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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view of the main part of a
conventional speaker diaphragm, and FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of a main part showing one
embodiment of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of
the main part showing the other embodiment. 6 ииииии Diaphragm base body, 7 иииии Figure 1 Figure 2
и t ~ Figure 3 Figure 4 и Toda-83-
[Detailed description of the device] The device is the upper and lower amplitude at the time of
large input of the speaker (vs.-I! 11 more strong tYr increase, to prevent damage to the electrical
parts of the construction and the part, I for speakers with a lot of safety! It is a book that is going
to make 411 boards. Various types of diaphragms have been developed and put to practical use
as diaphragms for high-input speakers. In order to explain the several examples, what is shown in
FIG. 1 is a free age type diaphragm, which is laid on the periphery of the cone 1 and placed on
the di 2 and laid on the di 2 It is applied to a polyester-based sealant 3 '. Although this
construction is excellent in terms of the second strength, mourning where the girder 2 is a cloth,
although it is excellent in terms of strength, it is considerable depending on the weight of the
cloth and the weight of the filler. If it becomes heavy and becomes a speaker, it becomes an
inefficient book. Furthermore, it was difficult to increase the minimum frequency band of the
loudspeakers, where the compliance was high. In addition, as shown in FIG. This is a diaphragm
of a cus-de-con type, and it is a book formed by press-bonding a cloth 6 in which a # -coating
agent is impregnated in advance on the machined part of the sliding plate 4. In this
configuration, the cloth B'gt is crimped to the surface of the work 9 and the weight is increased
and the efficiency in the case of a speaker is deteriorated. In many cases, the diaphragm 4 and
the cloth 6 are not uniformly bonded. When the speaker was closed, clattering noise was
generated at the work and the part, and excellent sound quality could not be obtained. The
present invention eliminates the above-mentioned conventional drawbacks. Hereinafter, the
present invention will be described with reference to the drawings. First, in FIG. 3, in the figure 3
aFi pulp fiber ak paper making 3 is a conically shaped phi, squeezed type diaphragm substrate,
and the ply portion of the diaphragm substrate 6 is coated with thermoplastic resin on both
sides. The non-woven sheet is heat-pressed and molded so as to be provided with a corrugation
and a sheet at the time of the heat-pressing. Then, at the time of the heat and pressure bonding
K, the heat 1ffll resin of the sheet 7 is dissolved to form a film on the surface of the sheet Z.
Further, as shown in FIG. -) 7%-You may arrange and thermocompression-bond. Thus, the sheet 7
was subjected to heat and pressure bonding, and the tensile strength of the sheet 7 was not
compared with that of only the diaphragm substrate 6 of the sheet, and the result was K from the
table below. : Kind of tensile strength If 1 screw *, mso ? -18-[1, -1,-,-,-,-,----,-,-, 11 /-, single sided
Treated with 9 'sh, j:------------[----------11 notes on both sides; ,% 1 ? ? I ? ? ? 4 mm, the size of
the test piece here is 2 o wide.
The test was conducted using a Shopper-type tensile test device using a 100 m N-type. As shown
on ?, the speaker diaphragm of the large device is constructed round, non-woven fabric is
lightweight compared to the cloth, the whole is lightweight, and it is efficient when combined
with the speaker The heat ITIIy core dissolves and is in close contact with the diaphragm
substrate and becomes integral with it, so it is possible to have an excellent sound quality without
any noise being generated at the edge. You can h that any interest Af! -It has great practical
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