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1) Title of the Invention: ■ Japan Patent Office ■ Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No.
50-1222060 (1975) 9, 25 <br> Japanese Patent Application No. 49- / g '126 Office internal
number 64-6555 specification 1, title of the invention 1, title of the invention
Speaker representative Masashi Matsushita
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a speaker in which a
large number of voice coils are arranged in one magnetic circuit, and the purpose of the speaker
is to make the voice coil of the image of the number of the upper-governed couple become true
in series. As shown in Fig. 2 (a), the conventional speaker, which has K in order to obtain a sound
effect with 19 changes, is composed of a pole piece 1, a permanent magnet 2, and a yoke 3 to
input an audio signal. In the magnetic circuit, a voice coil 6 of 1-in 1% is disposed on the coil
bobbin 4 in the book 9. このような! In the case of a synthetic speaker, in order to reduce the
sound quality Kt to Vt 4, it is possible to purely electrically combine a plurality of input signals by
an electric circuit, and it is possible to manpower this composite signal to the one voice coil 6. In
such a pure electric synthesis method, there were only 11 series of input signals to the speaker,
and the sound quality KFi was limited, and the sound quality was remarkably low (Pishu sound
quality τ). Also, in the case of the pure four-fold synthesis method as described above, when
combining a signal with a low Is slope number and a signal with a large rounding number, the
phase shift rL due to the number of localities and the positive There was a non-S meeting that the
composition became difficult. The present invention seeks to provide a ninth speaker that
eliminates the large door as described above. The speaker according to the present invention is
characterized in that a false voice coil is disposed in the same magnetic circuit-and when the
voice signal of the series is input to each of the plurality of voice coils, the length of seven is
increased In this case, the electric signal as the audio signal is synthesized in the speaker ◎ That
is, the electric signal as the audio signal is converted in pattern and synthesized, and it is k and a
new sound of each other The effect tube living is the town EndPage: 1 supplement. The following
is a description of one implementation line of the present invention to annex III and ant. 5I? 1
Fig. Fi 本 蔓 K の 一 か か る ダ イ ナ ミ ッ ク ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ ー カ ス ピ
ー カ ス ピ ー カ. In the figure, 11 is a yoke, 12 is a solid piece with six permanent magnets at
the center of the yoke 11, 13 Fi is a pole piece in contact with the toe of the permanent magnet
12, 14 is the yoke 11 and the water filled magnet 12, and The holder for holding the pole piece
13 in the middle IL> Kw, 16 is a voice coil bobbin disposed in the dark between the pole piece 13
and the yoke 11, 16.17 Fi over voice coil bobbin卆 1. Placed in a wax circuit circle which is
wound around 16 and configured Jf between the piece 13 and the blade 11 The second voice
coil, 18 is a damper, 19 is a cone paper, and a 20 ri frame ◇ Note that the above-mentioned one
voice coil bobbin 1-51 C is mounted.
The voice coil 16.17 of 卆 2 is wound on each separate position 1i1 of the same voice coil bobbin
16, but this is an O-casing which can be overlapped 4i + or 2 or more. [Tlt'19 卆 2 ノ hi x: y-il 16,
16] It is desirable to configure the same input signal so that the te conversion characteristics at
nine o'clock become the same. It is desirable that the coil 16.17 has the same impedance 2 and
the same winding direction and 2 <to be desirable @@ the speaker 21 of such an umbrella part as
shown in FIG. The voice coil 17 and 1 t g source is separately added to the arrow metal 0 In this
way program source-t 4 If you operate KL, change sound 41 effect 侍It is what it is. Of the first
voice coil 16-KFi on top of the above-mentioned first voice coil 16-KFi arrangement signal AK, so
that the above-mentioned cone paper 1e is forced to swing (also KJ: second voice coil When the
signal B from the signal system ^ of 1 kh 12 is added to the input signal source 24 and the
amplifier 26 at 17, the second voice field 1 tries to vibrate the cone paper 19 according to the
signal BK. A force is generated and the cone paper 19 is vibrated by the pattern energy
corresponding to the wound No. 8 so that it is a pure electric synthesis and vibrated by a nineman signal and a Fi different sound It is something that can create a meeting effect. As described
above, according to the present invention, since OTs of several voice coils are arranged in the (b)
-magnetic (b) path in order to input voice signals of different series, an acoustic effect with
variation is obtained. Can be produced at a glance, 4 in the brief description of the drawing, one
tooth is a cross section of the speaker of the present invention showing a 1M example of the
dormitory, the second side is an example of using the same speaker diagram showing a
graduation FIG. 3 is a structural cross-sectional view showing a conventional speaker @ 16.17 ......
voice coil. Name of agent Attorney Nakao et al. 1 person Fig. 1 EndPage: 26 Agent other than the
above EndPage: 3
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