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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing the basic
configuration of the device of the present invention, and FIGS. 2 and 3 are cross-sectional views
of the main part showing its operating state, and FIGS. 7A and 7B are a cross sectional view and a
plan view showing an example of a MOS type Hall element applicable to the device of the present
invention, FIG. 6 is a cross sectional view showing another example of the device of the present
invention, and FIG. 8 is a circuit diagram applied to FIG. 6, FIGS. 9 and 10 are circuit diagrams
and configuration diagrams showing still another example of the device of the present invention,
and FIG. 11 is a signal waveform diagram obtained therefrom. . 1, 1 'is a MOS type Hall element,
2 is a magnetic field, 3 is a magnetic field forming means, 4 is a diaphragm, 5 is a cylindrical
magnet. Fig. 1-63-real opening 50-123 325 (2) Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig 4-Fig. 5-real opening 50-123 325
(3) Fig. 7-8-actual opening Sho 50-123 325 (4) 1-66
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is intended to provide a
high sensitivity magnetic field utilization detecting apparatus which utilizes a semiconductor
element. The benefits of the present invention, # will be clearer from the detailed description of
each side of the present invention with reference to the following drawings. First, the basic
configuration of the present invention will be described with reference to FIG. 1. In the present
invention, a Hall element having a floating gate type field effect transistor configuration, b. WO 8
MO 8 type Hall element (1) Provide Then, a bias magnetic field (2) of one direction is applied to
this Hall element (1) '-means 13) for increasing the bias, and a bias is applied so as to face the
vicinity of the 1 Hall element (1) A ringing plate (4) for changing the magnetic field (2) is
disposed, and a magnetic field change in the vicinity of the Hall element 10 caused by the m
movement of the ringing plate (4) Configure to spout with). As a means (3) for giving a bias
single field (2) of one direction to the Hall element il +, for example, a dragon whose town is a
cylinder with a blue '1' as the N pole and a lower 1 + 1 as 8 · 甑By providing a vermiculite (5), a
strong one nji field 12 in one direction is formed in the through hole (5 m) of the magnet (5), and
a Hall element (1) is inserted in the through hole (5a) It can be configured. As the diaphragm 14),
it is possible to change the Hall element (one field (2) given to the Hall element (2) by one step of
this, that is, one that can form fluctuation). For example, it is possible to form the diaphragm
element 16) from the 41 plates / plates such as aluminum, etc., and at the same time that the
Hall element (1) is opposed to the Hall element (1) on this aeti element body (6) Field shields,
falling plate (16) lower than powder (7), for example, soft powder or (2), powder of CwNiF alloy,
etc. It can be worn and formed. According to such a mobile version (4), as shown in FIG. 2, the
magnetic field +21 given through the diaphragm element f61 through the diaphragm element
f61 is partially shielded in the low permeability powder (7), By passing through the magnetic
force ml (za) ffi powder f71, the magnetic field #J in the vicinity of the back side of the NJ-like
buttonlike body powder 17 becomes small. Therefore, when the mobile eyelid (4) is moving and
the Hall element (1) K approaches i (see the solid line), the magnetic field 1 degree in the phase
charge of the Hall element 11) is small, and the sliding plate ( 4) 1Q jlk in which the small
magnetic field part by the powder (7) moves 4- when 4 points from the Hall element 11) (am
illustration). The magnetic field strength of the phase element (1) at the time of phase change
should be large.
Thus, the shooting mode of the ringing plate (4) can be used to lighten the magnetic field applied
by the hole 1 (1) K. Among others, as a shooting m *, a peristaltic silicon body (6 ') is formed
from 4 榎 of low permeability, and a high speed Iil & a powder (7') of a thing is deposited on this
oJ: 1 as 1 111 Hara is possible. In this case, as shown in Fig. 3, the magnetic field strength in the
vicinity of the back side of the powder becomes stronger as the magnetic field line (2 龜) is
absorbed at the powder (7 ') ic. When the moving plate (4) approaches the hall element r1 +, the
hall element filK is given a strong magnetic field, and when it goes away, the hall element t1 + r /
C is given a rough magnetic field. Just firmly, 1-1! It exhibits an operation opposite to that of II.
Further, as the imaging plate (4), a magnetic powder magnetized at a position corresponding to
the Hall element flllc is deposited on the diaphragm element (6) (or (6 ')) of the required display
magnetic permeability This principle is possible. In this case, when the peristaltic force (4)
approaches the Hall element fllK i, the magnetic field by the magnetic powder strongly acts on
the Hall element (1), and when the vibration 遠 moves away from the Hall element, the magnetic
field by the magnetic powder is weak Acting on the element (1), it is possible to generate a 1 h
field of the magnetic field by the sounding of the plate (4) as it appears as a whole. On the other
hand, the MO 8 type Hall 1 child 111 can adopt the configuration shown in FIG. 14 and the hand
5A. That is, a low impurity concentration silicon substrate t13 having a conductivity type of, for
example, N-type is selectively formed on both sides of the silicon substrate t13 while the source
and drain domains aj and a4 are selectively formed. Gate insulation 10 above the area a1 and α
4 J! 9 and a metal (4) are formed on this, and this electrode a · is in ohmic contact with the head
a. The father, area α-book, is an ohmic layer of a busy cell an, and derives an input voltage
terminal slope and (23 from both electrodes a · and 117), respectively. Furthermore, the region
υ J and α bw--gate 4111 (19 KsFIt under the channel Kn's channel, and the direction
orthogonal to the direction of the current flowing to this channel in the direction l & J K 'l! This
channel is connected at a time of the channel to form a P-shaped area +19 and CM), and these
areas! I! 17i and 41. Ohm to identify the power supply voltage (ha) and (i) in an ohmic
manner and derive the Hall voltage terminals (d) and @. According to the above-described
configuration, when the diaphragm (4) takes an image, an I field is generated in the magnetic
field applied to the Hall element 11), and the output of the Hall element ill is generated based on
the change of the magnetic field. The Hall voltage output is taken out of the first and second
It is possible to detect a change in the magnetic field due to the shooting movement of the
shooting plate (4). In such a magnetic field change detection mourning i + 81, the photographing
plate 14) is photographed by the sound pressure, and the photographing movement is fi-based
<the AC output is Neel element ill! If it is possible to use 31 cups, it can be used as a one-body C
semiconductor microphone. In the case of (5) ′, # 'in the case of using the @ center direction
K11aL 9 cylindrical magnet (5) as shown in ↑ 1 time, the magnetic field to turn in the center of
the 1 hole (5 reefs) Since it can be formed, if the Hall element 11) is written in the through hole
(5-), the magnetic field assimilation of the input current can be obtained, and one barrel of 6degree high one-body microphone can be obtained. In this case, if a magnetic material such as
barium ferrite or the like is attached to a magnetic material such as barium ferrite <30, 100 to
100 OG heat USS scratched ltk, a change of several hundred @usm is obtained as a change of a
good b0 magnetic field. If so, an output of several tens of mV or more can be easily obtained.
Particularly considering magnetic field changes, it is also possible to obtain an output voltage of
100 mV or more as the output of the microphone itself. In addition, such one microphone can
operate well up to high one wave # with uniform characteristics to 4 whose frequency
characteristic of the MO 8 Neel element (1) is up to several tens to several hundreds of Mklx. In
addition, since microphones can be used for microphones + '6 and can be used as IC (integrated)
ffi of MO8 type Hall element +11, it is possible to take out two or more separate outputs and
easily place 1-stereo conversion. It becomes. The I [C proposal can be applied not only to
microphones but also to the hitter upgrader (6) shoot trige. Also, one device of the present
invention is, for example, an IC (integrated) 81! The present invention can be applied to a
magneto-electric converter in which a plurality of IKs are provided and disposed under a
constant magnetic field so that a plurality of different output signals can be obtained by magnetic
field change based on vibration of shooting 1 [t4]. FIGS. 6 to 8 show an example thereof, which is
a magneto-electric converter provided with two Hall elements so as to take out two signals 180
'out of phase with each other. That is, in FIG. 6, two MO8 type Hall elements Il + and (1 ') having
the same characteristics as each other are formed in a common semiconductor chip (9), and this
semiconductor chip (9; It is installed in the through hole (5a) where the constant siding of the
magnet (5) is formed. In this case, two Hall elements ii1 and (one are formed in the
semiconductor chip (9) so that the directions of the current flowing therethrough are opposite to
each other. Also, a diaphragm (4) for generating a change in magnetic field is disposed close to
and facing the semiconductor chip (9).
Then, the Hall element (1) and (including one of them are included in the circuit shown in FIG. In
FIG. 118, the Hall elements 11) and (one respective Hall ladder c! (3 ') and (23') (24 ') t-, a pair of
insulating gates (7), an y-type field effect transistor b. MO8-FE υ C υ and (31' M 32 ')
respectively Shoulder movement tll width 3t33t H (a3 ') no input terminal IV of IP17iL smart 2! +
111: Both gates of MOS-F'1ETj (both gates of .PHI. (To) and MOS-1 of 'ETr 31') (32 ') are fixed.
Also, for differential amplifier (d) and (33 '), the outputs .1 (2) and (34') of the multipliers (MO) 8F'ET (d) and (a) The output terminals of the FETs (43) and the FETs (43 ') are connected to the
capacitors (36) and (36'), respectively, to derive outputs 1.eta.3.eta. And (31). Further, the input
pressure applied to each Hall element (1) and (1 ') and the 1st element t2' and 1'X22 'are
respectively embedded in the 1st terminal (: 11 and the gamma @ leaf terminal 1). On the other
hand, the respective 1-fold amplifications 1 (to 1) and (33 ') K are connected to the respective
drains of 10's of the respective pg'ra jin and (31') (32 '), for example MO8-. It is connected to one
child (one end) through the resistor C31 throat and (39 ') and (40') made of PET, and 6 sources
are connected to the village -i, and both MO8-FgT141 + and (41 for constant current source) ')
The drain and source orchids are combined and grounded to one child. A semiconductor
substrate common to each resistor, capacitor and the like attached to a configuration K, MO8
type Hall element ill (1 '), (8), Asahi MOS-PET (Su) (1) It can be configured as a busy integrated
circuit, and its 1 m old process and structure are extremely simple. 10 'and r'! ? According to the
configuration shown in FIG. 8, when the support plate (4) vibrates, the base Hall elements (1) and
(1 ′) K are given the same magnetic field force as the movement described in FIG. The voltage
changes in an alternating manner, and a nine-hole voltage is obtained from each of the four
children (presence) and (23 ') (one) of elements il + and (l') according to one, and each differential
according to Amplification! An output signal having an electric potential reverse to that at 1i is
obtained from the output terminals (4) and (33 ') and the output terminal (4') and (34 '). Is the
signal of T etc. T? Single step amplification by BT @ and (31S '), through terminals (36), through
terminals (36), between terminals (37), terminals (37 1) (3B')!
KI 80 @ Two signals (S,) and (8, C off diagrams A and B @) different in phase are obtained. That
is, it is possible to detect the compensation movement within the focus lens with the two Hall
elements fil and (1 ') and obtain -2 different signals. Without the above, when the magnetic field
is converted into #e in an alternating manner, the signals (81) and (-) obtained through the # 'i
capacitors (s) and c16 are only alternating oscillation signals. Such a configuration is applied to,
for example, a solid cartridge or a one-piece microphone etc. In the case of using a device
according to the present invention and applying the device of the present invention to eject a
vibrating rod with a very small distance as an electric platform. Is an example applied to That is,
in this example, as shown in FIG. 10, two MO 8 O 8 -elements (1) and (one semiconductor chip
(9) common to each other are arranged with each other having a gap between them. The
semiconductor chip 19) is disposed inside, for example, in the same magnetic field formed in the
through hole (5 m) of the cylindrical magnet (5), and the 2 @ Hall elements (1) and (2) 1 ') The
vibration IE 14+ is disposed at the position where the K proximity opposing face is disposed, and
in this case, the m moving plate (4) is disposed of the Hall elements 11) and (11) by the same
vibration as described in f1. It is configured to give a change to the magnetic field of the part.
Thus, when the required motion of the mobile unit (4) K is given, the amplitude of each position
(f) corresponding to each element (1) and (1 ′) 1 ') K blows out, and further, the difference in
amplitude at the Hall element position based on the output signal is converted to electricity a · "-'.
A) The symbolic sequence S @ is shown in FIG. The same reference numerals are given to the
stone parts without corresponding to the FIG. In Fig. 9, in the circuit configuration of Fig. 8, the
amplification Fli! This m, together with the stones following the gates of T (d) and (35 ') and 44
connected to the gates of the respective MO8-PIT- and-that make up the flowering amplifier 143
of the 3rd, and (a') Layered at the gate of dynamic amplification @ (output terminal 1 of 43 for
MO8-FlilT 伽 for MOF-SHI), and through the FB'I's complement resistor ヲ resistor 611, the
power supply terminal (d) <m , Ground the source. Is an output terminal. In addition, the
peristaltic amplifier (d) and (33 ') K, its Fl <' l '-and each y-ray y of the machine, for example, a
resistive layer consisting of MO 8 -FIT and It connects to a child, connects each source in
common with each other, and grounds them together between the drain sources of MO8-WE'rω
of a constant flow deep river.
Cutting configuration) (B included, MQS Hall element! 11 (1 'MO8-FB'f'e (1) (31') # (32- (lj! ')
141) (41') M141i 41fil) and each resistance layer to be added are constructed as an integrated
circuit on a common semiconductor substrate. In this case, since all +11) circuit elements rjMO
811 can be obtained, one construction and structure thereof are extremely 411I +. According to
the configuration of FIG. 9 and FIG. 10, when the diaphragm (4) K required 所 要 41 I is given,
the Hall element absorption 1) and (1 ′) K corresponding m and 位 in the corresponding 童 and
'' The respective Hall elements (11 and (1 ′) ノ 4 @@ and tl (23 ′) (m ′) K <h Ki シ k * −lumi
pressure can be obtained by the magnetic field change based on the amplitude. -The outputs 4C
14 and (33 ') of 出力 and (33') are obtained from the output signals (S,) and (S4) in reverse phase
to the 亙 shown in (34 ') K hand 11J. Signal C8m) and his (8,) #? AtnlMll is amplified by the
af43Khh signal output power (d) and the combined output signal (-) shown in FIG. If m is given,
and the lifting force is given to the local Hall element (1 ') K corresponding position position M'
and one region of the sink A4 is given, the swing 71I difference at a very small distance is 1 It
can be shipped directly to the village. As the application of the A setting, it is possible to
determine, for example, a gold enamel inner crystal, that is, an inner scratch O Natte, 'lt #. As
described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to eject the change of the
magnetic field by the construction of the paper machine with a very high level of 114111.
Therefore, for example, a solid microphone, a one-cartridge It is a matter of course that it is
possible to apply isothermally, that IIII has various advantages in designing the various magnetic
field change jet storages, and has an advantage of increasing the degree of freedom in the design
and putting it to practical use. Figure f! ! Explanation of figures 1 is a cross-sectional view
showing the basic configuration of the body plan-J & amount, figures 2 and 3 are cross sections
1 of the main part showing the behavior of the person, 4 figures and 5 figures Is a cross-sectional
view showing an example of an MO8O8-le device applicable to the device of the present
invention and its plan view, jp6 is a cross-sectional view showing a pond weir of the device of the
present invention, and an off view is a signal waveform diagram obtained thereby. Fig. 8 is a
circuit diagram to be used for Fig. 6 Ka, Fig. 9 and Fig. 10 are a circuit diagram and a schematic
diagram showing an example of WK @ of the device of the present invention, and jj'l 1 is a signal
waveform diagram obtained is there. ill (1 ') is a UOS type Hall element, 12) v is a magnetic field,
13+ is a magnetic field forming means, (4) is an imaging plate, and (5) is a cylindrical magnet.
峙 81 ヱ ′ '-6) · □ :: 11 霞 · · · 5 /-No \, □ / \,-□ / ゝ \-2 / 2nd-'J 1 · χ; 震 1 厘 、 イ W ・ W W
= ビ W = 5 W W W 、 = = 、 、 、 、 、 L L L L L-r 告 Tai punishment 76: □ □ '' N 〒 4 = 2 / \,
11 謹 III Figure 4 '' I 13 IQ 15/4 / ml ml 13 figure δ δ V /? ljIq # Eu Go Vm 17 [] three? ffj 2 'Q
3 p 5' 3 t-: + 4 "〒 = Fig. 7 Sical-皓 燗:. ”l□t(p。 ゞ -wIt order 1 then N '-/ 1- / "; Fig. 8 Xa
Ki 411a 53 jX! , K ′ ′ 1: 141 ′, 3 II? J '; 4 "atat', d'a" "; 'ill: 5G / 0 ninth disorder lX39-tetsu U?
4↓atB、x”4、xrJf、、、、、6/#1。 31, IK '33 33 J 4 "ati" J' b 5 / === L = 4 =
"Wack · Figure 11 on the '-ゝ \ 61 1 \ 7 ∼ \ \ ル \- / ', 7 pas,-^ ゝ,-54 days of the day-2' -13 · 5 /
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