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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a circuit diagram showing an embodiment of a
noncontact channel switching apparatus according to the present invention. AP1, AP2 ииииии
Preamp, Am и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и FET1-FE'I '4 и и и и и и и и и field effect transistor /
transistor , D1 to D4... Diodes, S1 and S2... Switches .. FilE2. -107- Japanese Utility Model
Application Publication No. 50-135051 (2) -108-
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to the improvement
of a non-contact channel switching device used in a mode change circuit of a stereo reproduction
cylinder, for example. Heretofore, in a stereo reproduction apparatus, it is switched and selected
by an a-tara switch of each mode output such as a radio reception output or a player
reproduction output and led to an output amplifier. However, in the case of mechanical switching
contacts such as a-tara switches, the floating loss between each contact causes adjacent crosstalk
to occur between the adjacent channels by -40 to -70 (only LB degree can not be taken. It was
also the cause of harm. In addition, when a potential difference occurs in advance between the
fixed contact and the movable contact at the time of switching the above rotary switch, for
example 51 noise is generated, and this signal not only becomes an unpleasant noise output, but
also destroys the output amplifier and subio There was also that. The tree iI # scheme is made in
view of the above circumstances, and provides a non-contact channel switching device capable of
reducing crosstalk between channel signals without generating an impact signal at the time of
one channel switching. Or more) detailed description of one embodiment of the present invention
by # lightening the drawings-! ????????????? Hu. In the figure, for example, a
preamplifier for radio reception output, Tp, -Tp, a pair of output terminals, mu. For example, a
record pre-output preamplifier-Tp1, a pair of output terminals, and a main amplifier. Tm and Tm
'are a pair of input terminals. Further, FF1TJ to FIT4 are gate voltage .PHI.a (i.e., .chi. Channel
type field effect transistors which are turned on and turned off by two). The output terminal TP +
of the preamplifier Ap1 is connected to each drain of FIT) -FET Z via a resistor. The source of this
FjCTJ is connected to the output terminal Tp? of the burst amplifier p1 and the input MlfTm 'of
the main amplifier m and is grounded. Also, the source of FjCT2 is softened to the input terminal
Tm of the main amplifier m and the input terminal of the main amplifier m through a resistor! m
'(two connected. Similarly, the output 1 child Tps of the preamplifier p is connected to a resistor
R1 to be a valley drain of PMTJ and FjCTJ, and 1 is connected. The source of this IIIT3 is
connected to the output ladder Tp'1X of the free amplifier p, and the input terminal te of the
main amplifier m. ????? The source of 4 is connected to the input terminal m of the main
amplifier m. On the other hand, -a and -S are rotary switches interlocked to switch the gate
voltage a of the IP 'T1 to vx'x4.
The switch s, tt, and a pair of U-turning pieces 8a and 8b divided equally in the circumferential
direction and a common end -f-8ac- always in contact with the respective contact pieces 8a-8-o.
Fixed pieces 8a of each contact piece 03-, each of which can be elongated according to the
rotation of 8bc and each of the contact pieces 8a and 81+, Ela, -8asg and sb, -sb, sb , Consisting
of switches 8 as well. Also, a pair of 1-turn pieces se, sa and one common forceps acc, BAc, and
fixed forceps 8C1 ░ dc, -Bc, H, sa, sa, -aa11, 6J. And fixed switch 811.8a, of switch B. S and
switch f 8 m fixed increase BC, -8 c, 8 d. Are directly connected to each other, and the negative
electrode is connected to the positive electrode of the direct-current cell 1111 grounded via the
resistor R4. ???????? The fixed terminals 8 to -sb, -sb, and the switch day, the fixed
terminals Bc, -8cL, -8d, and -2 are directly connected to each other, and the positive electrode is
grounded to the negative electrode of the source [*] via the resistor nsv It is connected. History 5
Dictionaries 8. The respective ik terminals 8ac + 8bc are respectively connected to the gates of
the FF1TJ + FF1TZ through the corresponding diodes D, D in the reverse direction. In addition,
the switch S, the co-structured ladder Bcc-8dO corresponds to each of the diodes D, D, and the
reverse 71 through the reverse 1l-Ij1. J-1 jcT4's game is connected to C. Na 2 above 8 points in
the temannel unannounced points. Resistance it, -R, F Farm T No? The resistance R1 is
sufficiently large (for example, 10 pairs) compared to the resistance between drain and source of
bT3 1 verse p. The drain-source threshold resistance when the ? ? 22-PjT4 is off (nil and light
is small (condition: sil50 bird 1)), and the resistance R, R teeth are smaller than the resistance R1.
(2) When the switch S, -S, is not connected in the figure, it has a length of 11 ░ knees, and the
negative voltage of the power source l (one 12V) is the switch 8. Fixed insulator 8a, contact piece
8a, common end thousand Sacg and diode D, through Fl? J's game) + two supplied. Further, the
negative voltage is supplied to the switch K via the fixed terminal Sa of the switch S, the contact
piece 8d-common terminal 8clc 8 and the diode 1 D4. ???????????????????
?????? On the other hand, diode D, 7 birds are in the off state more than positive voltage
(e.g. + RV)-2 applied from II source bird through contacts sb-sa of corresponding switches S, -S,
Therefore, FET2-FET3 are not supplied with negative electrons at the gate and are in the on state.
That is, in the above connection state, the output of the preamplifier p passes through the 11T3
with almost no attenuation, and the main amplifier mu (2 is added. This Sini vs. Preamp P, the
output is resistance EL, and 1p3 on-state! The drain-source dark resistance of iTJ 1) Molecule is
attenuated by -40 to -5 QdB, and the off-state of FliT4 between drain-source resistance and
resistance R1, main resistance (- Thus, the voltage is divided by ?59 (It attenuates by about LB,
and a total of ?90 to ?100 (received by the amount of attenuation of LB), and therefore hardly
added to the main amplifier Al11. The output of the preamp Ap, which appears in both parts of
the 8-resistor R1, has no effect on the preamp p, @ (d) at all because PH10 is off. Next, when the
switches S and -S are switched in the direction of the arrow shown in the drawing and the
adjacent fixed 1f is switched, the cathode D of the diodes D and -D, the second negative i: ball is
used. The cathodes of the diodes D, D4 are provided with circuit connections in which a positive
charge is supplied. ????????????????????????? PkTn is switched off
so as to be added to the main amplifier A @ or to the output of the on-state signal-primary
amplifier Ap. The output of the preamp Ap is largely destroyed. If the fixed 4-f in the same
rotation direction as the arrow 51 in the arrow 51 shown in the figure is cut, the cathode ? D of
the diode D, -D is supplied with mountain sand. . 4 Iod D, cathode of D4 (2 is negative charge
silicon supplied (port) path? Shun is formed. Therefore, 2 FiCTJ-FICTJ) j on, FicTJ, and FM ? 4
become an off-shaped collar, and both preamp amps p 1 and m p receive a large amount of
attenuation and the main am bum ? (two not added 1 ░ as described above According to the
contactless Nayan $ le switcher. ?????? -8. The gate control DC voltage for FETs J to F and
T is switched from 1 to 2, and the output of the preamplifier P +-p, that is, the% E? inserted in the
signal path of each channel signal. Switching of channel signals is performed by on / off control
of ke point switches, that is, FMT1 to F] CT4. If you want to switch the channel signal, the signal
path will not be generated.] * $ F No. is generated, so it may cause unpleasant noise, main amp,
m, and speaker damage. The crosstalk due to the floating capacity between mechanical contacts
can be avoided, and the crosstalk in the first switching device t is almost as negligible as possible.
Therefore, the output sound does not include the noise ? stalk sound and the sound quality is
excellent. The present invention is not limited to the above-described embodiment, but can be
carried out in various ways within the scope of the technical idea of the present invention. Not
only the two channels but also multi-channel switching can be performed in the above-described
embodiment. Also, since the gate control voltage of lPET1 to FJCT4 is low and the gate current is
extremely small, it may be that of switch "v +" @@. , 8. Is not limited to those having mechanical
contacts such as a-tary switches, and may be used in combination with a touch switch using a
ladder circuit, and 1 ░ or 18- 1 to F1 T4 are not The P channel type may be used without
limitation, or the-type may be used in combination, in which case the direction of the diode and
the applied voltage, positive and negative magnetic, use the level to the FIT It is necessary to
select accordingly. Further, the resistor R1 can be omitted when the manual resistance of the
main amplifier is low. 4- As described above (in the present invention, a plurality of channel
signal type lumps are connected in series between the drain and source of the field effect
transistor in series (with two resistances connected in series) Field effect transistors are
connected in series between the drain and source of a field effect transistor to one common
channel signal output turtle to form a plurality of channel signal paths, and only one channel
signal path to be selected. (Turns on the field effect transistor of 2 @@-each negative field end
transistor of the remaining channel signal path is turned on and off with respect to the selected
channel signal path). (K of each field effect transistor as in the case of 2) 111 W electric juice is
used. Thus, according to the present invention, it is possible to provide a non-contact channel
switching device which can reduce the crosstalk between channel signals without generating an
impact signal at the time of channel switching.
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