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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a partially cutaway side view of one
embodiment of a dustproof speaker according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a side view
of the same speaker mounted on a cabinet. ■ ■ ■ ■ 瓧 ■ ■ ■ ΑΑΑΑΑ ■ 萇 嬪 册 ■ β 茖
[Detailed description of the invention] Name of the invention only the name of the device Antiisland speaker 2, practical ilt animal husbandry-request range-frame O outside, by turning back
to lll 1 In the outer section 11 of the corn paper, it is squeezed into the outer part 11 of the cone
paper, and the cylindrical part on the center or above of the corn paper) Noble 11 C1! The shield
lid speaker that Hashimoto was put out. 3, consideration mo * atk explanation Book m related to
the place where there is a lot of dust or related to the fender 1 speaker used in water etc.),
provides a simple 111 power and excellent fender-proof speaker. Hereafter, 11 @ with the
section of the knee 1 IJIi for the draft 0vill + 臘 speaker. In the frame 1a, h] is connected to the
driving unit a2 in the frame 2). -Then the cylindrical part 3 is insisted on the outer peripheral
part of the frame 1 by t and lic integratedly by the LIC, and the flat part 4 for mounting is
integrated with the 111 autumn quilt 8 by the company. ing. S is a trumpet-shaped cone paper
made of waterproof paper or the like soaked with water or silicone water at 2 °, and the outer
part is cylindrical like it! It is cedar crest n't integrally with the cylindrical part 6 which aK fits.
The cone paper 6 is attached in a direction in which the center portion protrudes from the ringlike portion 6 to the pWM surface as shown in FIG. A collar 7 is a backing made of rubber or the
like, which is formed on the outer rim Kik of the cylindrical portion 6 which is carved on a corn
paper 6. Reference numeral 8 is a through hole for attachment formed in the flat plate portion 4
of the frame 1. If the speaker is to be inserted in the middle Wavinet by inserting into the W1
row, insert the above-speaker cone paper 6 out of the speaker paper into the hole 10 for the
speaker attachment which has a cedar area in the middle yavinet 9, as shown in FIG. Tighten the
cabinet 9 yen to the flat plate N4 of 7 frames 1 with the screw 11-in this case, the cabinet sIO
thickness and the tubular portion 3. ・, The length of the backing 7 is scattered and the cabinet
is formed in the cabinet ・ The through hole 1oo large self-book for speaker attachment is the
same as the size of the 命 ン ダ ン ダ-or just n II 小 (Noodle When the threshold between the
cylindrical shape s6 of the corn paper 6 and the circular surface of the through hole 1o is
completely sealed by the hammering hook, the waterproof function is remarkably improved. As is
obvious from the above real JIi example), the proposed method is constructed so that the central
part of the corn paper or the outer wall of the corn paper will be * ilK centered, so the dust
contained dust on the corn paper Even in this case, the above-mentioned whistles and whistles
are dropped to the cone IkO jacket, and the efficiency reduction of the speaker 4 [) becomes
extremely small.
Furthermore, according to the present invention, the outer diameter of the outer frame 11 of the
cone paper O is designed to fit on the outer periphery 11 of the frame, and the waterproof and
dustproof effect from the outside is also remarkably improved, which is extremely advantageous.
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