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Patent Office Secretary Hideo Saito 1, title of the invention KAVW 嘉 ■ ■ Japanese Patent LaidOpen No. 50-1-24621, specification 1, title of the invention 1, title of the invention
electroacoustic transducer
[Phase] Japan Patent Office Open Patent Bulletin
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a magnetoacoustic
transducer such as a speaker or a microphone. (1) Conventionally, ho / speakers and cone
speakers are mainly used to convert electricity <= into acoustic vibration, but they satisfy all of
the conditions as a converter. Well. Therefore, recently, Oscar Baile has developed a so-called bail
type electroacoustic transducer in which the defect of the conventional transducer has been
corrected. FIG. 1 is a top view showing the above-described Bail speaker. This speaker applies a
strong magnetic field in the direction indicated by the arrows (5) and (6) generated by the four
ferrite magnets (1) (2) fil (4) to the diaphragm (7) disposed at the center. The back door tlt flow
is converted into acoustic vibration by passing an electric current through a peristaltic
membrane (not shown in FIG. 1) attached to a ribbon-like conductor (not shown in FIG. 1). As
shown in FIG. 1, (81 (9) shout (9) is a pole piece for assisting the formation of a magnetic path,
<mas> trs magnet support member, EndPage: 1O @) is nonmagnetic. The spacer, α 呻 (I), holds
the vibrating membrane (γ). (2I)はカバーでめる。 FIG. 2 shows the vibrating membrane
(a) in more detail, and this vibrating membrane (7) has a plurality of folds 2 and is P, and in each
of the folds, the ribbon-like conductor (23) is in the vertical direction It is applied so as to extend
to. The electrical connection of the conductor force is such that every other current flows in the
opposite direction, as is apparent from FIG. That is, the direction of the current is alternately
changed from top to bottom and bottom to top. Therefore, now, when the voice signal current in
the first direction is supplied to the conductor (4), the vibrating membrane is placed in the strong
rl magnetic field, and according to the law of framing, as shown in FIG. Is moved in the direction
of arrow 2 (each moves in the direction of the second base, the air layer is open 9) @ 11 is
opened, and the air layer 12ft is closed to 12 fields-and thus drawn in the direction of the arrow
port 4 and the direction of the arrow- Exhausted. On the other hand, if the voice signal current in
the second direction opposite to the direction of (8) l is fed to the conductor (if it is supplied to
the chopstick, the fold (two thirst moves in the direction of the arrow (three chops, air layer I25)
Screams), air layer 126) opens, so that exhaust is taken in the direction of the arrow, and air is
taken in the direction of the arrow (36j). In this case, a flash, air vibration or a sound wave is
generated. Because of the structure in which the wide conductor and the vibrating membrane are
integrally placed in the magnetic field, the bail type speaker as described above drives uniformly
in a relatively wide frequency band, and the frequency is Features such as flat characteristics and
low occurrence of split vibration, excellent transient characteristics because the vibration film of
the shaking is driven on the entire surface, and features such as good rise in height and high
efficiency. ing.
The object of the invention is to further improve (4) the electroacoustic transducer as described
[Phase] Japan Patent Office Open Patent Bulletin
A detailed description of the invention will be given below. Non-inventive electroacoustic
transducers @ are made of polyethylene, polyester, ethylene vinyl acetate, which are bent so that
the cross-sectional shape becomes an alternating waveform and the amplitude of the waveform is
different depending on the location. A vibrating membrane such as a vibrating membrane, for
example, a vibrating membrane in which the envelope of the waveform has a hyperbolic curve,
and each other of the vibrating membrane is disposed approximately halfway between the top of
10,000 and the other top And a plurality of strip-shaped conductors connected so that current
flows in the reverse direction, and a magnetic field applying device arranged to cause a magnetic
field to act on the conductors. With this configuration, since the amplitude of his vibrating film
gradually changes, the depth of the air layer related to the vibration of air also gradually changes,
and the sound 4ip conversion is performed to a very high IIh rate over a wide band. It becomes
possible. Next, one embodiment of the present invention will be described based on the drawings.
FIG. 7 is a top view of the speaker based on the non-invention, FIG. 8 is a side view showing the
state of the tip of (6) in the pole piece (8), and FIG. 9 is a perspective view showing the vibrating
membrane mounting structure. In these drawings, parts common to FIGS. 1 to 5 are assigned the
same reference numerals and explanations thereof will be omitted. First, based on FIG. 8 and not
described in FIG. 1 and described at the end of the nine pole piece (8), the pole piece is a thin
plate of magnetic material The spacer (f) is not interposed at the tip portion, and a space (piece is
provided). Sub: EndPage: 2 Sound waves are transmitted even if they pass through this space.
The imaging film portion molecule 4rA in FIG. 7 is formed detachably with respect to the
apparatus, and is fitted in a groove provided in the spacer (I4) (ii). Therefore, if the shooting
moving film is broken, etc., it is possible to replace this portion (only 451). Fig. 9a A moving film
portion (a cross sectional view showing in detail a dysentery, Fig. 10 is a perspective view
showing the assembling method thereof. The vibrating membrane portion (45) will be described
together with its manufacturing method. First, as shown in FIG. 2, an imaging film (7) is
prepared, one end of which is fixed to one end of the frame 146, 47a) (47b) are separated, andthe diaphragm (7) is arranged in a waveform while sequentially mounting on the holes of the
frame (one at a time, one on each side). At this time, an elongated synthetic resin stretch frame
1p (47a) is placed on an a-8 curved line as shown in FIG. It is also placed on the b-ba edge line of
the tension rod (47b). Furthermore, the arrangement of the stretching bar (47a) on the a-8 curve
and the stretching bar (47b) on the bb curve is in a staggered form as is apparent from FIGS. 9
and 10.
That is, on the a-8 curve, the bar on the bb curve is positioned between the bar and the bar.
Further, as apparent from FIG. 9, the amplitude of the waveform of the vibrating film (.gamma.)
To be applied in the form of AC waveform is reduced as rx is in the center, and the period or
interval is also reduced as it is in the center. . That is, T,> T2. Also, the thickness of the ridges
(47a) and (47b) is made thinner according to the center part. Also, as is clear from FIG. 11, the
position of the imaging film (1) with respect to the rods (47a) and (47b) is that the ribbon-like
conductor is approximately midway between the aa curve and the bb curve. Like. The left and
right ends of the dynamic imaging film (7) are fixed to the left and right columns of the frame
(46), and lead wires (6υ) are connected to supply audio current. Also, in order to prevent
generation of abnormal sound and positional deviation due to incomplete contact of the vibrating
membrane (7) with the rods (47a) and (47bJ), a damping paint having viscoelasticity appropriate
to the contact portion such as Cemedine 223B (trade name) is applied Do. Furthermore, the
sealing agent is embedded in the hole so that the rods (47a) and (47b) do not come out of the
frame. In this way, if the diaphragm portion (伺) is made lj 4-this is provided in the spacer (14) in
the middle of the magnets (1) to (4) as shown in FIG. : LiK fit in, detachably fix. In this case, the
tension rods (47a) and (47b) are vertically rz in agreement with the direction of lamination of the
pole piece (8) to the thin plate (44) of the α force and the extension direction of the ridges (47a)
(47fi). In the same manner, the magnetic flux is mounted so as to be substantially orthogonal to
the aa curve and the bb curve. The speaker configured as described above is used for
reproduction in a band of 600 H 2 or more, and the band of 600 H 2 or less is reproduced by a
cone speaker having a diameter of about 25 Cm and excellent in transient characteristics.
Therefore, in actual use, it becomes a system of combination of ll '' 11. 2 speakers. As in the
above-mentioned embodiment, if 41 is reversed, the depth of the air layer (49) disposed in the
form of alternating current waveform and formed by the vibration film (7), that is, the amplitude
of the waveform becomes smaller gradually as the center part is asked. As a result, the resonance
point can be lowered at the outer peripheral portion, and can be increased as it becomes closer
to the center, and a wide band can be realized. In addition, since the bent portions of the
vibrating membrane bent in the accordion shape are supported by the stretching rods (47a, 47b),
the air in the air layer is sucked more by the vibration of the vibrating membrane (γ). · When
discharging, it is possible to suppress the movement of the bending portion of the abovementioned moving film that operates to a gallo that reduces the effect to half the intake and
discharge of the air, effectively using EndPage: 3 shooting movement of the vibrating film It is
possible to perform high-fidelity acoustic conversion with low second harmonic distortion and
the like.
In order to facilitate the understanding of this effect, the operation of the conventional device will
be described based on FIGS. FIG. 5 illustrates the state of FIG. 3 for illustrative purposes, and it is
apparent from this drawing that the vibrating membrane (γ) of the waveform is displaced from
the state shown by the solid line to the state shown by the dotted line The top m (37a) shown
further protrudes to a top (37b) shown by a dotted line, and a top (38a) shown by a solid line is
recessed to a top (38b) shown by a dotted line. The displacement as described above is the
operation of the air layer (3) (2) (the work of increasing pressure in the case of 301, etc., the
function of reducing pressure and 119, father, air layer 125) + 27) laparotomy etc. On the other
hand, the pressure increases in the opposite direction to the pressure reducing function in the
second stage, and as is apparent from the schematic waveform diagram of FIG. Therefore, the
area ratio of the bending deformation portion to the effective radiation surface near the
conductor is 20 to 30% ′ ′ T! The content of the second harmonic at large amplitude in the
vicinity of 6 to 4 or 3 KH2 is a value exceeding 10% of the base noise, which is not preferable in
sound quality. However, such defects are corrected by the provision of the rods (47a, 47b). .
Further, by supporting the bent portion of the moving film by the support member, it is possible
to prevent the bending in the direction of the ridge line (outer edge) of the bent portion, that is,
the bending in the lower region. It is possible to prevent the generation of abnormal sound such
as Billi @. Also, since the conventional diaphragm had to maintain the accordion shape by itself, it
had to be specially processed without rL, but in the non-embodiment, the frame + 41 K stretching
rod (47a) (47b) f. Since the diaphragm (7) may be arranged in an alternating waveform in an
alternating wave form, manufacture is extremely easy, and mass production at a low cost with
uniform characteristics is possible. In addition, since the vibrating membrane (γ) is supported by
the tension rods (47a) (47) for each fold, it is mechanically stable and can be made extremely
small in mass, and has high fidelity and high efficiency. Can be obtained. In addition, if it is
configured like this real m-line, it is extremely easy to replace the imaging film, and when it is
old, it is necessary to renew the entire @rt if it is broken <, only the diaphragm part 1 to summer.
It is extremely economical, as it is a good alternative. Also, conventional high-class speakers often
have delicate rl, and when playing a sound lower than the frequency to which they are added, or
when an excessive input is applied, the voice coil may fly out of the magnetic field and be
damaged. However, in the case of an uninvented device, due to its structure, there is no
possibility that the vibrating film, etc. will break out of the magnetic field and be damaged.
Also, as in this embodiment, if the vibrating membrane (7) is made to adhere to the tension rods
(47a) and (47b) with a visco-elastic substance, the soft fixed end and r (:, -p, abnormal noise is
prevented. , The characteristics become better. Although the non-invention has been described
based on one embodiment, the non-invention is not limited to the above-described embodiment,
and may be further modified. For example, the curvature of the aa curve, the bb curve, and the
shape thereof can be changed. Further, it is also possible to change the material of the stretching
rods (47a, 47b) to aluminum or the like. In addition, although the conductor wire EndPage: 4 is
preferably aluminum because of the amount of i, it may be other materials such as steel. Also, the
conductor (23 is selected from various methods such as adhesion of a ribbon, selective
deposition of a conductive material, formation of a conductive material on the entire surface, and
selectively leaving the conductive material in a predetermined pattern by etching, etc. It can be
formed by the method. Moreover, the invention is also applicable to electroacoustic transducers
other than speakers.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a top view of a conventional bail type speaker, FIG.
2 is a perspective view for explaining a vibrating membrane portion, and FIGS. 3 and 4 show the
vibrating state of the vibrating membrane. FIG. 5 is an explanatory cross-sectional view showing
the vibrating state of the peristaltic membrane of the speaker of FIG. 1, and FIG. 6 is a waveform
diagram schematically showing the operation of the vibrating membrane portion. . FIGS. 7 to 10
show one embodiment of the invention, and FIG. 7 is a top view of the speaker in FIG. 7, FIG. 8 is
a side view showing the tip portion of the hole piece, and FIG. And FIG. Io is a perspective view
showing the assembling method. (1) to (4) ... magnet, (7) ... vibrating membrane, (8) to (b) ... pole
piece, (3) ... fold, conductor ... (conductor 4 equivalent: vibrating membrane part, + 4 B: frame,
(47a), (47b door,... · Agent Takano Deputy Secondaries = 97--District Castle 1-) NLO 蛙 EndPage:
5-N Intra 4 ^ Procedure Amendment (Method)% Formula% 2, Title of Invention 2, Title of
Invention 3, . Egao, 関係 related to the electro-acoustic transducer case Applicant's number j N Nl
總 6, number of inventions increased by correction Description of the name of the invention on
page 1 line 3 of the specification "electro-acoustic transducer" Correct with "Electric sound
transducer". No. j Nl す る 6, Number of inventions increased by correction Description of the
title of the invention on page 1, line 3, "electro-acoustic transducer" is corrected as "electroacoustic transducer". シEndPage: 6
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