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? ld, the Director General of the Office of the Republic of Korea, the name of the invention of the
invention: name of the invention electro-acoustic transducer ? Japanese Patent Application LaidOpen No. 50-1229260 (1975) 9. . 2B [Phase] Name of the application "Japanese name" 4 (197
da) a, /) 64-6555 description 1 "" name "no j ('? ? ? 1) conversion device j j 1! I) и i ?, 1 [j
water f t g f 4 + 1 1] ? 7 r ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?The magnetic times to form 1] I'i и 1 and metal
fittings (+ ii + are characterized 7 7 '' I "1" 1 anti (5 и 5 direction 2 insulation only! B ? ? ? ?
J'I'H ? ? ? i 471 i> ji и ? и и и и и и и и и coil 1 photo 1 form alone in the method / / and Patent 111
"8 (characterized by Jl also (JIJ 1st Round 1 ? '? ? conversion device. Insert a coil-like incision
in the ? 1 plate-shaped cylindrical foil. The cut [1 attached to the diaphragm through the
insulator to make it a diaphragm] ("I made a coil." I 4 ', f mark and 1 "? ? ? ?? I "1st term, 1
B battle' Yamaki? 6. Tomoe: Su 1! Change 1 bursting place. From the mountain] 4 mountainsmisleading theory I! 13 This 1st ? ? ? ? ? F F4 ? q! ??? The # signal relates to the '1
(one aerial noise) copying apparatus by z2 to the signal or back' 1 ',' ('+ -7 to the air signal). The
first [ne 1 is conventional! I type 1 electric power 'IG air C 9. ? Friend 1-1-1 of the height (qlji. 1
is a cross-sectional view of a dynamic speaker. As shown, the conventional tire mix beam force
has a conical profile 91 temporary 1 and a coil 2 wound in the center of the swing plate 1. And
focus the high magnetic field on the magnetic cap 6 so as to concentrate the high magnetic field
on the magnetic cap 6, and the 'current flowing through the coil 2' (and the interaction with the
magnetic field (and thus the force applied to the coil 2 It is known that the device as described in
?-has reverse polarity and can be converted into sound signal (? ? ? ? ? ?). It is. In the
above-described conventional dynamic speaker, stress is concentrated on a portion of the
vibration Tlpj plate 1. Shaking lily, standing waves of the machine well 1 are easily generated on
the plate 1. And, when a standing wave is generated, it is disadvantageous that the acoustic
signal is inclined by one wave number of '42 -tL <no overrun '. In order to suppress the
occurrence of such standing waves, it is necessary to increase the rigidity of the diaphragm, but if
the stiffness and height are increased, generally the amount of yarn of a single thread is
increased, and therefore the high frequency range Is difficult.
It was small. Measure 1 for conventional dynamic speakers. EndPage: Sales of suction of coil 2 и
? и 11 '~' (It is difficult to prevent the occurrence of the difference of Jiii, stress applied to the
diaphragm becomes unfinished, therefore it produces in the reproduction sound The distortion
could not be avoided. In addition, the coils and the 1 ? j 1 plate are separately manufactured
and assembled, which is expensive, and it is difficult to realize a structurally wrinkled shape,
which is a drawback to the public. The present invention does not suffer from the abovementioned drawbacks, and can be produced inexpensively with less occurrence of sound warfare
/ distortion in a wide range of frequency bands. In addition, it is an object of the present
invention to provide a '1? air acoustic transducer which can be made thin and small. In the
present invention to reach the above target tube. Apply a uniform force to the entire ? Ca + и ?
by making the coil form a shape, or forming the coil itself on the surface of the diaphragm, or ?
to form a uniform plate. I am jealous.
Number 3 of the Invention Described in the Claims [Phase] Japan Patent Office Open Patent
D. The present invention will be described in detail based on the following drawings. FIG. 2 is a
principle view of the present invention. In FIG. 2, numeral 7 denotes a fine movement plate, and a
coil 8 is uniformly attached to the surface of the vibration plate 7 at the same right. In addition, a
substantially uniform magnetic field of one strength is produced in the direction 11 "indicated by
the arrow 11" by the permanent magnet 9 and the ? 1.1 yawing 10. In such a device 17, when a
current flows in the same direction through the coil 8, a force acts in the direction indicated by
the arrow 12. Therefore, when the AC signal is applied to the coil 8, the diaphragm 7 interlocks
with the back and forth to generate a sound signal. In the above apparatus, the coil 8 can be
formed on the diaphragm 7 by well-known printing techniques such as photo-etching, so that
each conductor of the coil can be uniformly arranged on the swing plate, so that the coil 8 can
The force generated by the interaction between the flowing current and the magnetic field can be
uniformly applied to the entire surface of the fine plate. The diaphragm 7 can be vibrated over a
wide circumference mantissa axis without generating the first standing wave. Next, FIG. 3 shows
one embodiment of the non-explosive case, FIG. 3 (A) is a plan view, and FIG. 3 (B) is an AA ?
sectional view. In FIG. 6, 13 is an annular disk-shaped diaphragm, 14 is a spiral coil provided on
the surface of diaphragm 13, 15 is an h-side yoke, 16 is an outer yoke, 17 is an annular
permanent magnet, Reference numeral 18 denotes a flexible 1--6 .. support for supporting the
diaphragm 13. The second plate, the first plate and the coil 14 are easily manufactured by the
following force. That is, one example is polyester having a thickness of about 60 ?m. Using a
composite foil of aluminum foil approximately 50 ?m thick laminated on an organic resin film
such as polyethylene, nylon, polyimide, etc. (1) Peel off part of the aluminum foil with a wellknown photo-etched film. One example of the shape required as a coil is to leave an aluminum
foil of a spiral part. Thereafter, the organic resin film may be formed using a known method such
as pressing. The total length of the decoration of one coil 14 is l in m3 as shown in Fig. 3 and the
magnetic flux density of the crying where the coil 14 is installed is B, it flows in the coil 14 J'Ek (l
is the force applied to the coil F (tl is ??????????????????????? The
direction of the fringing force is perpendicular to the diaphragm surface. If the quality of the coil
14 is m, the peak value of the vibration amplitude of the coil 14 is a sine wave alternating
current, which is sinwt of '-4-' current I (t I (t) = I,) V.
'-: LffF (') d2tl "= strain S x BXIX o-(2J where w = 2?f, fig frequency. For example, in FIG. 6, when
the outer diameter R1 of the diaphragm 16 is 6.5 cm and the inner diameter I't2 is 4 cm, the
surface diameter of the diaphragm 16 is 82.5 c4. A polyester resin film with a specific gravity of
1.5 '+ I'7 and 0.00311 is used as the diaphragm 13, and a thickness 0.005Cm +' pf70.025cIn +
pitch 0.. If the '03c7n spiral coil 14' is formed of aluminum foil (specific gravity 2.7), the total
negative amount of the diaphragm including the coil is about 1.67. ??? The total length l of
the coil conductor is 2'7.5. And when the magnetic flux density 1i13 is 2000; when i is minus, a
force of 55 О 105 XI (dyne) is generated. When the diaphragm of the above dimensions has an
amplitude of about EndPage: 216 О 10 ? ? cm at a frequency of 1 k) iz, an i: 'lt' l 'output of
about 10 mVV is obtained. "1 story 11! In order to detect + i, it is preferable to apply a correct
temporary alternating current of about 5.2 mA to the coil 14 according to the equation (2).
Because the electrical conductivity of aluminum is 262 О 10 '? и side. The direct current
resistance of the coil 14 is about 54.9 ?, and it is extremely easy to electrically drive one. In
addition, since the coil 14 can be formed with high accuracy by a known technique such as a
photolithographic method, uniform driving force can be applied to the entire surface of the
diaphragm 13. It is obvious that the device of FIG. 6 is reversible and that if the diaphragm 16 is
vibrated by an acoustic signal, the coil 14 can be obtained as an over-air signal. In the
embodiment of FIG. The yoke 15.16 and the permanent magnet 17 are all annular, but they may
be elliptical or square. It is also natural that the function of the yoke 15.16 can be doubled by
changing the shape of the permanent magnet 17. Further, as shown in the fourth section 1, a
plurality of permanent magnet pieces 19 may be combined. Also, as shown in I in FIG. 5, a strong
magnetic field is generated around the coil 16 by combining ? il, j-shaped disk-shaped
permanent magnets 20, 21 and 22 and hollow rectangular permanent magnets 23. 24. It can be
concentrated. Also, in order to prevent the reflection of the sound wave on the back surface of
the diaphragm 16, the sound absorbing material 25 may be provided as in the fifth section 1, or
the small holes 26 may be provided in the sixth permanent magnet. The magnetic field between
the yokes 15 and 16 can be strengthened even by using a permanent magnet 27 having a TJshaped cross section or a horseshoe-shaped one surface, as shown in FIG.
In FIGS. 4 to 7, the same reference numerals as in FIG. 6 denote the same components.
Alternatively, the coil 14 can be provided on both sides of the diaphragm 13, and the support 18
can be made by processing the end of the diaphragm 16. Alternatively, the electrical leads of the
coil 14 can be integrally formed on the support 18. Also, the width of the coil conductor can be
made sufficiently larger than the distance between the conductors. Therefore, it is possible to
make the plate 1 of the vibration 1 иииии plate 11 by only the coil itself without using a thin
insulator). For example, as shown in FIG. 8, a spiral cut 29 is made in an annular disk-shaped
housing foil 28 and the cut 29 is adhered via an insulating material such as an adhesive. The coil
itself can be made to vibrate 4 &. The above processing is press, cutting forest 5. It can be
performed by a laser beam processing plate or the like. As described above, when the coil itself is
used as a diaphragm, the mass of the vibration system can be reduced by the amount of the
organic fat film so that the sound quality is excellent! ??? The characteristic goes "two".
Further, since the coil can be processed into various shapes such as a truncated cone, there is an
advantage that the directivity of the generated sound can be set. Side, as described above,
according to the present invention, since a uniform driving force can be applied to the entire
curvature of the diaphragm, no standing wave is generated on the single plate of the swing goli,
which is still " The amplitude of the vibration generated by the driving force is inversely
proportional to the square of the angular velocity of the alternating dc given for 1 qlA movement,
so the energy of the acoustic vibration obtained is constant if the amplitude of the driving
current is constant, The angular velocity can be made constant regardless of the number of turns.
Thus, it is possible to perform low distortion electrical-to-rewire conversion over a wide range vl
line number 944. For this reason, it is possible to reproduce the frequency range 1 ", which is
conventionally satisfied using 2 to 6 loudspeakers and beakers having different diaphragm
apertures, with a single speaker. This not only can reduce the price of the speaker system, but
also has the effect of reducing the price of the network for driving the speaker. According to the
present invention, there is the advantage that it can be manufactured at a very low cost as one
integral unit of the diaphragm and the drive coil. That is, conventionally, at least the diaphragm,
the coil bobbin, and the coil winding are necessary at least at least. Although it is necessary to
assemble the R15 product of L, in the present invention, it is good to print and form a coil on the
diaphragm surface by using a photoetching method etc. 1 and therefore it can be manufactured
extremely cheaply and inexpensively.
Size и In the present invention, by setting the coil housing radius and pitch appropriately, the coil
impedance can be set to an arbitrary value, which facilitates the design of the EndPage: 3-force
amplifier circuit. It has the effect of Another advantage of the device i4j according to the
invention is that it is compact, in particular of the x9 shape.
BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of an example of the
conventional ?Taminami Soxby force?, FIG. 2 is a principle view of the present striking, and
FIGS. 6 to 8 are each an embodiment view of the present invention. is there. Sign theory 1! I "7 и и
Diaphragm 8 и и и Coil body 9 и и и Permanent magnet 10 и и и Yoke 13 и и и 1 Reno A thread S и 14 и
coil 15 и и и inside yoke 16 и и и outside 1 ili yoke 17 иии permanent magnet 18 иии support 20-24 и и и
permanent magnet 25 sound absorbing material 26 hole 27 и permanent magnet 2 B-body foil
29 иии cut line 1 figure 2 figure 73 figure EndPage: 4 o 4 Figure 7 (! ??? ??? L1 records of
the attached documents (1) Letter of attorney (1) (2) specification, (1) (3) drawing,-(4) Request
duplicate (1) 201-EndPage: ?
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