therefore, there is a possibility that the pickup may be operated
without forgetting to operate the muting switch, and the operator who does not like the
operation complexity is not utilized. The present invention solves the above-mentioned
intermittent problem by operating the pickup IIIK and the mutein tick in conjunction with it, and
the figure shows an example thereof. 1 is a pick-up arm, and at its tip, a pick-up cartridge 2 is
deposited (2 + 1). Reference numeral 3 denotes a hook projecting to the user of the pickup arm
1, and a finger is put on the hook 3 to operate the jitter raising arm 1. The lever 4 is disposed
opposite to the lower surface of the hook 6 as shown in FIG. The lever 4 is pivotally supported by
a shaft 6 on a bracket 5 provided on the hook 3. The lever 4 is provided with a contact 798 and
is connected to the earth terminal cage via a bracket 5 of #contact 798. These contacts are
insulated and fixed to the pickup arm 1 of 9110 company, and are disposed opposite to the
contacts 7 and 8 respectively, and are connected to the non-earth noble output terminals of both
channels of the pickup cartridge 2 respectively. The lever 1 is biased by its own weight or by the
force of a ti 堝 z spring, and the constant line contact 718 separates from the contact 9g10. The
finger is put on the hook 5 to lift the pick-up arm 1 to play the record ° t−, but since the lever
4 is disposed opposite to the lower surface of the hook 6, the finger is hooked on the lever 4 That
will be K.
As a result, the pick-up arm 1 is subjected to: (3) 奄 The needle pressure given to it is applied to
the lever 4 and the lever 4 is pivoted in the direction of the arrow by that force. By this rotation,
the contacts 7 艷 B touch the contacts 9s1DKm, thereby short-circuiting the output terminals of
the pickup cartridge 2 and grounding them. The pickup arm 1 is lowered onto the record, and
the contact 9110 is still grounded when the playback needle 11 is moved to the record surface
Kii, so that the noise due to the shock is short-circuited and not transmitted to the speaker. When
the pick-up arm 1 is further lowered, the needle EEti given to the pick-up arm 1 gradually comes
to be applied to the reproduction needle 11, and the force applied to the lever 4 is reduced
accordingly. Finally, all needle pressure is applied to the reproducing needle 11 and the force
applied to the lever 4 becomes zero. The contact force of the lever 4 returns to the position
shown in the drawing by the weak biasing force applied to the lever 4 in l1il + leading to the
shape 11 and the contact point 7.8 is sharpened from the contact point 9S10. As described
above, the contacts 7.8 and 9910 function as mu (4) contact switches, and by lifting the pick-up
arm 1, the output of the pick-up cartridge 2 is automatically short-circuited to ground, and any
irregularities are recorded on the record. The short circuit is automatically released by dropping
it. When the reproduction of the record is completed and the pickup arm 1 is lifted, the operation
is performed in the reverse order to the above. That is, first, the lever 4 is pivoted in the direction
of the arrow so that the contacts 7y8 and 9910 contact each other to short-circuit the output of
the pickup cartridge 2 to ground. When the rotation of the lever 4 in the direction of the arrow
reaches the limit, lifting of the pickup arm 1 is started, and the reproducing needle 11 is
separated from the recording surface. Therefore, this @ also does not appear outside due to noise
に よ る by the shock applied to the reproducing needle 11, and short circuit between the
contacts 7 + 8 and 9910. As described above, the present invention is provided with seven
fingers which are adapted to hold a finger to operate the pick-up arm as described above, and a
normally open switch which is closed by the force applied to the hook. So that when the pickup
arm is operated, the output of the pickup is automatically shorted so that its noise does not
appear outside, when the finger is released from the hook, the pickup output is shorted. It is
released automatically, and the playback output will be supplied to the normal route. Therefore,
the troublesome operation of the muting switch at the time of the start and the time of the end of
the reproduction becomes unnecessary, there is no possibility that the operation of the muting
switch is forgotten, and the reproduction start and end operations can be performed quickly.
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