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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing an embodiment of
the multi-channel display device according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a side sectional
view of a part thereof. E mark E · · coil. Figure 1 Figure 2-1-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a multi-channel
display device for use in, for example, a 4-channel stereo reproduction device or a display device
for advertisement thereof, and according to the strength of the audio output signal of each
channel, The purpose is to provide a dynamic visual display of the change. Conventionally, four
lamps for each channel are arranged as a display device of, for example, four-channel stereo, and
the current supplied to these lamps is increased or decreased according to the audio output
signal of each channel. Some have been designed to increase or decrease the brightness, but this
merely reduces the light of the lamp and has less visual interest. The present invention is an
improvement of this point, in which the display change of each channel is obtained by dynamic
visual display, and will be described by the embodiments shown in FIGS. 11 and 12. Figure 1
Figure 1 is a perspective view showing the main part of the device according to the present
invention □, the figure 2 is a part of the judgment surface view, 1 is a case □, 2 is placed on the
front of this case 1 4 A plurality of hemispherical reflectors, and 3 is a mark such as a ball or the
like placed on the front central axis of the respective hemispherical reflector 2. The marker 3 is
held by an iron pipe 4 or the like penetrating the center of the hemispherical reflector 2 and is
pulled by a spring 5 whose one end is fixed to an end 1 d case 1 of the iron pipe 4. Furthermore,
a coil 6 is disposed in each of the iron pipes 4, and a current corresponding to the audio output
signal of each channel is supplied to the coil 16. Therefore, according to the strength of the
current 1 (2) 1119, the iron vibrator 4 is configured to move 1 to 1 7 Each iron pipe 4 carries
out anteroposterior motion accordingly according to the current supplied to the coil 6 by passing
an electric current corresponding to the sound output signal of 4 channels, whereby the sign 3
provided at the tip of the iron vibrator 4 Since the hemispherical reflector 2 moves back and
forth on the front central axis of the hemispherical reflector 2, the image of the mark @ 3
reflected on the hemispherical reflector 2 is enlarged or reduced by this movement, and dynamic
visual display Can do. As a matter of course, when using a lamp, a ball, or any other optional 1 ′
′ ′ combination, use one of these signs as an indicator, connect it to the lamp through an
insulated wire in the iron vibrator 4 and light it You should do it. Also, when the lamp is not used,
-4F 'may be a steel bar or a piece of iron or the like.
(3))j’co*”sゆ、ツエ。 よう3、。 ヨ。 A reflector is placed, located on the frontgeneral center axis of these hemispherical reflectors, and provided with a sign that moves back
and forth according to the audio output signals of a plurality of channels. By providing a multichannel display device, the plurality of markers move independently depending on the strength
of the audio output signal of each channel, and accordingly, the markers are greatly increased by
the hemispherical reflector accordingly. There is a feature that it is possible to obtain extremely
interesting display effects by dynamic vision by Furthermore, this invention becomes more
interesting by combining the above-mentioned dynamic visual display with the conventional
display with light and dark.
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