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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. The composite which integrated the piezoelectric
element which wrote the division | segmentation electrode and the metal plate is shown. FIG. 2
shows an example of a circuit of a conventional piezoelectric acoustic device. FIG. 3 shows the
relationship between the resonance impedance of the piezoelectric composite and the output
sound volume of the piezoelectric acoustic device in the conventional circuit and the circuit
according to the present invention. FIG. 4 shows an embodiment of the circuit according to the
present invention. 1 is a metal plate, 24 is a piezoelectric element, 3 is a silver electrode, 4 is an
adhesive, 5 is a lead wire, 6 is an oscillator, 8 is a split electrode, 9 and 10 are piezoelectric
composites, R1 to R6 Is resistance, C1 and C2 are condensation? , Tr ■ CTr2 is a transistor. "X"
2-1 + 1 169-50-133074 (2) Year 3 Fig. 500 1000 1500, n, 朋 艷 ヒ 0 − − 0 十 図 冫 図 4
Figure? Masaaki 49.10. 18
【Detailed description of the invention】 Xylophone is a fire alarm, 1 brave burgers which alarm
buser, inter horn, w talk a which call buzzer general instrument used for instruments and
instruments, a bell to a bell Iki piezoelectric epoch k 'Itn +-, EE municipality (兜 兜 は 寸 表 デ ル
デ ル 銀 1− 1− − 1 1− 柳 柳 + + 31 (3') delconic acid, lead titanate 0) Composites in which the
aE constant element (2) of the system and the metal plate (1) are connected by bonding with an
adhesive 11 (4) rC and integrated, there is no scarce. 9 ((1)-Lead wire (5) (5 ′ ′) soldered to it
and all oscillators (6) airtightly connected to # 't L,-Complex broken at + 1 frequency at 1
frequency (? As in °), it is possible to make fat jerky and make a jellied iJ'l. Fir 9 this floor σ) (1)
Buzzer to the air or as shown in 21 & l, transistor K carrier h =, capacitor metal phase, and
oscillator 1 side 1 side, n4'p4j sound non-flame generation It is known as 'old'. But what do you
want to use in such circuits? One child's support method and Wen Ha Jt which same song
environment by its lf? As shown by the solid line in FIG. 3 in which the resonance impedance of
the i vibration t1 is large S, the output sound noodles become extremely tense, and 4 N-stop is
reached at 4 o'clock. The original embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. The
electric signal generated in the case of the king case shown in Figure 1 from the split electrode
(8) of pregnancy 1000 to the pressure drop of TiVC from the pressure plate fence 1 FE $
effective-has 1 transistor (1 r *) and 2 resistors (H8) (R812-no. 1% l / i transistor σ) feedback
feedback, and the circuit is oscillated by itself to oscillate the piezoelectric element 1 wave 8M1
neze, all audible sound is generated Let According to the provisional line in Fig. 8, even if the
contraceptive impedance of the king 1 and child 1 becomes large, the circuit C of the proposal C
the original line (< There is no stop. This large [! , IJ road is the river tin parts number of content?
ひ EE 量 乍 j · · · · · \ can be quantified, ■ identical 1. ! Rf 刑 1 1 1 1 1 1 り り り り り り り り り
来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 従 来 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 巨 回路 回路 回
路 回路 回路 回路However, according to the circuit of the tree 7 (the need is great. Note) stn T 8
c 'transistor Q] collector, emitter or other resistor may be added to the base 11 at the base 11
and the transistor is not limited to the npn type.
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